The Night Hunters: First Blood [Updated 10/1/21]

Well, I did, but an in game reference is best for these things because it’s better to have in game resources than to have to rely on others.

I’m pretty sure this will be a one time thing or a background detail which won’t matter much…

Sorry for the late response but my laptop had issues and I can’t type on my phone cause it has a really tiny keyboard. So bear with me.

First off, thanks for pointing out the errors, I will be fixing them.

Told ya, it has a little bit of Jurassic park in it. You hit the nail spot on. The Cat D’s do indeed look like a bigger but uglier version of Ankylosaurus.

The shopkeeper drops a few boxes. I forgot to add this. :woman_facepalming:

That’s spoiler territory.

This is a check of how intelligent you actually are. If you pay attention to what you read then you should be able to pass this.

Nope, I have never heard of this series before. Sounds intresting.


Oh, I figured out which signal is needed, I assumed the rest would be needed later.

Bit of a short one this time around.

What kind of shirt

What kind of shirt s this exactly?


Ah, so it’s THAT kind of anime.

Is xr. the proper address there? He’s talking to Iris, I think.

One thing I’ll note is that the love interests seem to be coming on a bit strong, given how we haven’t known each other for more than a day. For Allice (using female names) it makes sense but I’m not sure about the others.

It Do-Hyui or Do-Hyun? It alternates.

Another thing I’ve been wondering is: if we have cannons, planes, and those sorts of things, why is the army still using archery as the main form of ranged combat?

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That’s really great! I appreciate your concept. You give three options Male Female or non binary. And one thing more your grammar is not bad.

As someone who as witnessed many developers/writers losing a lot of progress (or their entire projects) to computer problems, I strongly suggest you backup your game asap to somewhere safe and portable. That said, I hope it’s nothing serious.


Corn cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it does.
It is. Do you like YouTube, I would suggest if you want to get into it, 40 K theories, majorkill, or Boldemort? Although, the spelling might be off for that, I seem to remember spelling it like three different ways, not getting it. They all have decent introductions.
Also, I know I said this before, but, yay, I like this game.
Makes happy gas mask noises

I just finished up the las bit of the demo, here’s my final bit of feedback until the next update.


I’m a gangly grown-ass adult.


This is the second time I’ve seen something referred to as a and b. What is this referring to? Is it a glitch or did I miss something?

coding issue

Think there’s a code issue here. Same screen as above, the page after you pick the love interest (final one at the time of writing).

One thing I thought was worth mentioning was that, as I mentioned, there was a soldier named Ymir earlier in the game. Is she important? I can’t seem to remember her being introduced, just that she showed up when I was arming the cannon to shoot the Ankylosaurus.

So I guess that’s it for the demo as of yet. It’s very good so far, I’m looking forward to the full game!

Whenever I here ankylosaurus, I think unkillasorus. Sauris

Could it be possible to have the MCs age in the case files on the stats screen?

I actually realized something very scary if anyone tries to do a revolution in the walls and there this f****** situation of monsters popping out of everywhere and maybe destroy walls this might be the extinction of humanity if someone tries I will admit this in horror I actually watched horror movies my whole life I watched a lot of bad ones but a lot of good ones too so I see this is a horror movie situation I view in that type of place in time any plans of backstabbing is the worst situation to be

You’re right. Rationally, you’d think any and all attempts at a civil war or revolution would be pretty stupid and suicidal, given the circumstances people are living in right now. That said, never underestimate humanity’s ability to make bad decisions at the worst of times.

That said, I can remotely understand why someone would want to instigate change in trying times. They could be unhappy with the way the higher ups are doing things (like corruption, inefficiency, extreme/unnecessary authoritarianism, etc.). Now, power struggles just because of blood feuds, vendettas or other petty stuff, that’s what would worry me.


Humans are Dum Dums we’re not perfect :smile:

Dum Dum Give me Gum Gum

Sorry couldn’t help myself


Hehe that was funny and loved that movie and yeah half to agree those that want to do bad things to the defenders just because for want of power and control can do great harm to humanity.p


Yeah, are we talking like, the Attack on Titan revolution or is it like “this noble family has an old claim to the throne that was passed over for another heir, and they want the throne now”? This is a very important distinction.