The Paper Pusher of Inferno Inc. (WIP)

Hello! This is the demo for the premise I posted about in the Interest Check thread. It’s a side project that I’ll work on when I don’t have inspiration for my main WIP.

You play as a paper pusher in the world’s largest bureaucracy, Inferno Inc. stationed in Hell. Deal with Satan, Beelzebub, Cerberus, your coworkers, and the souls of the damned. You work at the gates of Hell, assigning punishments, mediating arguments between angels and demons, and playing with the local hellhounds.

It’ll mostly cover a lot of days of the MC’s life. There are no planned deaths or coups to take over the Underworld, so for the most part, this will hopefully just be a lighthearted romp through Hell.

You’ll meet four main NPCs, all genderswappable.

  • Catherine/Cedric, your hacker coworker who is the only genuine smile in Hell.
  • Lucyfer/Lucifer, the very stressed and overworked Ruler of Hell.
  • Beelzebub, Satan’s right hand who very often serves as their left one too.
  • Eziraphale, intensely curious and nearly-Fallen angel.

Here’s the link:

This is only a short, bare-bones demo for now, 5000 or so words. Since this is a side project, the time and size of updates will likely vary wildly.


There wasn’t much to form a opinion on but the way you handled the gender/idefication thing was pretty good In a way that couldn’t offend anyone

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This looks insanely cute. Interested in a more expansive demo but so far so good!


Bless you for letting us have a hellhound


Just a thought for now: can you make Lucifer genderfluid/nonbinary?

Edit: also… i presume you are familar with Good Omens?


Just what I never knew I wanted in life :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside this is very good. I lookforward to seeing where you take it. Can waitntonmake the devil my best friend!


This is an incredibly short demo so I can understand the frustration. I will work on having more days though.

@PisceanLover you can never have enough hellhounds. :smile:

I’d love to make genderfluid/nonbinary NPCs, but I’m having a lot of trouble thinking of proper variations of names and nicknames that don’t overlap. If I can think of gender-neutral names/nicknames for the characters or if anyone suggests any, I’ll add it in as soon as possible.

It’s one of my favorite books. :smile:


I’m definitely interested;

One thing I would suggest is try and flesh out a few scenes. it seemed like, to me, that things were moving a little too quickly.

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Lucifer goes by Lou in some fiction, which is an unisex name.

And heh, I had an inkling. (You should have some special flavor text if someone inputs Crowley as name)


This seems fun, and I am excited! For some reason I like overworked Bureaucrat stories (maybe because I hope to never be one?), and one set in Hell seems like a lot of fun! Looking forward to judging people as well!


Interesting premise! I adore the fact that Cerberus will be present in the game.
Will there come other mythological creatures as well?


Yeah, I’m really not the best in pacing my writing. :sweat_smile: If you can point out the specific scenes that go too fast, that would be a tremendous help.

Great! Now to find them for the other characters… :sweat_smile:

Yes! There will be. Not all of them will actually be the versions from the myths, more like references by certain geeky NPCs.

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I would say the cooler part, the meal with your co-worker, and the ride home.

I feel you could probably add some more interactions and give choices on how the MC feels.

For instance; during the train ride home; you can have the player choose if the MC has a phobia that they encounter on the train
With the cooler scene you can set up the Orientation choice and maybe how the MC reacts ( i. e. Shyly, confidently, flirtatious, or aloof) to a one off character that hits on the MC.


Owo Hellhound!! Having our own pet :3 so cool! The first appearance of our employer was funny. Pff- such first impression. By how the food is so spicy or hot, I’m going to miss pastries and things like that <.< … irrelevant question lol but are there ice cream? XD


The concept absolutely has me interested and reminds me of The Screwtape Letters. Love the humour too, keeping an eye on this.

Also very eerily reminds me of an old, creepy dream I had where I was this bureaucrat in Hell, which happened to be full of 10 foot red horned demons trapped in office cubicles and my task for the day was to walk around and tell a shitload of demons they were fired, which would literally make them burst into flames. Then an imp comes along to tell me “The boss wants to see you.” and I woke up sweating from the dread.


Reminds me of Disgaea which is set in the Netherworlds of Hell. Everything is cute and wacky but it’s pretty fun.

Disgaea 5


Seems interesting can’t wait for more

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@Megus thanks! I’ll work on it when I have a free moment.

There could be ice cream. :smile:

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Good work keep this up! Always wanted to be a paper pusher in hell :smirk:


Definitely going on the watch list, made me smile so looking forward to the next bit.