The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)





A water biscuit is a cracker made of water and flour. You spread fine cheeses on it if you’re posh and butter and cheddar if you’re not.

They are essentially a very simple foodstuff related to a ship’s biscuit (hardtack to most Americans), which was basically the cheapest thing you could make that would keep a sailor or soldier alive.

They’re fairly popular in Britain, but were even more so in the 19th Century.


Wikipedia claims water biscuits are thin, flat biscuits or crackers made only of flour and water. I think I’ve seen them before? Perhaps not by that name, but they look familiar.


That’s what those are called? I had no idea. I always just shoved them in the “cracker” category and called it a day. That’s what the boxes said, either way,

Huh. Learn something new everyday. Sometimes you have to mistake it for post-pseudo-apocalyptic technology to learn but… whaddaya know.


To be fair you’re not getting that from nowhere, as there are food items that are clearly pre-Fall technology in disguise.

So we can let this one pass with minimal teasing.


yea hard tack and water biscuits often have a very light amount of salt added for taste if you intend to eat them dry.
they have a very long shelf life and i enjoy them every now and then.

a lot of apocolypes stories like to use them since they are easy to make and last forever practically


“Food” and “technology” really should not be in the same sentence.

I’d much rather talk about how Radjack just casually munches on water biscuits then go into that line of questionning. And even then this sounds like something that should go into the “Fun Facts” section of trivia.


Fun facts brought to you in part by “the illustrious wise and attractive” Radjack…
Radjack:hey there sports fans and my favorite fan club
munches on snack
did you know…


Curiously I’m the exact opposite. Here the author has managed to evoke some sympathy and curiosity in me for the noble path.

Now I wonder what it would take to get mr. Gray in a state of undress. :thinking:


Burn his wardrobe.

Though he’d still probably contrive a way to show up the next day unfazed and impeccably dressed.


Too risky he might retaliate by doing the same to our wardrobe and Flash is already far to easy to get in a state of undress without people actively plotting that.


Theory time: Mr. Gray is an android after all and he always looks perfect because his outfits are hyper advanced hard light projections made anew each day.


I’m dying of laughter from the bit about water biscuits and the fine details of how to eat and categorize “crackers” or things of a similar nature.

In all seriousness, ser Farah’s pick up line has to be “I wonder what you look like underneath all that armor. I’d like to find out.”


I’d rather they were real then illusions, maybe he Myrmidon model has the ability to replicate certain things, fancy clothes included out of energy. A Star Trek like replication ability.


…So can we bang our “mom”?



Most likely not she’s still the MC’s mother.


Not our real mom, tho. Didn’t she kidnap us? What does she want us for anyway, seems shady. Plus if we can get with pretend mom, I can be like “you guys she totally just incested me!” And she’ll lose her status and I’ll get all her money. Eh, EH?


How’s about a poll. Which of these do you guys pick during creation for your MC?

  • Brawn
  • Beauty
  • Brains

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Three things:

  1. Gross
  2. Gross
  3. Gross


I got the impression that she was under 20 years older than the MC.