The Deal Act 1: Inferno

Hey! I’m happy to finally announce my if game: The Deal.

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UPDATED- June 18
NEXT UPDATE- August 9th

The Deal is an upcoming interactive fiction work, the first part in a trilogy (Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso)! You, the Main Character, are completely customizable (from your gender, physical attributes, and sexuality to your personality and talents). Through this story, you will meet various characters who will help you in your journey, and eight of them will be romanceable. Your thoughts, ideals, and actions will have an effect on how they view you and the world around them.

It has been four years since your parents died. Your younger sister and you were left in shambles, struggling to pick up the pieces of what’s left of your family. But nothing ever goes right, you devote your life to taking care of Chrissy, and she devotes hers to resent you—and something darker of which you are unaware.

One day, Chrissy goes missing, and the only way for you to get her back is to journey into hell. In order to do that, you are forced to make a deal.

What happens next is up to you.


  • Befriend, romance, or butt heads with a cast of vastly different characters, each of them with their likes, dislikes, and ideals.

  • Experience 7 possible relationships with eight companions. Though romance is optional, you can expect Platonic friendships, Rivalries, Friends to lovers, Rivals to lovers, Shy romances, and Flirty romances + each RO has a special route that only unlocks if your character meets certain criteria. Additionally, there are three possible poly routes and a ‘Harem’ route in which everyone is into you.

  • A completely customizable MC, from your past to your present. Your personality shapes the story. Each trait has its ups and downs, and they dictate how your character reacts to certain events.

  • Determine your past! Each past will shape the way the story is narrated too! A more artistic MC will see the world differently, and their own inner world will be portrayed differently. Who you were, who you are, who you will be: it all has an impact on how you behave.

  • Be either Impulsive or Cautious, Flirty or Shy (active romance only), Charming or Stoic, Sarcastic or Genuine, Outgoing or Introverted, Courageous or Cowardly, Rude or Friendly, Cynicism or Idealism, Team worker or Solo.

  • Choose your physical attributes: Sex, gender, pronouns, hair (color, texture, style, length), eye shape and color, skin, build, whether you wear glasses (or not, or contacts), your facial hair or lack thereof, height, clothing preference, tattoos, scars, and piercings.

  • Descend into the land down below, 'Inferno’, a reimagining of Hell with a more modern twist.

  • Attempt to rescue your sister from the clutches of Lucifer.

  • Uncover the secret behind your strangely alluring soul.

The RO's (short version)

DANTE, the demon fiend you make a pact with.

LILITH, a succubus with a fasciantion for innocence

JOSH, your best friend who hides a dark secret

VILLANELLE, a young witch who helps you in your journey

VICTOR, the most succesful demon hunter Earth has ever known

ALIYAH, a djinni who’s made a pact with your sister

NATHAN, an angel desperate to keep himself from falling

EDEN, the descendant of the most powerful man who has ever lived

The RO's (long version)

DANTE, WRATH (male, he/him, esfp)
Despite his many quirks, which often make him seem like an open book, the information that you actually have about Dante is far too scarce. He has a thick accent, European (Italian, you think, or perhaps somewhere similar), and when he speaks he does so with conviction, self-assuredly, though you know it is all a facade, as he has proved easy to rattle and upset. Dante is the demon you have made a pact with, loud, obnoxious, and hot-headed. He seems like a young man in his mid-twenties, though given the situation, you suspect he is much older than that. Dante strongly dislikes the thought of guiding you through the depths of hell, yet he seems secretly happy at the prospect of breaking a couple rules.

You have only seen Dante’s human form, and you know him as a man of average height, with messy brown hair, and chocolate-brown eyes (though it is strange how they seem red under certain lights). His skin has a healthy Mediterranean tan, which lights up with his common boyish grins. Dante is quite temperamental, though, and he won’t hesitate to oppose you if he feels like you’re in the wrong. In terms of clothes, he prefers loose button-up shirts and tight pants. Some might call his style… outdated.

LILITH, LUST (non-binary, she/they, esfj)
Ever since you met her you have known that there was something intrinsically dangerous about a being like her. A succubus with such a powerful name and position gains nothing out of helping you, yet she seems to have accepted despite the many odds against you. Lily’s smiles are sharp but not unkind, they know how to carry a conversation, how to be the center of attention, yet… it is strange how they seem like they genuinely care about you, about your journey. She seems close to Dante despite their constant bickering. Lilith is a being of lust, a fact made obvious by her many inappropriate comments, sultry smiles, and meaningful glances. Falling for her tricks feels like being trapped in a spider’s web. Nevertheless, she is not unkind. Lilith values your friendship, perhaps much more than your desire.

Everything about Lilith is fiery. Their stature is average, and their hair is long, wavy, and red like blood. Eyes such as theirs (an unnatural citrine) would be unsettling if you hadn’t been told of their species beforehand. They seem to be in their late twenties, but you know they are much, much older than that. Lilith seems to adore making people squirm, but you can tell it is all good-natured fun. They have confessed to believing that their demon shape is “hideous”. In terms of style, Lilith favors clothes that display their amazing body (no matter how cold the weather is).

JOSH, ENVY (male, he/him, infj)
Josh and you have come a long way since you met, which isn’t surprising when he has been the only person in your life who supported you when your parents died four years ago. When you met, both of you were children, and looking at him makes it easy to remember the old times, the happy times, the innocent times. Josh looks at you similarly, you know he thinks the world of you. He is studying medicine, a fact which surprised no one given how intelligent your childhood best friend is. Out of everyone in this world, Josh was the only one whom you thought you knew like the back of your hand. But you were wrong. A secret such as the one he keeps mustn’t be easy to bear, however, you are sure now that Josh has always known much more than he lets on.

His full name is Joseph Guerrero, a descendant of Colombian immigrants. Josh’s hazel eyes are hidden behind thin-rimmed black glasses, his skin is a rich, light honey brown, and his hair is short, swept-back, straight, and chestnut brown. Due to an accident in his childhood, he has to use hearing aids. He is your age, 22. When Josh smiles he manages to light up a room, which is no surprise, everyone who knows him agrees that he is a caring friend, always ready to make you laugh and to help you, no matter if your issues are big or small. He prefers casual clothing.

VILLANELLE, GLUTTONY (female, she/her, enfp)
Everyone in Blackburn knows Villanelle, though opinions might vary depending on who you ask. You, of course, are no exception. Villanelle has always been nice to you, she is a bit scatter headed and absentminded, but her eccentric nature is easy to overlook once you strike up a conversation with her. Villanelle (you’re so certain that’s not her real name) is fond of literature and tarot, though her real passion is herbalism. It isn’t surprising then that she owns a shop dedicated to homemade remedies. No matter what people may think of her, it is undeniable that Villanelle has helped Blackburn without an ounce of hesitation. Somehow, out of all the people you have ever met, it is the least surprising for Villanelle to be a witch.

Villanelle DuPont, despite what her name might hint at, is actually of Asian descent. A short woman with playful dark brown eyes, her hair is cut short at her shoulders and dyed in an electric green color. You know she’s a couple years older than you, 24. Villanelle is all over the place all the time, but she has always had good intentions. Her style can not be described simply, eclectic at times, bohemian, perhaps. Villanelle adores makeup, preferring thick eyeliner and bright lipstick shades.

VICTOR, GREED (male, he/him, istj)
“Cold” and “detached”, those are the two words you would use to describe Victor. Ever since you met him he has barely spared you the time of the day. His objectives are selfish, however, not unclear. Everything he’s doing he’s doing it for his sister, whom you know mysteriously disappeared years ago. Victor has completely devoted his life to being a Demon Hunter, and when you look at him you can see in his hardened stare that he has completely embraced such a position. You don’t think you have ever seen him smile. His words are often harsh and his methods, methodical and calculated. Nevertheless, you wonder whether his standoffish nature stems from the need to keep people away, for whatever reason. Getting to know him doesn’t seem like it’ll be easy.

An undeniably attractive man despite his unwelcoming attitude, his brown eyes are dark and icy, and his hair is jet black. His skin is golden, and a dark beard adorns his features. Victor is tall, and his build is athletic. He has mentioned being in his late twenties, 27. The clothes Victor wears have one thing in common: their practicality. Often baggy and loose, they help conceal the many weapons you know for a fact that he carries with himself everywhere.

ALIYAH, SLOTH (female, she/her, entj)
You never thought you would meet a genie, and then Aliyah came along, and, as she often does, she crushed all your expectations. Unlike their usual image in media, this genie is not mischievous and friendly, and the way she looks at you reveals a deep-rooted hatred towards you and your entire species . Despite her disdain, she somehow made a pact with your sister Chrissy. Aliyah never hesitates to point out when she thinks you’re in the wrong, often in a mean-spirited, berating manner. One thing she does share with genies in TV shows and movies (a fact that seems almost charming when you think about it) comes in the form of many references to popular culture which she conceals in her jibes.

Aliyah is taller than the average woman, and she always carries herself with dignity, with an air of superiority. She is of Arab descent. Her hair is long, curly, and a shade of dark brown copper. Her eyes are deep and cunning, a shade of brown so dark they almost seem black. She seems to be around your age, but she is probably the oldest out of everyone in your group. Despite her God complex and constant snark, Aliyah doesn’t seem like she is used to being in control; if the shackles around her wrists are anything to go by.

NATHAN, PRIDE (male, he/him, entp)
When you picture an angel, a man like Nathan would be the last thing to come to mind, which shouldn’t be surprising given his claims of being a “younger breed”. When he calls himself young he never says it like it’s a good thing: Angels such as Nathan are weaker to the Corruption, an erosion of the soul which, in him, manifests through a second personality he calls Azriel. Despite his odds, Nathan seems like a fairly charming person, often cracking jokes and pushing your and everyone’s buttons. He has no filter whatsoever. Perhaps his cheerful disposition only proves his true colors to be even stranger (quiet, disdainful, almost apathetic), but maybe that’s just Azriel’s influence on him.

Nathan’s eyes are blue like the clear sky, and they light up whenever he rants about his interests (the number of times you’ve heard him ramble…). His hair is cut short, neat, and blond. He seems to be in his mid-twenties but you know he is far older than that. There is nothing angelic about the way Nathan dresses. Many piercings decorate his ears, tattoos adorn his arms, legs, and chest, and he seems to enjoy darker clothes.

EDEN, DECEIT (genderfluid, she/he, istp)
She appeared in your dreams, attacked you, ignored your reaction, and decided to stick around. To call Eden one of the weirdest people you have ever met isn’t even surprising, and things only seem to become stranger the more you spend around him. Eden claims to be a human. Nonetheless, he has admitted to being the descendant of the most powerful man (or, rather, wizard) who has ever lived, King Solomon. Because of this, Eden has spent her entire life hiding from a greater evil. Thus, her personality is rather closed off, not because she’s shy or rude, but because she hasn’t had any experience in social environments.

Eden Cohen’s skin is a shade of mocha, and his eyes are an unnatural white (when you asked, he explained it was the sigil of the Solomon bloodline). Eden is of average height, and his hair is cropped short and bleached. In terms of clothes, he prefers practicality over style.

Trigger Warning(s)

Violence, Crude Humour, Strong Language, Sexually suggestive scenes, Gore, Body Horror, Depression…


Supernatural, Demons, Romance, YA, Surreal, LGBTQ+, Horror, Text-based, Dark, Mystery, Story Rich.

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It’s is interesting so far can’t wait to see how it will go


Interesting premise. Let’s see how it develops.