The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



I think this has come up a few times before (WHY?!) and the answer was yes, but it might have changed.


If memory serves, she’s playing the game of thrones, sending her new android kid to seduce the prince/princess.

I think of the noble path as the GoT path, with the rebel path as the robin hood path.


Too late! Watch any fruit platters you come across in the story…

And when you angrily stormed into his chambers, you’d find the exact same wardrobe exactly where it was before you burned it.

Funnily enough I did hypothesise a type of Myrmidon that uses holograms with a semi-pliablematerial that can puff up or retract based on what exactly you want to look like.


It wouldn’t necessarily be entirely beyond the realms of possibility, I suppose…

I like to think things through…

I really like to think things through…

Actually I was toying with a conversation roughly along those lines. Time will tell whether it’ll work in the section I plan to use it.

Umm… no.

Mostly because of this.

Partially because of this…

Yes she isn’t that much older than the protagonist. 15 years at the outside.

Was it? I don’t recall saying that.

Yup. You aren’t much use to her if all the other kids think you’re hot for Mother.


Well technically yes, thought based on the words of the story technically we are her age minus about half a day younger than her…:wink:


How did you reach that conclusion? There isn’t any mention of Lady Calinas’ age in the text at the moment, nor of the protagonist’s.


When we were forged we were re-born

“But today is a great day for this young man! For today he will be reborn in the warm embrace of the Forge!”

And from a technical stand point all of our body is wholly new we are born a adult effectively.
This give the thought process we are a newborn babe only as old as the time between now and fabrication date.

Edit: wasn’t assuming her age I assumed it was a comparison of her age to our age appearance wise.


Yes, but you hypothesised that the protagonist was the same age as Lady Calinas minus half a day.

Lady Calinas has happily existed for many years prior to the beginning of the game.


Yea that’s what I’m talking about she is as old as we appear to be however you say she existed years before the game
Therefore since we were just destroyed and then created again our Phyical age is only a few hours old our age based on appearance is the same as her then
I was just making the clone comment we are born a copy of our old self but we are only hours old with the appearance of a older person.
Edit: I’m guessing I was just being confusing in my choice of words or incorrect in my assumption that we are no monger the same person.


Oh I think I see the issue. The ‘original’ protagonist (Flash) was around 25 at the time of the game’s beginning. Lady Calinas is between 35 and 40. So a little too young for anyone to believe she was your natural mother, but not so young that you’d pass as a sibling.

You are definitely correct in your assumption that the Myrmidon and the person who enters the Forge are entirely different people.


@RagEgnite You do realize that all food is made with technology these days right? What do you think a stove is?


I played all three (brawn, brains and beauty) but my first playthrough was brawn.


a very simple and powerful Magical Marvel as seen below



I prefer brains as my mod of choice, I look forward to both jumping the revolution into high gear with superbrains and showing mommy dearest that murdering a guy to create a doppelganger that has more brains in his pinky than she has in her head is a bad, bad plan.

That being said, I play with all the mods for completist sake.

So anyone prefer to go with the genemod phenotypes? I prefer the green skinned version, anyone like red or blue?


Captain oblivious: I think we still have all our brains in our skull…
Captain obvious: he wasn’t beening literal


So is like resurrection stuff?
I wish I can use that to my own advantage…:sweat:
Anyway is MC married? Or does they have a relationship with someone else?


It does have a couple of small vulnerabilities as plans go, doesn’t it?

A good question, actually.

Theoretically yes, but practically no. The person who enters the Forge at the beginning dies and has their body meticulously copied and then dissolved. The person who leaves the Forge is a new person who happens to be based on that unfortunate original.

The original person who entered the Forge was in a relationship, one that you can decide in the course of the story, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship will continue with the new person.


So the official story is that myrmidon pc was a braindead person who was revived with the forge, this essentially makes them a commoner in the eyes of the nobility, yes? Is that going to be an ongoing problem in the noble path? How much can the pc’s novelty superpowered status and mom’s patronage make up for their “common” birth?


Essentially yes. they will be of common stock in the eyes of the true upper crust. Unfortunately for them that would have been the case whatever the situation, as Lady Calinas is considered to be common to some degree. Her family is moneyed but she married into the upper classes from the merchant class. So any child of hers would have that stigma to some degree.

She is banking on the unusual nature of your Myrmidon powers to essentially weave a heroic narrative around you, which Nobles of all shades see the value of.

See Myrmidons are now so rare as to be legends at this point, and the scant few still in existence tend to be diminished in both power and mental acuity. Even with these problems they are still impressively powerful, so someone who has the powers of a fully functional Myrmidon would be an impressive find, especially given what they know about your longevity.


I doubt it will be an issue, I can’t imagine mommy dearest would have devised her plan if the PC is still seen as a street rat by cultural standards.


Are all noble pcs going to be artsy-fartsy types or can we be as bored with it as Ser Farah?

I kind of want to play a warrior myrmidon who just wants to fight people and kill things.