The Unchosen (WIP)


Hello! You probably don’t know me, but I go by Mydoghasfleas (he doesn’t really, although he is petrified of baths). I am almost through writing a title called “Choice of The Unchosen”. Here is a quick rundown of the setting and background of the story.

It is the year 2374, and humanity has reached a new pinnacle of perfection.  After centuries of bitter struggle, human kind had found itself clinging on the edge of existence.  Food shortages decimated a blooming population, which had peaked well past any sustainable level.  Droughts scorched the Earth, leaving many without fresh water.  Illness ran wild everywhere, going unchecked as medicine could only be afforded with wealth by the elite few.  Governments collapsed, and humanity plunged into an age of turmoil and chaos.  It wasn’t until the year 2250, the year of the awakening, where things would change for humans forever.  

Present day, in the year 2374, the struggles of previous seem little more than trivialities.  Thanks to the awakening, the emergence of the ability to use magic, people have been able to control the world around them, using magic to navigate through all the oddities of life.  Long gone are the days of violence and starvation, the days of struggle vanished.  Now the world is crafted to fit the whims of society.  Crafted to work without trouble.  With conflict seemingly a thing of the past, the world has united into a single monarchy known as the Divine Empire.    A perfect civilization without flaw.  Perfect, with the exception of a select few.  For reasons unknown, some people are born without being touched with the gift to use magic.  Better known as the “unchosen”, people who can’t use magic are seen as flaws whose very existence is a disgrace towards humanity.  They are seen as monsters, ostracized completely.  Those known to be unchosen are rounded up, and sent to secret holding camps.

Most of the story is already written, except for a few of the alternate endings. I have been learning to code, and still endure many face palm moments (my face is starting to get sore), and still need to get most of the story coded. Some of the options and abilities are as follows.
-Gender: M/F, with character customization.
-Skills: 5 skills include piloting, shooting, maneuverability, tactic, and team.
-Jobs: Will be described later on.
-Death count: Will be described later on.
-Good vs Evil
-4 alternate endings

Some things I will describe after I am able to release a demo, as I don’t want to give everything away. I will be updating my progress as best I can. Goal for the beta is July!

Any advice is welcome, as this is the first story I am writing with coding and such.


Eh… your game can’t really have “Choice of the” in the title without being an official Choice of Games title.


I will edit, thanks.


This is a pretty unique story, it looks like the opposite of the “chosen one” trope, but without actually being the “unchosen one” trope.

I’m going to bookmark this thread and see how it goes, good luck.

Is this world going to be like nazi germany, where those who are different have no rights? Because from what I read, those “holding camps” sound more like concentration camps.


Good luck with this! It’s really different from most of what’s of the forum so I’ll be looking forward to it. :smile:


Sounds like a pretty clear adaptation of the anime Cross Ange. Which isn’t a bad thing! But make sure you bring your own fresh ideas to it!


Seen it, and liked it. Won’t be mech or anything like that. No monsters either.


Wha!? But I like mechs!


Me too :grimacing:

The piloting will be in something more conventional though. It will be an option after the MC escapes, depending on the job you choose.


This sounds like the type of games I love! Can’t wait to see how it goes


What good luck we’ve been blessed with! So many great WiP’s at once! I bet the demo will be great!


A slight bit more insight. The MC can’t die (well they can, but it doesn’t stay that way for long), hence the death count. It will be counting the total number of times you die, not the amount of people you kill. Descriptions of what happens when you die will be posted later on down the road. This is the ability the story will revolve around however.


wow we can’t die awesome. Are we part cat? Is there a limit to the number of times we can die?


Meow, it will be limited. :cat:


I cannot obtain powers? I don’t want to play as a nobody!!! I want power! After that i want to destroy this perfect world!!!


how do we have this limited death retries. if we dont have magic


I will describe how it will work down the road.


You won’t be a nobody.


Well, That sounds pretty interesting…But I wonder how this doesnt end in Chaos, if (almost)every Human has Magic…


Magic won’t be weaponized in this setting.