Until Dawn, Interactive Drama/Survival Horror Game


I just watched Pewdiepie’s LP. Visually stunning game, but I didn’t like how Josh couldn’t be saved, no matter what. Otherwise, I was impressed by the story/choices we could make, as well as some of the performances. Are there any serial survival horror gamers around here? What did you think of the game? Who were your favourite characters?


Just played through the game myself, and I’ve gotta say, it’s the best horror game in a while. My favorite characters are Sam, Chris, Ashley, and Matt. And I guess Josh once he goes crazy.


Favorite character was by far Emily. After being hunted down by Wendigos and almost murdered by her ex, she deserved to survive.. Sam was a close second, though I felt like she wasn’t ever in real danger until the end, which killed my connection to her.

The game was actually very good, with few frustrating spots with motion controls off (Seriously, turn that shit off). The characters felt real enough, and Ash’s potential mental issues were wonderfully subtle, to the point where only people who went through multiple playthroughs could have possibly seen the hints .

Finally, Josh can be saved if you find the right clues, particularly ones about WendigoHannah. If you don’t find those clues he will die. If you do, well, watch Markiplier’s playthrough of what happens..


I happily got a total party kill.

None of the characters were particularly likable, but that was okay since it wouldn’t really be a proper horror movie without a massive body count of annoying characters.

Emily by far was the most annoying of the bunch, followed by Matt and Chris.

Jessica and Ashley weren’t much better.

Josh was crazy, so he was actually suitably creepy.

Samantha and Mike were probably the most tolerable.

Over all it felt like a Tell Tale game with a big budget, but I still thought it was cool. Liked it better than Heavy Rain at any rate.


I liked the game, but I killed most of the characters since I don’t really like them all. Especially the group that made the prank on Hannah which made the mess of her and her twin getting killed. Meh.

I no like Emily too princess type she even complains for one bag. What is in that bag anyway? Make-up? Matt is like the Casanova who is a cheater anyway. He cheated on Emily with Jessica on the begging of the game that why he said no woman owns him lols. Jessica is meh. Ashley is weird for me. Chris is also weird for me and when you let him choose to save Josh. Josh still gets sliced in half well his conversation with Ashley is a little funny especially when she says thanks to him.

Samantha is someone I liked for the game, but she not really that interesting. Mike is an okay character. Better than Emily. Don’t know why he and she are together? Emily must have used him as a rebound when she found that Matt was cheating on her with Jessica.

Josh actually a good antagonist for the game. His reason for going psycho is because of his severe depression and finding out that his friends pranked his sister. One thing I don’t get is that why he prank Chris and Samantha? Chris was not part of the prank since he was passedout drank and Samantha was not really happy with the prank. She even tried to warn Hannah. His prank would have worked if not for wendigo Hannah messing his plans.


Oh no, none of that. I mean he wouldn’t have had anything but jail ahead of him anyway, he was indirectly responsible for the possible deaths of all of his friends (They wouldn’t be at the mansion if it wasn’t for him). At the very least he traumatized 3 people, and Sam could easily file a sexual assault charge. Hell, in depth investigation of his equipment could get him in for 3 counts of attempted murder, especially if Josh & Ash, the two ‘victims’ died in the game.


@122BCooper Beth is dead right? Would you mean Beth as Samantha? But yeah he could blame her for not doing much and he think Chris is no help. Still he got severe depression that he even closed off his psychiatrist. I think that guy was nice not that creepy imagination that Josh made up in his mind. The text message he left for Josh sounds like he really cares.

I think his revenge plan was to make them his friends feel the same shame as what Hannah felt. That why he plan to release it to the internet and get his peace because he got revenge for Hannah. I do not know but that seems passable explanation. Yeah, depression is very horrible and the worst of it is that the person suffering from it is hard to read.

I like the game and the flawed characters. I also think it going to have a second part since the mystery of the place is not removed.


Also watched Pewdiepie’s playtrough some time ago and it is truly an amazing game :blush:


I played Until Dawn, watched other people playing it on YouTube/Twitch, I really, really tried to like this game, but in the end, the story felt forced with the whole butterfly effect premise, and most characters were cringy and/or unlikeable.

I’d say farfromsubtle’s playthrough (I don’t expect anyone to actually watch the whole thing, just mentioning the channel name for those who already know about them) shows how I feel about this game, it is not bad, but it feels like the developers tried too hard to create a masterpiece and ended up creating an “okay” final product instead.


Loved the game. Always fell for the interactive type games. Favorite character was Emily. Totally and utterly despised Ashley.


Everyone should either watch Dashiegames play this game, or watch it with no commentary so it would be like a movie. Remember to take your snacky snacks.


I mostly play indie horror games, partially because I support small game developers and partially because I don’t like to spend money on “full” games. “Rake” is a good indie one with more or less the same style of horror as Until Dawn. It’s still in development and the developer is German so there is some inconsistencies, but if you want a game with a good map and a good sense of mystery, I recommend Rake.

I don’t want to be mainstream and recommend FNAF, because let’s be honest, someone already has. If, on the off chance you haven’t, the first one is great, second one is okay, third is good, and fourth…well, at least play the first three.

And finally I fully recommend SCP containment breach, especially if you’ve been on the website. I would attach a link but my computer refuses to right now, but the game is interesting and genuinely scary.


God this game is so good and im the idiot who watched all the gameplay on youtube & then later randomly bought a ps4 & now I can’t play it because I already know what happens :frowning: lol maybe once the price drops i’ll buy it


On a side note, I just played through again and tried to actively get Mike killed at the sanatorium by failing QTE’s and only the wolf got killed. No matter what, Mike won’t die until the end.


@122BCooper I think it was if you play Sam and she find the Psych reports about Josh which indicated the he attempted suicide and tried to overdose his meds after Hannah and Beth’s disappearance. There is also a text from the psychiatrist asking Josh if he was okay. Yeah he portrayed Josh subconscious which is coolness and that was fun, but that was already done with silent hill shattered memories so it was not really something new for me to say wow!

If Prequel it could about the trapped miners and how they resorted to eating each other that made them become a Wendigo and when they got rescued they can show how the miners were restrained in that hospital? Not sure what the place the stranger is residing in, Matt finds some clues there about the miners. Or they could make it about how the stranger and his family had sworn to hunt Wendigos.

Sequel Not really the same cast since some of them could be dead, but a new people. Josh is going to end up dead no matter what, but his parents are still alive. They could hire some people to look for him and the parents won’t believe the statements of those who survive. They could also hate Josh friends if they found out about the prank to Hannah making them sceptical if Josh is really dead or not. Also the mystery as to why people that resort to cannibalism in that mountain has a high chance of becoming a Wendigo is not yet fully explained besides it being a cursed mountain.

@Zane_Hiam Samantha as well do not die till last chapter.