Stewart (Work almost In Progress)

Ok, this is a concept that could either be really interesting or incredibly mundane! Your thoughts either way will be massively appreciated.

I’m looking to bust out a fairly quick game that is pretty easy to play through and can be easily updated with new options while testing. It will 24 hours in the body of a guy named Stewart (at this stage it would be just a male take on life but if popular I’d happily create a female version too).

It is 24 hours in the body of Stewart. The choices will be extremely far reaching (from cleaning his teeth to jumping under a train) and will take any number of playthroughs to unlock all of the achievements. It will be kind of like Groundhog day, but not as crap.

There wouldn’t be any overall story arc or development, it would be purely 24 hours in a guys body. Then it starts again and you play an entirely different 24 hours.

So what are your thoughts? Should I just scrap it now and start developing The Generalissimo instead (in that one you’d be a dictator of your own tropical island).


What happened to Divil?

Working on them in tandem. Divil will be a long project that I want to absolutely nail and so this would be a quick bash it out project.

I need to get to know the coding and so this would be a good testing ground. I should have an excerpt from the opening of Divil in the next few days though :slight_smile:

This might be an interesting idea if the entire concept of a CoG wasn’t that you could restart it from scratch. It needs something more behind it.

I personally prefer the ‘Tropico’ piece because I am a fan of El Presidente and Penultimo lol.

But the Steward is fine too and it sounds original. There is potential in this one.

Gotta say, ruling an island nation sounds cooler if done right.

I think the mundane is something unique. Doing it would be like a wierd experiment. Will people like it or not? I certainly know I would

I’m not sure this could be busted out quickly and still have any reader impact. If his choices were reflected upon and scrutinized - if every choice ultimately conveyed some sort of message be it poignant, insightful, or jarring - then it would be a great game. But making daily mundane choices in a loop doesn’t sound very interesting. Possibly because most of us do it every day anyway.

Also: :grimacing: You called “Groundhog Day” crap and I really like that movie. Not so much for the plot or the half-hearted romance, but the development of the main character was well-written and well-acted even if a bit goofy. So :stuck_out_tongue:

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Best movie of the 1990s, I say. So yes, I’d enjoy something in that vein, even from an author who inexplicably doesn’t see the genius of Harold Ramis. :slight_smile:

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Staying on topic is important, even if the suicide scenes were hilarious.

Sounds similar to Dilemma. But go ahead, do this one.

@Havenstone, you say best movie in the 1990’s, I say Ha! Batman Returns.

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Sounds interesting. after 24 hours in stewart’s body do we go into someone else’s body or is it still Stewart’s.

The game will probably end after those 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Experiencing someone else’s life every 24 hours? I suppose I could dig that. Of course it’s not me you habe to convince, so this post means absolutely nothing.

I guess you could refer to me as Captain Obvious

I have always felt that Groundhog Day was one of Murray and Ramis’s best collaborations.
I sense a non-believer among us…

Everyone, gather some pitchforks and a bundle of torches - we meet in the old library at dusk.

The old library? I hope you don’t expect us to be literate…

Well, that’s why we’re meeting there.

The library was built ages ago, but it quickly fell out of favor due to the majority of the villagers being illiterate.
These days, it’s used as a meeting spot for all sorts of business.

Determining which Sunday would be best for hosting the annual cookie baking contest, planning surprise birthday parties for the little children, reviewing entries for the bimonthly lottery…

… burning Groundhog Day heretics at stake under the false pretenses that the accused is a practitioner of witchcraft…

Oh, things of that nature. :blush:

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