The Secrets


This is something I plan to make here is the main idea. You arethemain character andyou are a prince.
your father was murdered and you lost theheir to the throne
now you will seek the murderer and get revenge. Hone your skills and meet friends.
And maybe meet true love along the way…
I am a very youngwriter and nothing on choiceofgames is helping me understand choicescript put in some input please :-))


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Read through the following post and the links to which it points:


Thanks but I read it already can someone dumb it down for me?


Looks like mooned gonna answer thanks to those who did. Also can I make these games on kindle fiee




I know very little in the way of coding. However there is a lot of content up here to read to help. Make a small project to start to figure things out. If you do get stuck on something just ask and I am sure you will get a reply.


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Talon, do you have any experience with programming at all? If not, you may find ChoiceScript hard to wrap your mind around. It requires very specific formatting, even for a basic choose your own adventure with no stats.

I suggest you start writing your story just in a word document, and if you get close to finishing, people will be happy to help you format it. What you’ll probably find is that writing even a simple interactive story is a long process, and most people give up.


Thing is I’m not one to give up. I have an idea and I feel others would love the story.


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Unless you ask a specific question, no one can help you. If you bump it again without actually asking anything I’m locking this.


Ok sorry I’m kinda new to the forum wont happen again. Also why when I play a game it says sore cant be found but everyone else can plus I’m using a kindle fire if it matters


It’s fine, it’s just that without an actual question, no one knows what the problem is. So, when you try to play a game (such as off the main page) it says something can’t be found, or is that just when you try to play the game locally (the downloaded file from github)? Can you copy the error message here?

Also, I don’t have/have never used a kindle so I don’t know how that would effect anything. Does it use mac’s standard web browser (kindle’s are mac, right?) or does it use it’s own web browser? (Or can anyone else that has/has used a kindle chime in with more info?)


Thanks for answering my other question. Also I completely inderstand


Okay firstly can anyonehelp me with this please post here or pm me because I got a kindleso so far I cant make it


Okay, again, what exactly are you having trouble with?

Here’s a basic step by step:

  1. Download this: (

  2. Extract it

  3. Run the index files to see the ‘default/test’ game.

  4. Open the text files and mygame.js (with a text editor) to actually start editing the game.

(Here: is a half completed guide.)


See I cannot do that due to kindle fire


Which step can’t you do? The download?