The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



Greatest line ever
Edit: the universe was a happy place all was well…Then Zaratan woke up.

And then we were gone in a Flash

Muad’Dib Muad’Dib Muad’Dib


Certainly would’ve helped me cut the length of the game down…

Maybe if you got one when it was a baby?

That may be how I have to end the game now.


Hi, I am quite ashamed to say I only got to see this masterpiece in the making last night as my first look-see! (I made up for lost time and stayed up until 3am going through it and almost fell asleep in my theory class today, but I digress)



throws kiddy tantrum

In all honesty, I love the mind disconnect, and am eagerly anticipating the repercussions of the rebel group finding out that Flash isn’t Flash- or does this new person believe they are?

Which is something that I think will be interesting to tackle. Can MC believe they are truly a new person who is just a physical copy in image, or will they choose to believe they are Flash, but just without their memories?

And what will the gang think and which one will they believe when all becomes clear?

So far, I keep leaning to rebels because I’m a sucker for predetermined backstory and relationships (I guess because predetermined relationships means less awkward flirting and more cute friendly fluffy stuff, which I prefer), and both Jack and Momo are adorable!

And again, psycho-analysis- are they with Flash, or are they with someone who merely looks like them, and, if so, are they disrespecting Flash’s memory? And, then, is Flash ‘dead’? And is it unfair for them to expect this new person to suddenly be everything Flash was? Will they even think of that?

And so on, which is getting more convoluted and exciting! ^^

So, aaahh, lots of screaming and general anticipation and loving it!

Also, loving the racial choices. We have so much ranting about equality on CoG, yet so little implementation for race, which really saddens me. Thank you for including this option. :slight_smile:

Your writing is also really lovely. ^^ Thank you so much for this epic WIP, and I’m sorry for taking so long in getting to it. Bookmarked! XD


Is Radjack inspired from someone or something? He reminds me of a character I know, not sure if it’s appearance wise, or personality wise, or maybe a combination of both.


I’m fully intending that my improved flash will be just as unconcerned with clothing as the nickname implies ;D


Yes. I wholeheartedly approve of this plan.

Now I need a name…

Also question cause the mention has me curious: how big is a baby King Toise?


Fresh out of the egg about 20ft lengthways and 15ft wide.

Also if we’re suggesting names, I vote for Aristurtle.


Whew, dang. Good thing I work with large horses. I have a feeling the dodging getting stepped on experience will come in handy.

Also I don’t think I need any other suggestions. Aristurtle is genius.


yes this is a good idea it cant go wrong, i wanna try it
only the part that it cant go wrong is sarcasm i really do want one.

Solution to aid in its feeding setup sunlamps at night.


I listen to too much R&B and associative memory is weird but anyway! Here’s wht I was listening to while I played this for the first time after the thread was reopened and it’s always reminded me of Flash abandoning the rebels @ the Mansion.
O.K, well, abandoning their lover more like but, whatever :~)
Daniel Caesar, We Find Love


I suggest Turt Reynolds


Definitely seems like it’ll happen with a chameleon myrmidon.

I hope it’s a possibility with other models.

“What did you learn from leaving the room without pants?”

“To calculate the probability of the the ambient temperature being sufficient to avoid physical discomfort first.”

“……That’s a good point but no!”


I absolve you, my child. Go forth and sin at a level appropriate to your situation.

Oh my… You’re very welcome.

I shall be sure to procure you some. In the meantime there is the Codex to pore through as well as the teaser scene compilation, which might give you a little fix in the meantime.

…I’d best put a rush on that.

True, the Rebels are almost mathematically designed to be adorable. Honestly its a little scary sometimes…

Thank you so much for mentioning it! I’ve tried hard to add lots of options for character creation that allow you to really feel who your character is. I’ve always been a little worried about getting it right so to speak, so to my mind it isn’t quite perfect yet (I’m still toying with adding more options for choosing one’s own skin for example) but I’m doing my darndest.

You are of course very welcome. If you have any questions or suggestions for the text I’d be very happy to hear them!

I don’t know that there is a direct inspiration for Radjack that comes from any one place, but there are a handful of fairly strong influences.

While he doesn’t bear any relation to the character (thankfully) the physical identity of Radjack comes from Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. A sort of blue-collar swagger on the surface that gives way to a more sensitive soul underneath.

The image I (and most) associate with Radjack is this one:

Smiling cockily while oblivious to the dirt and grime around him.

I also took a lot of inspiration from Indiana Jones (and indeed many other Harrison Ford roles from his youth. Mostly because Harrison Ford used to take a punch like nobody else in Hollywood.

See in this scene, when Ford gets attacked, he doesn’t do the traditional Hollywood thing. When he gets tossed into a windshield he doesn’t stoically shake it off, the only indicator of pain being a thin trickle of mouth blood.

Ford screws up his face like he’s not sure if the world just ended.

He’s scared, vulnerable, scrabbling for time he doesn’t have.

That half-cocked improvisational approach can be seen in other films that Ford does, Star Wars and Indiana Jones are the best examples. Indy rolls from one fight scene to the next constantly improvising, his body language not signalling bravado or stoic confident but fear and adrenaline.

Radjack is a constant improviser, one acutely aware of his own shortcomings. He has a pathological disdain for ‘fair’ fights and is only concerned with winning or escaping if the situation demonstrated that victory is impossible.

He’s not a coward, he just understands street fighting better than his opponent. There’s no point in dying for your cause. Radjack believes that the whole point of fighting is to make the other bugger die for his cause.

So I suppose you could say that his two principle influences are Brando and Ford.

Although his ‘Burned Man’ persona comes from Sam Raimi’s Darkman if that’s any help.

Aren’t you all glad I put that little canon-nugget in there?


See, with a guy like Radjack there, you wouldn’t want him mad. Much less at you!
We’re going to die young if we try to date his beloved sister now arent we? :sob:


Welp. No wonder Radjack’s my favorite. His influences are two of my favorite actors. Nobody else even stood a chance…

This does make me curious, though, about the influences behind other characters. Would you be willing to disclose that information?


I would like to state that Radjack has never actually killed anyone.

Admittedly this particular hypothesis hasn’t been tested too hard because Navi has not introduced any potential paramours to the group at large (if indeed there have been any of note).

Yeah I’m not too sure how far I would’ve gotten if Radjack had been based on John Lithgow and Steve Buscemi.

Well Mr Gray is probably most based on Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service depending on the level of action in the scene. Mr Gray has impeccable manners and is known to the world as nothing more than a distastefully useful tool to have.

He carefully conceals his true self behind this facade, waiting for the precise moment to strike with the minimum amount of force necessary to complete his goals. He’s been taught to do things from the shadows, bide his time, and always keep his cool when others are watching.

When it finally becomes time to strike, his personality bifurcates, and he shifts from a silent manipulator to a gleeful and frenetic agitator, acting with such flamboyant aggression that nobody would be able to recognise him even close up.

Momo was at once point based on Audrey Hepburn, but of course there are some evolutionary leaps the character has made that mean she doesn’t necessarily fit that mould exactly anymore. A sort of small-figured girl dismissed as ‘cute’ or ‘innocent-looking’ that has to work just a little bit harder than anyone else to get respect.

Who else…

Arinthas reminds me of Rutger Hauer or possibly Malcolm McDowell. Two actors who convey a great deal of gravitas in a somewhat non-traditional way. Hauer’s turn as Roy Batty being the obvious inspiration for me, a sort of quiet smiling veneer of control masking the fervour of his beliefs. Arinthas is impeccably calm and even smiling even in the most dire of situations, and you know things have gone very wrong if that smile ever drops.

Someone suggested Gillian Anderson for Lady Calinas which actually seems to be dead on, although I can’t remember precisely who suggested that…

I’m sure I’ll think of more at some point…


Funny I imagine him more as one of my favourites, Matt Bomer. Though that may lean somewhat towards his chevalier side. Still his Neal Caffrey character was certainly an impeccable dresser.

The initial “cold war of wit and words” dialogues between us and Gray is going to so much fun! :grin:

Awww…poor Grey. Lord Flash of course doesn’t think of him as “distasteful”, quite the opposite actually and that is before he even has a clue about his sweet, sweet and super-sexy alter-ego.

Let’s not forget the (impossibly) tight trousers too!


Did you make that, because it`s really cool!


I was imagining someone else, but I suspected that “someone else” wasn’t the case here. Darn it, I seriously need to get over that game.


Hm. Maybe a potential mixed race option? Also, I think adding a hair texture option could really help differentiate backgrounds. But, again, thank you so much for the different racial backgrounds. It really irks me that we have so much fighting for equality, but little implementation of racial equality here. Thank you for including this option.

I am very, very glad for that ‘thankfully’ there. Otherwise, no more Radjack for me. And any potential sisters I may have. That script was brilliant, but dark, and I can appreciate an evil-ish character, but not romance them if they’re that sort of evil.