The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



Okay, after reading the codex’s new entries now I really wanna know (though I kinda have a thought/theory but we’ll see if I’m right or if there’s some kinda curveball thrown in here that I didn’t account for):

Who would win in a fight: A single King Toise or a tribe of Cataphracts?

My money is on the King Toise.
Though I wonder, considering how the MC was able to ‘hypnotize’ the King Toise in the demo, if maybe it’d be more susceptible to The Dread? Granted, two very different methods of hypnotization but it does show that it is possible to put a King Toise into such a state.


A Fluorescent color needs to be added then.


There’s nothing natural about blue skin anyway so uh…


There are entire communities of people in the Appalachian Mountains that have blue tinted skin… due to generations of inbreeding, but blue skin isn’t that “unnatural”.


yep your right in this universe they had gene moding at some point so its…

Completely Natural


You can’t just say that shit and not source it.

I wanna see blue people


Does this count?


It’s a disease that causes it, methemoglobinemia
One of its effects does stuff to the oxidation I think thus making for tinted blue skin or something.

Edit: coincidentally blue skin in this game associates with the ability to hold you breath longer I think…


you just need a lot of inbreeding.


Well the average King Toise being nearly 200 metres long on average (expanding to more than 300 if you count the semi-mythical Zaratan the Emperor) I would say still the Toise. The Dread would probably be more of an irritation than anything else. Cataphracts have to be relatively close by to use that particular ability, and furthermore would need to position themselves on either side of the Toise’s head to even be seen (the Toise’s eyes are mounted on the side of the head as with other examples of its genus)

This more or less places the Cataphracts within nudging distance of the Toise’s colossal forelimbs.


An idea I am toying with if I can come up with a sufficiently correct sounding pseudo-scientific explanation.

To be fair, that particular paint job explains that it is holdover from prior experiments in genetic engineering, but I take your point.

Also this.


Yep, all of the “humans” in the story are homo-aedifex and have a lot more genetic diversity due to the prevalence of pre-fall genemods. In additon those pre-fall mods have been meeting natural selection again for millennia within the confines of the Rings that aren’t exactly a normal planetary environment causing even natural selection to select differently then it might have done here on Earth.


S’true. Hard to have a normal upbringing when you figure out what month it is by seeing how far away the Sun looks.


Re-read this yet again, fell in love again, but took a look at what was new in the ‘Noble’ route.

The look in his eyes is haunting.
That made it a little difficult. I’m sorry, man! I’m curious to see what new stuff has been added! Sue me!


Honestly, I think I cried a bit there.


I felt that in my soul. Part of me, because of the descriptions, believes that the ‘he’ mentioned in our delirium (should we so wish ‘he’ were here) is Radjack and that just makes this so much more heartbreaking.

He came in here to rescue us, but I chose a gilded cage over the man who (I’m assuming) I was in a relationship with at one point!


Oh my, this project lives :heartbeat:


I believe you are right, his sister was Flash’s love if you choose to think about a her.

And since the codex reveals that Radjack is quite protective of his sister, Flash probably had a close relationship with him too.


No, that isn’t right :~) If Flash chooses to be in a relationship with a girl, Momo is your girlfriend, not Navi (Jack’s sister). Navi is a romance option though!


Yes, Jack does know how to tug at the heartstrings, doesn’t he. Which would have worked if we were actually still the Flash he knew. But to Lord Flash Jack is just a party-crashing stranger who offers him something most uncertain. Again since the noble path is not an entirely unselfish one to get on it you have to choose the one offer that offers you something definite over the two more uncertain ones, wealth over friendship and knowledge in case of the noble path.

Still that’s why having us be a blank-slate Myrmidon at the start is bloody brilliant as real Flash of course wouldn’t have been able to turn down his friends.
Additionally on the noble path for those who choose to believe it Calinas motherly facade helps too.

Lastly on the gay front the noble path does have mr. Gray and the Prince who are just as cute as Jack in their own ways.


Oh I’m sure everyone is fine really, you just betrayed your closest friend and possible lover in the most explicit terms possible.

While I am of course sorry for provoking tears, I am also not as sorry as I ought to be.

A sort of terrible unlife, yes. Through an arcane ritual and he liberal application of some glowing green liquid courtesy of some Dr West felllow I have successfully re-animated it.

Beat me to it, nicely done.

He doooo…

Giving just enough reason to select any of the three paths was a pretty difficult balancing act (one that is still ongoing) so I’m glad the effort is coming across.

Very glad that one worked out as well.

One does what one can…