"The Play's the Thing"—Break a deadly curse to save your theater!

I really enjoyed this! As a lit nerd I loved spotting all the little shout-outs to famous stories, plus the chance to play as magical!Shakespeare, and romancing a charming prince is always a nice bonus. I thought the LIs were well done, generally - I especially liked seeing a single parent and an older-than-usual choice in the mix.

I never did figure out where the curse came from in the first place. Maybe the route I chose precluded getting that explanation, or maybe I missed it. Does anyone know who the culprit was?

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romancing a charming prince is always a nice bonus

Oh yes Falathar is my fave CoG RO in a loooong while. I have big feelings for him and am still slightly peeved that there’s no way to both marry him and make him king, booo /j

Also regarding culprit of the curse

Salar created it after discovering that the Raven murdered Queen Idris. It’s super subtly foreshadowed when they stride in surrounded by cursed dogs during the final play, but with everything else going on its easy to miss.

They only ever fess up to it if MC confronts them at the ball - and to be able to do that MC needs to either speak to Falathar at the ball before speaking to them or task Salar with finding a way to break the curse when he asks what he should do in Medaris in chapter 6 (need high wit).


Two questions how do I reconcile the brothers and how do I prevent ezeran’s murder

For both of them you need to successfully sneak into the ball the first time you try


Speak with him at the Royal ball and agree to have a meeting with him that same night. Attend the meeting during hour 3 and then successfully talk down his attacker (options check against influence honor/hope/heart


Speak with both of them and Salar at the ball and for all 3 of them successfully convince them to having a meeting with the other two. Then in chapter 8 select the option for all 3 to meet.
I think there’s an option to reconcile the heirs if you speak to only one of them and Salar and have the two meet in hour 3, but I’ve never done so.

They all need a minium relationship threshold to agree, if you’re short telling Liathiar you’re here for the food and Falathar you’re here for answers will net you a relationship boost with them.

Also question from me: is there any way to marry Falathar and also get him crowned? The Raven staying as king in the ending is really cramping my style lol


yes, after many tries I managed to do it lol at the end I got the choice to ask falathar to act and she got the raven arrested

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Yeah it’s probably a combination of saving Ezren, proposing and then doing the Fall of Atlantis to out the Raven’s crimes.

I was nearly there on my last run only for Salar to meddle and get Falathar thrown in the dungeons Like oi, I didn’t rediscover you for this!

If you want to marry Falathar but don’t want to leave Cenone on the throne, you can get engaged to Falathar, then break the curse by appealing to Falathar to forgive Salar or to denounce the Raven’s crimes. You can then tell Falathar that you want to marry them anyway. You won’t get the marriage onstage, but will wind up married to Falathar with Falathar ruling the city. Note that you can still propose to Falathar if Falathar has been imprisoned, as long as you break Falathar out of jail first.

Alternately, you can marry Falathar onstage and have Liathar rule the city after Cenone’s death. If you want to try for that outcome, you want Shadow’s Strength very HIGH at the end of chapter 8. If you’re getting the choice “I let this scene play out. The Raven deserves whatever is coming,” you’re in the right branch. Then sit back and leave Cenone to their fate.


Absolutely adoring this game - I’ve been replaying it madly trying to get all the achievements haha! I’m currently stuck on trying to reconcile the heirs and have them face Cenone together, and I’ve been following @mumismatist’s advice, but I keep running into trouble. I keep getting Falathar arrested at the ball and/or Liathar dying during the Raven’s address. Any idea what stats trigger these things and how I can stop them? In case it’s relevant, I’m also romancing Falathar.

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For Salar not to ruin things, you need to speak with him at the ball and either convince him to meet with the heirs or persuade him not to act against any of the Royal family. You need above 50 in spectacle or empathy to get him to agree to the meeting. If you do either of those things he should keep his mouth shut during the confrontation and let things play out.

To reconcile them basically use all three party times slots to speak to heirs+Salar. if I’m romancing Falathar I like to go Liathar->Falathar->Salar and for all three chose to convince them to meet the other two.

Edit: Regarding the address shadows strenght decide what goes on at the address - you need to keep it low to avoid the branch that involves Liathar dying (which basically means make sure your plays are a success and avoid failing checks) . If you are on that path where the mob turns on them there are a few checks where you can intervene to save their life, though they’re very high (with the acrobatics one only my 70+ acrobatics charater managed it I think.

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Huh, this is all super interesting, thanks! I didn’t even realise that Salar was involved in how Cenone and Liathar respond to Falathar in the confrontation. I’m honestly still not exactly sure how it works, because I’ve now had playthroughs where I convinced everyone to meet but Falathar still got arrested. However, I’ve also noticed a bunch of other bugs in the game since then, so it might just be that there’s a corrupted file or something causing problems in my particular app? Not only has Falathar been arrested in my past 5-ish playthroughs even though I’m pretty sure I’ve had identical playthroughs where Liathar took their side, but I’ve also had instances where I was given the option for Liathar, Falathar and Salar to meet up despite Falathar being in prison at the time, or where Liathar appeared during the final confrontation of Cenone despite being dead. I think I may have broken something in the game haha.

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Cerone already thinks their heirs (especially Falathar) are out to ursurp them (as seen in one of the mob riot branches) and the curse is making them even more paranoid - if you don’t tell Salar to shut up then Salar doing his ‘long live Falathar’ routine is the straw which breaks the camel’s back and convinces Cerone to imprison Falathar to avoid a power grab.

Edit: oh there might be another way to get Falathar jailed - if influence heart is your highest stat out heart/honor/hope and Ezren has not told you that Cerone is setting the heirs against each other then it looks like Falathar insults Cerone enough that Cerone jails them as punishment. Looks like I’ve been a little too hasty in blaming certain parties lol.

The other two things you mentioned do sound like bugs - convincing Salar to attend even one meeting should mean he doesn’t speak out. Probably should email a screenshot to support.

Aaah, the heart stat thing would explain why I kept getting Falathar jailed! Thank you, that’s super duper helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a question I was just wondering what is the mcs age supposed to be, and what are the ages of the characters?

What a fun story. As a former theater nerd, I enjoyed it very much.

I do think I came up against a bug at the end, though…

I helped Diar escape the city after the curse took over during the final play, though I hadn’t romanced him. I got text both that I hoped he was okay AND that he was with me in the new location.

image of text hidden here

Please send bug reports to support@choiceofgames.com

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I liked the game, the story was nice and mysterious. Sometimes it felt a little bit fast paced but all things considered definitely a good experience. I particularily liked the play writing process and how it branched into different reactions from the crowd and the crew.

When it comes to romance, I was a bit disappointed not being able to romance the Raven. I usually like romancing morally ambiguous or “spicy” characters and the romance options felt very “good two-shoes” with very little or no character flaws.