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No it downloaded and says cannot open rile




Okay, just looked into it. A kindle apparently does not have any programs capable of unzipping a file, so unless it’s rooted it can’t do that. Try going here: ( and downloading the files individually. You only needs what’s in the ‘web’ folder, but you have to keep the folder structure intact (or rebuild it). Can you do that? (press and hold > save as, this cannot be done of the folders, just the files)


The Kindle Fire runs Amazon’s special flavor of Android. Unfortunately I don’t have one, so I can’t be of much help to walk you through it. You should however be able to download a free unzip app from either Amazon’s AppStore or Google Play. That should automatically keep the folder structure for you.


@P_Tigras There isn’t one (or at least, I couldn’t dig one up).


The kindle wasn’t really designed for general file storage, manipulation or execution, you’re best just sticking to official releases and user games hosted online.


Ah okay that stinks


The following is a file manager that is also said to be a native zip handler. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s fairly highly rated, even if the number of people rating it is still on the low end. One of the raters says it works great on the Kindle Fire. It is beta software however, so there may be some bugs.