The Night Hunters: First Blood [Updated 10/1/21]

Wow, thank you for the update and your hard work! I really appreciate it. Now off I go to assume the role of our lovely protagonist! :wink:

Edit: How old was Major T when the protagonist was born? Also, how old is our character? Are we 23 years old? It’s just I thought that I read that T held us when we were 7 days old and they were 7 years old. And in the RO description Major T is 33 years old, which makes them 10 years old when we were born. Am I misunderstanding something?

Ok, so I am super excited about this WIP! The instances of super modern, informal language that pop up can be a little jarring and immersion-breaking, but otherwise I really do love what you have so far, especially all the world building and lore. I can’t wait to see more of the characters and if that mess of a trial is gonna be brought up again given the tension between the nobility and the military that keeps getting brought up. :grin:

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Waiiittt I had an awesome ideaa, since this has a heavily romance plot thing, can u make the ROs have a tendency to like fight over the MC like when a relationship stats between 2 ROs tied up, it will trigger a moment or like suggesting some dialogues and stuff ahaha I don’t know its just a suggestion~


Their world is in peril with enemies surrounding them. I am pretty sure that if I add this factor, then it has the tendency to spoil the relationship between team members. That and I think that Love triangles are cruel. But I will think over it, cause its a good idea.


Our MC is 24 years old and Major T is 34. I forgot to change the age in the Pov.


I get where you’re coming from but I feel that could easily detract from a lot of the other equally interesting stuff that the author already seems to be setting up. Not to mention with the number of ROs and gender variations the coding to make it happen would likely be hell.


I agree with you on your sentiment about love triangles being cruel.

They may work for some books, but in my personal opinion, the relationships between the individual RO’s aren’t strong enough for the triangle to really work that well here. Unless you want to boil over into a full-blown brawl anyway.


But love triangles and polyamory isn’t exactly the same, so lol there can be a poly route without having the full on brawls or messy and cranky relationships between the involved ROs :roll_eyes::smirk_cat::kissing_cat:


I don’t believe in polyamory, so I am not sure it will come out good if I put it in. :sweat_smile:

But it’s pretty polly till Chapter 7, where you get to pick your RO for the rest of the series.


I love the lore and the story pacing so far and all the characters are so freakin’ interesting <3 all the characters we’ve been introduced to. I am definitely enjoying exploring this world in your writing. My only issue is sometimes with the personality and tone of the MC, it seems sort of set despite what options we pick especially regarding a shy or stoic character type. And even though in that one scene I picked introverted didn’t want to go to party he was still depicted as jovial and very centered in the group. It doesn’t effect my enjoyment of the demo, I still am loving it.

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Hmm…see here. Think like a military cadet, even if you are introverted, in a formal party of generals and officials. You see a group of people, you have spent 3 years with in a grueling training regime, then you are bound to be jovial about it. Think like a soldier pal. :thinking:


You may go in as a introvert but you dont stay one lol. The people you go in to bt with become almost a part of you.


Since this wip is partially inspired by aot i kinda hope we get a levi type character


Write what you want to and feel most comfortable writing.


Okay, if you want Aot references…Asher is based on Levi. In the coming update, you will see a little bit of all AOT inspired characters in there, along with Jurassic Park and of course Pacific Rim. Try to figure it out, because if I tell you, it will lead to spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Although there are a few personal inspirational touches mind you.

That’s right. It’s human nature and it doesn’t matter if you are stoic/ shy/ or evil :smiling_imp:, the military life changes you for the better. It beats morals and values into you, along with a comradery that you won’t find anywhere else. You try sleeping, eating, killing, bathing, running, crawling, breathing in the same room with the same people for a week and not get attached to any of them. Like some very wise people have said before;

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Eh lol you do you…
I’m a polygamist and I’m happily married to two people :smile_cat::smirk_cat::kissing_cat:


True @Varyn_Ashyver ya gotta stay on your main idea…

Lol that’s like a slogan or the tagline by now…
:smirk_cat::roll_eyes: :crazy_face:


I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem and already mentioned it, but when I am in the stats page and looking all the different lore links I keep running into an issue with “The Geography of Sienna” link. Whenever I try to access it, it fails to load, I get a pop up window that say “too much recursion”, and the whole tab needs to be refreshed to unfreeze the page. All the other links off the stats page work fine.

A lot of people have mentioned it before, Its actually the map image. It takes a long time to load. I’ll be fixing that along with a new map in the next update.


The update was great !

We could finally meet the RO(s) & learn about our new base.

I’m wondering when the big revelation will happen… If it continues everyone but our MC will know :laughing:

I know it still the beginning so I’m waiting to see how all will connect ~ .