The Specials (UPDATED 5/6/2019)

‘A mutant has gone rogue and its up to you and your team to put a stop to his plans. You’re the world’s only hope.’

It’s not about justice, it’s about survival. In this game your character has no choice but to form a team of other mutants unaffected to some degree by The Puppeteer’s powers. It’s up to you all to save your world after all you’re a special one.

*Past work will be completed but this game is top priority. Updates may be irregular for now due to upcoming exams.

To play the demo, go here:

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I get this when I want to check the stats


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Oh my bad :sweat_smile:
I’ll fix it when I get the chance. Thank you for the notice.

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this is fun read

Ahem, first of all, will there be romance?

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Very interesting! You make me hate this universe, like I did with the X-Forces, with the mutants and all. Will there be any romances?



This is interesting I wish we was more of a baddass character

Interesting. This falls into one of the genre of games I like… I shall be watching this.

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There will be.

Thanks and yep. You can go that route if you wish.

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Nice demo :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting demo! Will look forward for more :relaxed:

Cant go to the stat screen

I know. Will be fixed in the next update since more things need to be added to it. Sorry.

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can’t check the stats

Working on that now. Will be fixed by tonight or tomorrow.

I wanted to reply to this for a while now but just didn’t know how. Maybe I was just thinking too hard into it. Yes, I definitely was thinking too hard. Well here’s the answer: In a way I want him/her to grow. .

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Spoilers I am groot.


“Do you want to see me?” You nod and from the darkness and even darker figure appears. There’s no trace of a face or even genitals. It’s just an unmoving black figure.

…why were we expecting to see genitals?