The Nascent Necromancer (WIP)

Sam Young has begun work on a new game The Nascent Necromancer.

Please send all feedback to Sam at
Sam is also taking notes on feedback in reply to this thread, so feel free to comment here with feedback.

Sorcery is forbidden and punishable by death. These punishments are summarily handed out by the Witch Hunters, a powerful organization of inquisitors. When a group of corrupt witch hunters comes to your village, accusing your brother of sorcery and wrongly accusing you of abetting him, your life takes a violent and abrupt change for the worse. When you’ve suffered more than you can bear, and endured unspeakable tragedy, perhaps your only option left is to become the very thing that your enemies fear and despise so much.

The Nascent Necromancer is a thrilling, 236,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Samuel Young, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary. Romance males, females, both, or no one at all.

  • Romance the cold, aloof Tozi; the sarcastic, charismatic Tanno; the shy, sweet Kenda; the kind, easygoing Meylor; or even the idealistic witch hunter, Lonnie.

  • Embark on a perilous journey, facing witch hunters, trolls, and goblins, and even suspicion in your own ranks as you seek to gain the terrible power that will bring you revenge on your persecutors.

  • Choose between three kinds of spells; mental, physical, or conjuration. Cast torture spells; summon flying, undead hands; enchant your enemies, and much more.

  • Read approximately 105,000 words per play-through!

The link: The Nascent Necromancer (



I just played the demo and it was great cant wait to play more.

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Oh my God, it’s back! I was wondering what happened to this wip.


I thought this project had been abandoned. I wonder what changed from the previous version.


the story is good, however it seems way to easy to romance all the companions lol. Other than that it seems pretty good.




Sounds interesting

Can you make it so we can kill someone that we don’t want to romance?


How? I thought that the original creator was banned for having sock puppet accounts?


Is there a reason why Yosif kisses you on the lips? the whole thing confuses me because I did not see it coming.

Plus it never gets brought up after by the MC or someone else and I feel like that would definitely come up at some point right because blood or not he’s still our brother.

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Hell yeah! The legend returns! Can’t wait to kill everyone in the most painful way possible again


I’m confused… Shouldn’t this be in the adult section?

EDIT: Now that I’ve played through, some commentary as well. I… really, really, really did not like the ending. At all. Why am I forced to kill nearly everyone except the one person I was trying to kill?Seemingly without any remorse at all? Maybe I need to take a look at the code… perhaps there’s some variable trigger in there, and it was not at all clear what it would do. EDIT 2: Went through the code. Nope. No hidden choices, no variables, no branching paths. Just magically become a cold blooded murderer as soon as I’m a necromancer. If that’s a thing for some reason, that seems like the curse far more than any of the actual curses.


So happy this is still in the works.

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I’m not saying the game is bad or anything (I was enjoying the hell out of it), but I really can’t seem to want to play anymore after it forced me to kill the man I was romancing. I feel terrible for what the game made me do and it seemed like it gave me no option out of it. It doesn’t even make sense for my character to do it given my MC was being nothing but kind.


It took me a minute, but I had an absolute lightbulb moment as I remembered this guy. Interesting to see that he’s coming back.

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How the hell do I sacrifice Lonnie? because I’m fine with her dying plus it’s getting a bit annoying that the game will only let me pick Meylor or Tanno to sacrifice.


I second this

You need a high enough affection with the one you want to sacrifice, and MAYBE (haven’t tested) pick the high affection options when they show up.

@AkaneTheAssassin @geldar
Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I don’t who this game is for, but it isn’t for me.

Note to the author: you have a LOT of “effects” there that should be “affects”.


I think you’re right because I just looked at the relationships stats and Meylor and Tanno are the highest ones for me.

Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about the game either like to be honest, I’m having fun playing it and I really love some of the characters but the game just makes me gives me Rent-a-Vice vibes and what I mean by that is every few minutes I’m thinking wtf is going on!.

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Note that it only has to be highest when you make the selection; doesn’t matter whose is highest when it actually occurs.

@JBento Personally I actually liked the game until around Chapter 13, when it took a totally different direction, going from suspenseful romance drama to a failed attempt at a cathartic power fantasy.