The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



“The Research department is a very official name” I got the feeling it isn’t that official :sweat_smile:
The new characters are interesting! How old are they though?
I got the vibe MC is an important person since everyone seem to know them even though they haven’t introduce themselves :thinking: (edit: Jacob corfirmed this for me). Will we know about MC’s last mission that lead them to Bastion? or B3 true intention?

B3 is BFF material damn :joy:













Might change that line… I never said my writing was infallible… :sweat_smile:

Didn’t B3 tell you it’s rude to ask people their age? Oh, fine…

Javier is 29, Jenny is 23, Jacob is 25, and Walker is somewhere around 20. (As a side note, this story will likely take place over the course of several months, if not years, so the ages will change.

The MC has only recently been important, like Jacob described. I’ve been considering adding a :“Reputation” meter in the stats screen to display that. I think that’s something I’ll do once this chapter is actually finished.

As a side note, some of the characters recognize the MC if their main skill is the same as that character’s skill. For example, Jenny recognizes the MC if they have a high Intelligence, and Jacob recognizes the MC if they have a high Charm.

Yes, and yes. If I follow my current outline without deviating too much, those will both be delved into somewhere around chapter 7.

Thanks for the typos! And-… Wait, is that one from chapter 1? How long has that been there? :no_mouth: I’ll get these fixed soon!


it’s funny though, I imagine it goes like this: “What should we call ourselves?” “Research Department sounds cool” and the rest of The Resistance sort of goes along with them :laughing:

That’s why I’m with The Resistance :wink: I just feel a bit uncomfortable with Walker honestly

Also I forget, but conversation with Jacob feels a bit crowded, how about adding *line_break between MC’s line and Jacob’s?


To be fair, that line was meant to be a joke, so I might keep it in. :laughing:

Walker’s meant to be a bit shady compared to the others. Since he’s not as social, the bulk of his character will actually be introduced later. The current conversation with him is more of a teaser than anything.

What point in Jacob’s conversation is crowded?


I mean Javier, sorry


more typos, sorry





Ohh, ok. I’ll get that fixed as soon as I can, thanks for pointing it out!


Spelling errors in chapter 3.

a rare treat, considering coffee beans are low in supply, but you suppose with so much activity buzzing, the caffine may be nescessary


When talking to B3 in chapter 3.

“So… Can you actually feel emotions?”

You don’t need the bolded word capitalised.

Under the option “So… can you actually feel emotions?”

That is an… Interesting question."

You don’t need the bolded word capitalised.

It is almost like… If your brain were only a peice of a larger brain.

The bolded word shouldn’t be capitalised.

It is almost like… If your brain were only a peice of a larger brain.


A peice that is still capable of individual processing, yet connected to the same sensory organs as every other peice.


“and I believe asking about another beings age is an act that is labled as rude among humans.”


"Individuality is not something that is actively encouraged among us. It is more of a… Light suggestion.

Uncapitalise the bolded word.

You instinctively look towards the voice, apperantly belonging to a man that had been standing beside you.


quick as lightning you duck to the side, easily taking yourself out of the way of his feignt.


You use the disctraction perfectly, lashing out with a quick kick to his shin.



Blueprints and papers filled with notes are scattered against various tables, several tools lay haphazardly across he room,


At least, not in the Tech Depertment.


I spend all day making sure our generators don’t blow a gasget.


While I did utterly excelent in every course, I passed leadership training without batting an eye


You begin to take a more liesurely pace as you amble your way down the tunnels.



Wow, this is getting thorough… Thanks, I’ll be sure to get all of these fixed!

Now I’m just embarrassed there were so many errors in the first place. :sweat_smile:


Can you add the save system? :slight_smile:


Uhm… Maybe? I have no idea how to do that.


If you PM @dashingdon he should be able to help you.


Alright, I’ll look into it. If I can figure out how to add it, I’d be more than happy to. :smile:


Well, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Alright then, the game now has a fully functioning save system! :grinning:

Addendum: I’ve also added some new things to the stats screen. Whistles innocently.


Alright, I’ve fixed all of the typos and made edits to the scenes that had problems. If there’s still any problems with the edited scenes, let me know and I’ll go over them again. :grinning:

I’ve also started working on the actual chapter ending. I don’t think it’ll take too long; I’m expecting to have it done sometime by the end of the day.



Chapter 3 is now officially complete! And man did it wind up being a lot longer than I thought it would…

This is also the end of what I would refer to as the “prologue/exposition” portion of the story. From chapter 4 onward, things should pick up a lot more. So if you guys thought the first three chapters were boring, first of all I apologize, and second of all, bear with me for the next few chapters. Hopefully things will pick up a bit.

Anyways, now the actual chapter ending is complete and ready for you all to play. So have a go at it and let me know what you think! :grin:


I’m hope the MC can take part in/lead a raid on a robot outpost or something like that. I feel that’s kinda what the game is gearing up for but I hope their will be a few skirmishes first.

Edit: Forget all of that, I just played the updated demo. The hair is standing up on the back of my neck in exitcment for the next chapter :slight_smile:


No comment.

But yeah, you pretty much have me pegged.


I know this is probably going to start a maelstrom of hate towards me but…


I actually prefer the Robots (Regime)
They’re all polite, courteous and just following orders.
Please don’t suspend me…


Both sides are supposed to be at least partially sympathetic, as well as have their flaws. There’s absolutely no problem with favoring one over the other.

On that note, I’m glad I managed to make the machines sympathetic so far, despite their limited spotlight. :smile:


Spelling error in chapter 3.

Several tense moments pass as the three other three commanders wait in anticipation,

Remove the bolded word


However, I’m giving you the ability to chooce which objective you’d like your squad to complete first."