The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



Is it possible to marry Ser Farah?


Thank you, that’s an interesting idea. I’ll be sure to work it in for later updates.

I’m not really interested in ‘evil’ romances with anti-heroes or downright bastards. Romances that are doomed to fail don’t really fit with what I want for this story, so Radjack is very nearly the opposite of that kind of character. Irrepressibly optimistic and friendly to a fault.

Actually yes there is one ending that incorporates Ser Farah’s wedding, possibly two depending on a couple of factors. I’m still working on those endings.

Also speaking of weddings, sorry everyone for being out of touch but I had to travel to take part in a pagan wedding. Naturally I don’t know anything about that sort of thing so I I had to take some time to learn my part (although you’ll be pleased to know it all went off without a hitch).


Er… “Pagan” is a pretty broad catch all term encompassing all non-Christian religions that aren’t popular enough to earn acknowledgement from modern christian biased secular society isn’t it?


That was why it was difficult to really know what I was doing before it started happening. See I was with the Groom’s side of the wedding and he… he doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground. He’s super supportive of her wanting a religious ceremony, but doesn’t know the first thing about her faith, and he’s super disorganised so we had to learn about it from her side of the hall in the scant few minutes before the ceremony began.

Like he is so disorganised. Our invitation is literally still standing on his bedside table.

It had the instructions for what we needed to do…


:joy::joy::joy: Glad the wedding ceremony was a success. I’m guessing the only way to marry Ser Farrah is to somehow get rid of mother dearest.


One of your brothers, perchance?

I’m happy so long as Lord Flash can marry mr. Gray and the Prince in the end. :wink:



In this instance, no. Both still single in various states of mingling

I will be sure to go to obscene lengths describing the pomp and ceremony of the occasion, taking great pains to show Mr Gray’s biting commentary at all points of the day.


I didn’t find this WIP until last night but dang. I don’t think character creation has ever been so unsettling before. Or literal, for that matter.

One thing I noticed when you escape with Radjack (emphasis mine)

You tap Radjack on the shoulder and he turns around, unexpectedly seeing quite a bit more of you than he expected.

Minor redundancy, that.

Bookmarked and watched eagerly for more updates. The setup is interesting, and I am thoroughly charmed by Radjack and company. I wish you the best of luck; really looking forward to the rest of the story. ^^


Oooh , so intriguing but so short! Bookmarking this fo sho! I really loved the way character creation was done , loved the unique take on it.


I just remembered a small problem, maybe you should do something to prevent player from naming their character as Flash, in case it breaks immersion D:

Also tfw you want to write fic, but need more details I’m d y i n g


Thank you~ There aren’t many other romanceable males from our past life if we cancel out Radjack. Unless there’s a SUPER TOP SECRET character that @Moreau has hidden even from the codex. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!

But yeah… he just makes the most sense to me, and since we consider the look in his eyes [to be] haunting it just seems to add up.
How else would you look at your possibly former lover if they rejected your rescue, after you just fought a monsterous automaton just for the chance to rescue them?
And for what? Some toff that’s been keeping them prisoner for weeks on end? And has now robbed them of their memory? For reasons unknown?


I was struck by inspiration and did a thing. Because forget studying, right? :grin:

I used the name I gave my “Flash”. First dear, sweet ‘Flash’ on her re-birthday, then the two different paths currently available to her.

@Moreau, you like?


Sorry in all the rush I just plum forgot to reply to you!

Sadly I did not make this, I believe it was made by an American artist named Chris Ryniak:

See now I’m curious, which character are you referring to?

Thank you very much! One does what one can. Also thank you for picking out that redundancy, I’ll be sure to correct that in short order.

Also thank you, I’ll be sure to create a little more for you. In the meantime there is a collection of written scenes that will be (mostly) added into the game itself later, so you might well get a better idea of where the story is going there.

That’s true. I do want that, but I’m not quite competent enough to code that yet. As soon as I know how, I’ll implement it, because it is a little silly if you name your character Dash or Ash or things like that…

I have fan-art now, you may as well get started. I don’t know what extra details you need but the Codex grows more and more with each passing day.

No you were quite correct, your headcanon was entirely valid. Radjack is the person you were having a relationship with if you picked the ‘I wish he were here’ choice. The haunting look is directed at you for the very reasons you described.

The thing I was correcting earlier was quite simply that someone had gotten the female relationship incorrect. They thought it was Radjack’s sister Navi, when it was actually Momo.

I really do!

Look at that, I have fan-art now!

Made it, Ma! Top of the World!

I’m finally back home now, so hopefully this week I’ll be able to work on the next day of the Noble path, which is essentially a conversation with Mother leading to an extended dressup scene. Also should anyone want anything clarified or added to the codex or supporting documents, feel free to pitch an idea to me.


This game excites me a little too much:

QUESTION (that may or may not have been answered before, bleh):

If MC goes off on a path other than the Rebels, will they ever attempt to rescue them again?

I ask for roleplay reasons, still loving Momo and Radjack, but I don’t see some of my MCs doing the whole 'run after a ‘rando’ ’ thing. ^^ :slight_smile:


Oh, if you want I can help out with that a bit.

If you don’t want the character named Flash all you gotta do is essentially:

*if (name = "Flash")
	That’s not allowed
	*goto whateverthelabelwherewechooseournamesis

And if you also want to block Dash or Ash or anything else specific just repeat as so

*if (((name = "Flash") or (name = "Dash")) or (name = "Ash"))
	That’s not allowed
	*goto whateverthelabelwherewechooseournamesis


Well, for starters, how did Flash fall in love with their former lovers? Yes, both of them. I need details, down to the crumbly bits, but not that other bits. Anything that you can provide without spoiling the game. Anything, please.

More of character’s physical description if you can, since you removed the previous artwork and I’m dying because I realised I didn’t notice so many details. I even missed the previous part where it said Radjack has stubble, stubble! I’m dying of a serious case of being melodramatic over here.


I agree with @potouto. It would be cool to have a Codex entry on Flash, since they’re a predetermined character apart from their gender and appearance.

No. Once the paths diverge, that’s it.

Rudimentary testing indicates you can get away with something like this:
*temp name_length length(name)
*if (name_length >= 3) and (name_length <= 7)
    *if (name_length >= 5)
        *temp fifth_last name#(name_length -4)
        *temp fourth_last name#(name_length -3)
        *temp third_last name#(name_length -2)
        *temp next_last name#(name_length -1)
        *temp last name#name_length
        *if (fifth_last = "a") or (fifth_last = "A")
            *if (fourth_last = "s") or (fourth_last = "S")
                *if (third_last = "c") or (third_last = "C")
                    *if (next_last = "h") or (next_last = "H")
                        *if (last = "e") or (last = "E")
                            *temp last_letters "A, S, C, H, E"
                            *goto rhymes_with_ash
    *if (name_length >= 4)
        *temp fourth_last name#(name_length -3)
        *temp third_last name#(name_length -2)
        *temp next_last name#(name_length -1)
        *temp last name#name_length
        *if (fourth_last = "a") or (fourth_last = "A")
            *if (third_last = "s") or (third_last = "S")
                *if (next_last = "h") or (next_last = "H")
                    *if (last = "e") or (last = "E")
                        *temp last_letters "A, S, H, E"
                        *goto rhymes_with_ash
                *if (next_last = "c") or (next_last = "C")
                    *if (last = "h") or (last = "H")
                        *temp last_letters "A, S, C, H"
                        *goto rhymes_with_ash
    *temp third_last name#(name_length -2)
    *temp next_last name#(name_length -1)
    *temp last name#name_length
    *if (third_last = "a") or (third_last = "A")
        *if (next_last = "s") or (next_last = "S")
            *if (last = "h") or (last = "H")
                *temp last_letters "A, S, H"
                *goto rhymes_with_ash

*goto some_other_label

*label rhymes_with_ash
You've chosen a name with the last letters "${last_letters}." It's likely this will rhyme with "ash" and similar words (bash, crash, dash, flash, etc.,) which is undesirable. Please choose a new name whose last letters won't cause similar rhyming, even by accident.
*goto choosing_name

*label some_other_label
*comment Congratulations, your name should not rhyme with "ash."

It should test for names between 3 and 7 letters long (inclusive) ending in “asche”, “asch”, “ashe”, or “ash.” It currently does not test for “ache”, so “cache” will slip by, but I’m fairly confident there are enough “ache” pronunciations that don’t rhyme with “ash” (or, by extension, Flash) adding it won’t be worth it.

If it actually works as well as my testing indicates, feel free to use as much or as little of it as you like—I’m certain it’s possible to simplify this to something more elegant. Also, I don’t actually know the name of the label you used at the scene of choosing the MC’s name. It’s probably not “choosing_name”, so you’ll have to change that.


Well I was toying around and am still vacillating with Ashley for Lord Flash on the other hand I also quite like your preset of Tychon particularly now that I know what is behind that name.
Still if I go with Ashley the Chevalier and others given to nicknames could easily call him “Ash”.

Now I’ve got to know is the Chevalier into giving people nicknames?

Of course in my own mind they’ll always remain Lord Flash, Mage Flash and Rebel Flash even if they think differently of themselves. :wink:

Yay! Hopefully I’ll finally be able to give Lord Flash some actual style and nice boots and that jewelry we talked about…

Isn’t that at least in part left up to our own imagination?
Though many of us like to use young Brando for Radjack’s physical appearance and I of course like to use White Collar’s Matt Bomer for mr. Gray.
Lastly I use young Arnold with a grey/metallic face to imagine Vitruvian.
Prince Etienne I’ll probably “cast” after he’s been officially introduced in the game. For the women I tend to go along with the suggestions of other forum members, unless I have really strong feelings to the contrary.


And this is why I’m glad my character is predisposed towards going with Jack (“This guy crashed through the ceiling and showed me his disguised face. Even if he doesn’t know me, I’ve gotta see his endgame.”) Not that finding out you were just barely too late and your girlfriend is effectively dead is going to be a happy reveal, but at least betrayal isn’t added to the mix.

Probably the best idea I’ll hear all day.