Divil (WiP) + Mini Play Test


Hi all,

So I’m new to this and I thought I would put my idea into the mix and gauge people’s responses before I went full tilt into it.

Divil is a young demon hatchling. Unfortunately he hatched a little too early and began wandering through the Halls of Hell unsupervised. Unbeknownst to the rest of the underworld Divil ended up climbing up and out the nearest Hell Mouth and finds himself in the middle of New York (I’m open to changing the location based on decisions made).

Depending on the choices that this young demon spawn makes he begins to embark on a career of good or evil. He can work his way up to the Presidency by using politicians as puppets, destroying or healing the world. He could also develop a military style career, find that he has a penchant for the creative or he could even dedicate his existence to creating a large criminal syndicate/charity.

The possibilities are endless for this cute, all powerful, a-moral Satan spawn.

I’m assuming this is ok to post but please let me know if it needs to be somewhere else/not put here.

EDIT: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53138514/little%20divil/web/mygame/index.html

Finally managed to work out how to get a play test up here. This is still pretty rough version but I’m keen to get people’s thoughts on the tone of the writing.

I’m also keen to hear thoughts on whether or not to write everything in 2nd or 3rd person. I’ve left both in this version so that you can see how both work. I’m asking at this stage because I don’t want to push through another 20,000 words only to be told that the tone is terrible :frowning:

Looking forward to hearing what people think so far. It will not be gender locked but at this stage I’ve not added the extras.




Yes! I will put Satan to shame with my evil! :japanese_ogre: :snake: Sorry!!! All powerful??? Will be possible?


What powers will be? I like to choose my powers! I will have horns and wings? I love black wings and horns!


I’m yet to decide on powers but I thought Divil would likely be ‘invisible’ to humans but can interact with them. Manifestation opportunities would arise so choosing how he looks is an option or it could be that his appearance changes based on the actions that you take?

So powers would be more like:

  • Suggestion
  • Manifestation
  • Possession


Is it gender locked, I noticed you used male pronouns


Unlimited power! I can’t wait for a demo!


Will be possible to bring other demons under my command? Is a shame to be so powerful and to not have minions.


And i suggest to put the option to choose appearances for every situation and for purpose! Hmmmmmm! I think is three form of appearances in my mind, devil form is scary, powerful and destructive, men/women form is normal and inconspicuous, this is the devil on the street! And the angelic form, good to trick people and lies! This is three major types of demonic action, i hope will be helpful for you.


@Cat_Raider Good point, what I’ve written so far was a lazy quick blast! In the games I’ve played so far there tends to be an option to play as male, female or neither which is an option I’d likely provide at the start.

@Abyss I’d like minions but I need to think about how to write them into the story. Re: the changes in form - I imagine that the forms he/she/it can take will depend on the Manifest power level.


You should include some powerful individuals that are Gifted that are able to see him (to be realistic, they would also be one of the ones capable of destroying him) As for the premise itself, I like it. I honestly think it has potential as a choice of game even, so you may want to work on a Hosted project, then pitch this after the Hosted is published. It will require tons of work, but do it right and this game has potential.


So is Divil what we are or our name?


Thus looks like a cool unique game.


This sounds amazing. Can he just go around killing people. I don’t know I just want to know the limits of this character.


@TechDragon610 Thank you Tech!! That is an awesome encouragement and I will definitely consider building this slowly while hammering out a quicker game to host. In terms of other characters I had two routes that could work:

  1. Gods and Goddesses who compete for power. It could use a mixture of characters like Shiva, Hades and other named deity.

  2. Adopting a Fallout style of interaction… Good or Bad Karma leading to different interactions with either forces for good (Angels?) or and evil (Demons?). Not sure how feasible this is as I’ve never developed with CodeScript.

@Dark_Stalker Both, currently. Divil is certainly the name of ‘what’ the character is. I kind of like the name Little Divil as it would be a mini easter egg to the inspiration for this concept. :wink: I’m open to allowing people to name the little guy too.

@eqs189 Not sure about killing. The character will grow and so there would certainly be ‘growth’ in the evil camp that could lead to torturing / killing in a ‘hell on earth’ kind of way but I’d imagine that only comes into play later in the story. The main route through the game is to take a strategy to gain power. I suppose a massacre version of the gameplay could exist although it would likely lead to an early ending due to ‘other forces’ wiping Divil out (read Tech’s comments above).

Hope that helps show where I’m thinking currently. Thank you for the great ideas and questions though, it’s really helping me to flesh out where the game goes.


Little Divil, I have that game in my steam library, though I have yet to play it.

Anyway, regarding your idea. How are you going to approach the scenario with Divil breaching the mortal world? Is it going to be an up-and-out sort of thing where you simply find yourself in New York and decide to either wreak havoc or help society? Or are you going with a down-to-earth, natural approach, where you take into consideration that this young demon hatchling has probably had no experience on the outside world and is therefore confused, rather cautious and neglected. This path would take longer for the game to evolve to the players content, but it would allow ‘Divil’ time to adapt to mortal society before deciding on his/hers moral decision.

Did that make sense or am I simply over-thinking this?


@BlazedStorm I don’t want to ruin the story but I’ll happily PM you if you’d like? There will be a few routes for Divil to ‘mature’. Some humorous, some brutal and some heart warming.

These ‘maturing’ interactions are definitely essential and I hope will add depth to the character and overall story :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll be happy to learn more through PM!


something like this could help with karma.

*create good 50
*create evil 50

on your start screen
then, something along the lines of

    *opposed_pair    good

on the stats screen, then after actions something like

    #rob him
        you take his stuff
        *set evil +10
    #don't rob him
        he may need this to survive, you leave his stuff.
        *set good +10

then there’s a range of options for how this can effect the later game. Choice one would be to make things happen based on an overall karma count.

*if  evil>good
   this happens
   that happens

then option two would be to create Boolean variables that would effect later story.

on the battlefield, a mighty warbeast bellows and charges you.
*if robbedchuck
    Chuck the Paladin stands aside and you are trampled.
*if robbbedchuck false
    Chuck the Paladin comes to your aid, piercing the warbeast's hide with a silver sword the size of your arm, a sickening crunch fills the air as the blade penetrates flesh and bone alike, a hiss issues from the beasts hide as he withdraws his blade, ebony blood pouring from the beast as steam rushes from the wound and the fresh corpse falls aside.

sorry, went into writing mode, originally was going to keep it simple :dragon:


For the opposed pair of good and evil you would only need to create the “Good” variable at 50 since opposed pairs are percentages and the base between the two is 50 (i.e. 50% Good, 50% Evil).

*create Good 50

  opposed_pair Good

Where “Good” would be the only variable and less Good would be more Evil. So, for instance, if Good = 0 then you’re as Evil as you can get, if Good = 100 then you’re as Good as you can get, and if Good = 50 then you’re as neutral as you can get.

In short, instead of adding to Evil, you subtract from Good for opposing pairs.


ah, well I wasn’t sure, while I’ve added a corruption bar in a WIP of mine, I’ve still not been to the part t use it.