The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



I find myself hoping more and more that the paths you can choose aren’t too harshly separated. Like, just because you chose to stay with the person who seems the most trustworthy in your blank slate state you don’t have to side with her 100% and just because you don’t side with her 100% you don’t have to abandon all connection to her the moment you realize she isn’t as nice as she at first seemed. I mean, I feel like once I learn more about the world I’d probably end up sympathizing more with the rebels, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t care about the person who I first developed an emotional connection with. Emotions aren’t entirely logical.


I like sexy blue skin. At least the pleasant sky blue version. So yes blue skinned space hunks for me. :heart_eyes:

I also prefer the yellow/gold eyes. If any of the rebs knew of the old James Bond films Flash’s nickname might not have been Flash but “golden eyes” instead in my version of the story.

Of course that relationship only matters on the rebel path. Still on the Rebel path I may go for a Flash that went into that forge bi and a Myrmidon who came out super gay. So Imagine that’ll be all sorts of awkward for everyone on the rebel path.
I do love me some good angst. :smiling_imp:

Of course it is quite possible she needn’t have gone to all the trouble if she had been aware of the Myrmidon who was living right under her nose this whole time, eh?
Although that one may be even more impossible to control then our own mc, considering the antics he already gets up to.
Still some Myrmidons remain in good working order [spoiler] like mr. Gray [spoiler] and Vitruvian seems to have managed to find ways to take care of himself and/or ally himself with the few people who can over the millennia.

This was asked and answered a long time ago I believe but that initial choice does lock you into a given path, so I guess the stories are pretty much separated from there on out.
Still I’d like a Radjack cameo when possibly accompanying the chevalier on their nightly escapes later on, and vice versa on the rebel path.


I like the blue genemod the best outta the three. I usually pick that or light skin with freckles.

I figured as much. I can imagine starting a relationship with the person who the pre-forge individual was with will be interesting to say the least.


It would make sense for their to be cameos, Mr technowizard still wants the PC’s help, Mommy dearest would want to save face and would probably think she can convince the MC to cooperate, and the rebels include Flash’s lover, it wouldn’t really make sense that they’d just give up after one failed try.


Your character can interpret their position in a variety of different ways, boredom may well be one of those ways.

I’ll see what I can do.

Unfortunately those first crucial choices do in fact lock you onto a set path that deviates quite a bit from the others. I’m of the opinion that actions have consequences, and I’m also of the opinion that those actions are often taken without your knowledge or consent.

The choice of who to move towards is fairly small in the grand scheme of things. You’re scared, confused and being pulled in a variety of directions while being bombarded with entirely too much sensory data.

It isn’t fair that a moment like that gets to determine your future, but that’s how moments like that work, isn’t it?

I’m basically picturing Nightcrawler if he was played by Ben Browder.

With fantastic hair…

“I got great eyes. They’re better than 20/20 and they’re gold.”

So glad I put that choice in.

You infer! I offer no comment!

I like the blue skin, I feel it would be calming in heated political discourses.

Sooooo angsty…

How about we see what we see…


Good call a slightly younger Browder (say his Farscape times) would match the adorkableness I hope to give most of my incarnations of Flash, but particularly Lord Flash.
The impressive physique too of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which means it would suit Lord Flash the most as the conversations on the noble path are where that would be most advantageous.


Funnily enough while I was responding to your question I remembered his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and am now going back in to add gold skin to the list of skin options.

So if you ever feel like just adding your own blend of organic hyper-bling to conversations, now you can.

Throwing silver in too, just for kicks.


Now I really want to imagine that, way back when, there was that one person who had some kinda bitter but pointless rivalry with some kinda coworker or neighbor or in something else entirely trivial, beat them once, and got gold skin to remind them constantly of that time that they got first place.

It coulda been the equivalent of an ‘I’m #1’ tattoo in pre-Fall society…


I’ll keep with the Blue thanks, for a more natural gold skin tone I’d go with this guy:

Or just Elder Scrolls High Elves/Altmer I guess. Still I’m happy enough with that sexy blue skin and gold eyes.


See now I want that to be the reason too…

Natural?! I don’t want natural I want completely over-the-top “The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid!” gold skin.

I want “Flash I have spent the past two days going shot-for-shot with Nex and I am badly hungover and I need you to turn down your skin by like… 500% here. Can you just turn your goddamn skin off for ten minutes over here?” levels of gold skin.


Ooh, see, now I know that I’m gonna have to do an entire reread of each path solely for the purpose of having annoyingly bright, over-the-top, Guardians-of-the-Galaxy golden skin and annoying everyone I possibly hypothetically could.


Heh, that’s why I still prefer sexy and soothing blue skin. But Lord Flash’s skin tone plus his golden eyes does mean gold jewelry would particularly suit him as it would match very well with his skin and eyes.
So I think Lord Flash will probably wear at least a couple of gold rings and a necklace most of the time.


There we are, added those extra skins and hairs in, also added in two new animals to the bestiary, the Cataphract and the Rusalka.

I will also make a point of adding some Farscape references, because snark transcends even the Rise and Fall of Man.

I think we can arrange for that…


What exactly are the warrior myrmidon’s “combat subroutines”?


Essentially programmed martial arts. Their bodies are programmed to react to violent external stimuli with pre-programmed counters, feints and strikes.

It essentially makes the Warrior a theoretically perfect combatant, however in practise their movements will be regimented and predictable at first. A seasoned fighter would be able to put up a spirited defence or possibly even defeat you if they were able to engineer the fight according to their strengths. Likewise the Warrior also has an Overclock function which essentially creates an artificial adrenaline rush effect. Time physically slows so that the Warrior can better time and prepare their blows.


Makes me wonder what a deathmatch between two Warriors would look like. If they have the exact same programming, experience and construction, would they just fight to exhaustion with no winner?

Is there also weapons training programmed in as well?


They’d yell at each other for six episodes then fire all the animators.

Not in the traditional sense. War was basically a ceremonial pastime before the Fall, and the notion of (for example) firearms training would seem ludicrously anachronistic, as even if they were needed for that function technology has moved so far as to make such weapons entirely obsolete.

If a Myrmidon requires weapons training, it is usually because the weapon in question is built into their body from creation.

For example Ariadne has a miniaturised mass driver weapon built into her right arm. Her index and middle finger look silver because they’re hardened to survive the heat and pressure from the projectile rocketing out between them at 3x the speed of sound.

Do not play finger-guns with Ariadne.

Actual military technology at a personal man-portable level was basically useless before the Fall, as the Humans had been unified and alone in the universe for many many many years, and naturally softened up a bit. Police units were still needed, units capable of defending themselves were still needed, but actual soldiers were not.


I am in full support of getting to create a stunning silver MC.


So if they want to learn the sword or have any use for a gun except as a bludgeoning tool, they’ll have to start from scratch like everyone else.


Essentially, but they’ll of course be stronger and faster than a baseline human.