Spero - Fantasy WIP

So I started working on the backstory and landscape of my setting a while back then had to stop as real life got in the way as so often tends to happen on this site and in general. And then I lost my notebook so I have to rewrite it all over again, bad times :frowning:

Well anyways the setting is the land of Spero which is home to many races. Some of these races are my take on the classics and others are your bog standard human beings with some magic thrown in. Obviously you can tell my world is going to be fantasy. I envisage it as high fantasy and ideally would love to be able to give you a choice game where you took part in major battles across the land but that is a long way off yet.

I’m still hoping to find my notebook and have a couple places left to check but its doubtful as I moved house. The abridged backstory is as follows; Thousands of years ago there was the creator, Deus and he took great pleasure in creating the universe and filling it with many many planets. Some he created on a whim others he lavished care and attention on sculpting every minute detail with passion. Eventually he grew tired of this and then started to fill the world with all creatures big and small and then he pulled back and created himself a heavenly court where he could watch his creations grow and prosper. Within this court he willed into being lesser versions of himself that he called the caretakers and to these people he entrusted the running of the cosmos.

As was bound to happen the creator eventually grew bored of his creations and started to retreat into himself and withdraw from the court and observations and cultivations of his creations. It was at this time that a state of melancholy settled upon him and he decided a new venture was needed and so he left the caretakers and entered an even higher plane of existence searching for others of his kind.

The caretakers in the meantime started to fracture and form into two major factions. One wanted to abandon there charge and set out on their own using the cosmos as they saw fit carving out empires for themselves to do with as they please these became known as the Diruo. The other wanted to take the creators creatures and make them sentient and give a new purpose to the abandoned universe these became known as the Alumno. A smaller third faction also existed and that consisted of the first and most powerful of the care takers, they took the name Puer Dei and they sought only to keep the status quo and to care for the creator’s creations as he had instructed them.

The conflicting ideologies of the Alumno and Diruo eventually led to violence on a scale unknown to the mankind of Spero. Both sides warped the power given to them by the creator and turned it to the purpose of war. The heavens became the major battleground and both sides lost many people as they where evenly balanced in terms of power and the war became deadlocked. Both factions courted the Puer Dei knowing that whoever they joined would have enough power to swing the war in their favour and end it, but the Puer Dei locked themselves away in the creators fortress and continued to carry out his instructions.

Seeking a way to shift the balance into more favourable terms for the Diruo their leader, Malum left the heavenly plane and started to venture down into the various planets below and corrupted the creator’s creatures into bastardized versions of the caretakers that became known as the Evoctoris. These beings where able to use a lesser version of the Diruo magic and they where similar in appearance to human beings. He also created the fearsome Ferox, who stood on average at 8 ft tall and formed nomadic warrior tribes the bulk of the Diruo forces. In response to the Diruo intervention the Alumno created their own version of the Evoctoris and called them human. These humans where able to wield the Alumno magic. Both sides brought their creations to the heavenly plane and still could not break the stalemate and in corrupting the creator’s work they brought the ire of the Puer Dei upon themselves who warned against further blasphemy.

However they soon ran out of troops and found that the war had spread out into the universe as both sides sought to destroy the others planets where they had created troops. As the war left the heavenly plane and the Alumno could no longer help the humans with more powerful magic in every battle they started to lose ground to the ferocious Ferox onslaught. To counter these monsters the Alumno created the Sylva and Nanus. The Sylva where expert huntsmen, masters of the bow and spear who thrived in the planets covered in forests who stalked the night ambushing the Feroxi homeworlds like ghosts. The Nanus where a smaller wider version of human’s, masters of the axe and hammer who outfitted the Alumno armies with expert equipment, their ferociousness when roused to battle matched that of the Ferox even if there stature didn’t.

With mortal armies fighting each other throughout the universe and celestial armies clashing in the heavens the Puer Dei could no longer stay locked away as their brethren tore asunder the creators work. Although individually they outmatched the Alumno and Diruo in power and knowledge collectively they lacked the strength to vanquish both factions and so it was decided that to save the few remaining worlds left untouched they would destroy the rest. The first stage of there plan became known as the sundering where they tore the heavens apart casting the Alumno to a new plane of existence and the Diruo to another and then sealed them off from one another. They then drew the few remaining worlds into the heavenly plane where they tried to heal the scars of the celestial war. These planets contained remnants of the mortal forces and although bastardised by both the Alumno and Diruo they where initially the creator’s creatures and so would not be destroyed. Instead they gathered up the various bands and settled them on the only remaining world that the creator had lavished attention on and they named that world Spero meaning hope. And this planet carried their hope that the sentiency of its inhabitants and their potential would draw the creator back and inspire him to recreate the universe they had nearly lost. The power involved in all this and the attempts by the Alumno and Diruo to stop it cost many Puer Dei there existence and with the heavenly realm now housing the last of the creators planets the handful that survived found themselves without a home and so they to settled on Spero and clouded their island in mist and secrecy to stop the others from finding them.

Thousands of years passed once more and the story of how Spero came to be became history then folklore and finally myth. Without the presence of the Peur Dei or creator to guide them The humans set the rulers of the Alumno up as their gods and creators and created the Prime Parthenon while the Evoctoris set the Diruo up as their gods and chief among the was Malum.

And it is at this point my choice game will begin. What I hope to create is that you will be given the opportunity to create a character of one of the races and they will be submerged into a plot where the Alumno and Diruo seek to break the seal upon the planes and regain their home and the only way to do this is the subjugation of Spero by one of their factions and this means war on a grand scale.

So any criticism, comments or idea’s are welcome. Hopefully I find my notebook and can post the original version of the story :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tried to redraw one of the continents of Spero from memory so here it is,

And this one is where I envision the various races and their kingdoms to be,

YAY! I CARNT WAIT! So mouth information and it is really well planned out I aren’t wait am watching this low the ideas

Ah I simply must agree. Clearly this will be something to look forward to. Especially taking out the time make a map for the game keep it up @KearoB

It sounds good, and very well thought out. I hope you keep working on it :smiley: I really enjoy fantasy stories

CoG seriously needs some fantasy settings, good luck

I must admit, high fantasy is not my thing. But I can appreciate the effort that must have gone into making a background like that. Good luck on your game.

One does not simply put down a high fantasy setting!

Can I have this closed please found my notepad so want to restart it