The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



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Though technically we’re not the same person anymore: we’re a literal blank slate.

We might look like Flash, but any significance they had with the others didn’t carry over into the MC’s memories.

So therefore we have no guilt attached to this strange man who has a propensity for crashing through roofs and fighting giant monsters, Right?

Wait, is that in the codex, or is this simply Word Of God?

Because @xXOtakuKonekoXx 's headcanon sounded legit if you asked me.

I think you did a nice job balancing the paths out so far. I’m thinking ahead to how you are going to balance out the paths once we meet Lady Calinas or Radjack & co. once again and how they’ll react. Ooo that would be a juicy part of the story for sure. :heart_eyes:

Edit: I’m now convinced Moreau is part bot in order to like this post the moment it goes up. That’s my headcanon.


Right. 100% right. Don’t even think about it.

It was. They stipulated that they chose he in the ‘I wish he was here’ choice, and that means that Radjack was Flash’s lover. The part that was corrected was when @stsword said that Navi was the female lover option, when in fact it was Momo.

So that was legit headcanon.

Is this to be an empathy test @RagEgnite? Capillary dilation of the so-called blush response? Fluctuation of the pupil? Involuntary dilation of the iris?


So… a normal Tuesday, then?

Minus the whole dying and having your body bits turned into the base for a Myrmidon part of the day.


I swear every time I see you type Flash in this my brain starts singing
Flash a-ah
Savior of the universe


That’s really more of a weekend activity for me…

That’s actually where the name came from. I named the original MC Flash because that’s a character I play videogames and CoGs with. I first did it with the Mass Effect series and would play that song over whatever music was playing for the space battles.


Personally when I think of space battles or just some epic sci-fi battle in general, I like to think of Symphony No. 9, particularly with the way Asura’s Wrath portrays it.


Another fun fact for you, Asura’s Wrath serves as the original inspiration for Vitruvian.


I always have trouble trying to think out the functionality for a six armed man biologically speaking that has to be a serious nightmare for the body.
Does some or any of this universe have biological issues or
That one physics issue about size vrs strength of the entity
(As some gets larger the less likely it can lift its own weight, the reason we can’t have insects to size of people)


The square-cube law I believe.

Asura is some kind of half-magic half-cyborg physical god, though. Physics doesn’t really apply to him. Or anything in the game, really.


@Sneaks is right, the law you’re referring to is the Square Cube Law, a fundamental facet of physics that does prevent life from growing too titanic (sadly). Regarding the six arms however the problem wouldn’t lie with the size of the limbs but the bones being placed to slot them into. Asura would probably need at least three collarbones, or some sort of horrifying multi-bulbed unit built into the base of his neck.

His skeleton would look like a bunch of surge-protectors being plugged into each other…

If you’re asking whether any animals in this story have glaring biological problems, well basically yes they do.

The King Toise and Great Cervid need lots of help maintaining their size. The Cervid needs several hearts to keep blood pressure up, and the Toise has both structural problems and food problems.

See they live for hundreds of years and require a lot of energy to grow to their full size, meaning that if they worked like regular animals work they’d starve to death in adolescence.

To get around the scarcity of traditional food, King Toises have shells that act as biological solar collectors, essentially making them photosynthetic after a fashion. Toises live for hundreds of years and can spend entire decades sleeping, letting heat from the sun be converted into glucose in order to fuel their biological processes.


It works fine if you’re not, technically speaking, made of flesh.


How does the cervid stand without its legs snapping like dry twigs? I can’t even imagine how something as massive as a king toise can so much as move under its own weight.


I first played that game a good while ago when the threat was locked and I couldn’t comment on its amazing writing, superb worldbuilding and fascinating and compelling characters, so now that we can comment again, I feel the need to do it now!
I’ve played through the Rebels path a few times, (Ah, Radjack, his enchanting blue eyes and his sweet, angst-filled concern for Flash…) and it’s your teaser scene compilation thing that convinced me to give up those friendly rebels for the Noble path, at least for one playthrough. And wow. I’m definitely not disappointed, it’s wonderful! I’m a little in love with Ser Farah and how she laughs. A little. (A lot, actually.)
Anyway, thank you for sharing your writing with us, it’s really brilliant!


See now I’ve gotta ask if there’s even been someone who just sorta stumbled upon a sleeping King Toise and got the scare of their life before they realized that they just lucked out more than they’ll probably ever luck out again in their life.


Good question. Essentially the Cervid’s bones are designed to be incredibly strong for what they are, to the point where they outclass steel for strength and weight. People will often design luxury weapons or other machines out of Cervid bone or horn as it is often stronger and lighter than it could otherwise be.

As to the King Toise, it mostly persists by lightening itself as a byproduct of its pseudo-photosynthesis. It manages to convert sunlight into hydrogen by essentially utilising a biological electrolyzer that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is passed to the lungs and the hydrogen is stored in bladders all over the body, effectively reducing the weight of the animal overall and crucially supporting those vital points most at strain.

Coincidentally this technically makes the King Toise an explosive.

King Toises spend most of their lives in hibernation, allowing their in-built solar array to maintain their mass and otherwise keep them alive. They wake up periodically to start eating in the traditional way in order to increase their size.

The buildup of hydrogen dictates these cycles. When Toises start to feel physically heavy, they know to begin their hibernation cycle, where their hydrogen bladders can be slowly refilled and inflated over the course of the next few years or even decades.

Gawrsh… Thank you.

I like all of them too. I’ll be sure to get a bit more together for you soon.


It does periodically happen, yes. When hibernating Toises prefer to dig the bottom of their bodies into the ground, essentially hiding any distinguishing features that separate them from the surrounding area. So people can blunder onto them without really knowing why.

I mentioned earlier the name Zaratan the Emperor, a semi-mythical King Toise that nested in the Eastern Territories some 3000 years ago. This beast was supposedly so large that it was mistaken for a large hill, and a large population of itinerants settled on and around the hill. After some 50 years a flourishing city had sprung up that was establishing trade routes all over the Rings, and was fast becoming a regional power all on its own.

Then Zaratan woke up.

The King’s Mansion suddenly bucked violently and the entire hill it was situated upon violently lurched, killing the entire Royal Family in a thankfully brief but undeniably messy fashion.

The enraged Toise tore the entire city apart, sweeping entire districts aside with its enormous limbs.

The legend states that he spewed flames right down the market street and immolated the entire residential district. The survivors evacuated the city and watched from afar as Zaratan began eating the remains of the city.

The monster’s location was lost shortly after that, and it is said that he still exists as one of the innumerable rocky mountains and hills of the East.


Maybe throwing a molotov at it wasn’t such a good idea…


Might not be a good idea but it’ll certainly be a blast :smiley:


Or it might be just a quick flash in the night. :fireworks:


Everything I hear about a King Toise makes me wish they weren’t so angry all the time so I could befriend one.

That and they sound more and more like the kinda animals any Post-Fall pseudo-first-era rock band would name themselves after if they even existed.