The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



Fixed the typos, sorry it took me so long to get to that. :sweat_smile:


So, based on the way I ended chapter 3, I don’t think it’s a terrible surprise when I say this; there’s going to be 3 different versions of chapter 4 based on which mission you choose. ((If anyone’s played Sabers of Infinity and you recall the point where you can choose to either do the Calvary reserve mission, patrol mission, or skip them and get promoted? That’s kinda similar to what I want to try here.))

Now, I can see two different ways of doing this. I’m fine with either one, so I thought I’d bring the thought to you in the form of a couple polls to see what you guys would want. The first question being…

Would you rather have me try to write all three versions at the same time, or do it one at a time?

  • I would rather they be done at the same time, even if that means overall progress will be a bit slower
  • I would rather they be done one at a time, even if that means the version I want might not come out first.
  • No opinion.

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And as a follow-up to that…

If you chose option two, which version would you be most interested in seeing first?

  • Recruiting from the tribes.
  • Gathering supplies.
  • Scouting key locations.
  • No opinion.
  • I did not choose option two.

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Let me know what you guys think. I’m more than happy to listen and abide by what you want. :grin:


good job i hope you keep going


I originally thought the robots aren’t sentient but robocoop and one of the conversation on the tunnel leading to Bastion make me think otherwise (and there’s B3).

A-001 is highly suspicious


my MC’s female





Spelling error found in chapter 3.
Under the options:
"I’ll visit the Research department of the Resistance and check to see what our techs are working on today.“
"What are you guys working on?”

Deciding that a topic chance may be in order, you decide to instead ask…



Have you been reading through my code? :smirk:

@Bugreporter @blob
Addendum: Fixed all of the errors/problems that were brought up. Thanks for letting me know about them!


yes :wink:


I’m just going to jump right in and say that this is awesome! I’m pretty excited to have found this, because I love stories with sentient machines.

I read it probably too many times, but I like seeing how different stats changed the story. I caught some typos, but I didn’t want to point them out again if they’d already been noticed. I did make a note of them though, just in case.

B3 is the best. I mean, the others have just been introduced, and they’re cool. But I have such a soft spot for B3 already. One of my favorite choices so far is the option to stick up for it. That being said, I did play though with a character that took every opportunity to be rude to it, and got its relationship stat down to 12%. ( :frowning: ) It felt a bit odd visiting him later on, that B3 would try to greet someone that had been so unpleasant with a chipper tone.


I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it! It really means a lot! :grin:

Please feel free to point out any typos or mistakes you find. I don’t have a problem with having two people send me the same problems, and you might have even noticed something that the others missed. (Especially if you’ve been replaying it a lot and have seen some of the alternate paths.)

Also, good point about the B3 bit. I might change that up, actually. Thanks for bringing it up!


Okay! Good to know. I’ll send you a list of what I found as soon as I can. :slight_smile:


Update: After leaving the polls up for a few days to let the answers build up, I’m going to go ahead and shut them down; I have enough votes to get the ball rolling. Thanks to everyone that offered their thoughts on the matter! :grinning:

As the votes have declared, I’ll be working on these one at a time, and the first version I’ll do is the “recruit from the tribes” mission. I’ll start work on it soon and send out my usual updates when I’ve made good progress.


Update: Sorry for the lack of updates so far, but I haven’t gotten as much work done as I’d like. I was hit with a bit of writer’s block this week and only recently started being able to get things started with chapter 4; not a great start, but I’m hoping I can get the first bit of chapter 4 done by the end of next week, at the very latest (it might come sooner, though).

On the upside, I used the time to fix as many typos and errors through the first 3 chapters that I could, as well as adding some small new things here and there. (Yet despite that, I still haven’t rewritten the first few pages yet… I swear, I haven’t forgotten about that. :confounded:)

Either way, work’s gotten done, even if it’s not as much as I’d like, and I’m hoping I can get the first chunk of chapter 4 sometime next week, if not sooner.


Alright guys, it’s finally here! The first slice of chapter 4 is done and ready for playing. Admittedly it’s not very long, and there might not be very many choices if you hit certain variables, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! :grinning:

Keep in mind that this chapter 4 only works when you choose the “Gathering numbers for the Resistance.” option at the end of chapter three. All other choices will lead to an ending screen.

If there’s any problems, coding-wise or writing quality-wise, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Addendum: I intend to be working on this a bit more today and tomorrow as well, so there may be another small update by the end of the weekend. :grin:


Bug found in chapter 3, when talking to Bailey.

Trying to load the save gives this bug.

In the section in chapter 1, where the robot asks the MC’s surname, In the option where the MC can enter a custom surname, I suggest changing this line:

What is your name, then?


What is your surname, then?

Spelling error, when talking to Bailey.

“This machine saved my life. Shouldn’t we give it the benifit of the doubt?”


If we got a laser rifle from one of the machines, we could reverse-egineer it to figure out how it works.



If you don’t mind me asking, why is that?


Because it’s confusing whether it is asking the MC’s name or surname.


Oh, right… Surname means last name, not first name… Duh… :confounded:

I’ll get all of these fixed as soon as I can!

Addendum: I think I got it all fixed. Sorry for disrupting your save, @Bugreporter


Also, in chapter 1, the robot asks the MC what their sex is, but the stats screen says gender.


Fixed that one, too.


When choosing to recruit from the tribes.

They each carry familiar high-tech rifles, thier heads slowly swiveling to take in the scenery.



Unnescessary. That will only make us more enemies.


Nescessary. We can’t risk them working against us.


He’s only paying enough attention to ensure he doesn’t completly fall behind from the group


You spend a large portion of the jounrey speaking with Javier