The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)



All things we’ll have to wait to find out, on the other hand it’s likely gonna be epic. Given his alter ego I think it is fair to say he’s probably one of the very best actors in the realm.

But as the author has hinted, we’ll get plenty of time to play with mr. Gray on the noble path.

Yeah, inquiring minds want to know. He’s even more adorable when slightly annoyed though. :grin:

The choice is tough, all the paths here have good male ro’s I like, but the noble path has two and we haven’t even met the cute prince yet.


I’d like to point out that the Thinker doesn’t possess extra information when it comes to politicking and whatnot. If you’re not intelligent to begin with then the addition of a Quantum Shunt to the Upper Brain won’t aid you overmuch.

That being said, once you got your eye in you’d probably be the most interesting choice for a Royal Consort considering what you could potentially bring to the table in terms of technology and administrative systems.

I’ll just need a few hours to go ahead and significantly cut down that extended bathhouse scene…

That’s a good point, although I still think conceivably one can piece together a series of things from the data you have that give you enough impetus to follow one of the three paths.

Firstly: Lady Calinas admits to not knowing who you are, something that you might well want to find out. Not saying you’d definitely want to know, but some players would immediately want to discover as much about themselves as possible, which feeds into my second point.

Radjack clearly does know who you are. He announces himself to you in the confusion with all the easy confidence of someone who intimately knows you and has come to ‘rescue’ you from the situation you find yourself in. The situation is somewhat volatile at the time so this is certainly something to consider.

Thirdly: Arinthas and his Myrmidons are both exceptionally powerful and interested in you, intimating that you are in fact much more powerful and important than anyone else around you realises. This is a powerful lure for some people, possibly enough to cause them to turn down guaranteed mortal wealth for a chance at potential immortal wealth.

So the three choices do have some weight behind them, but Lady Calinas’ is meant to be the most immediately tempting in a way. She’s woken you up, spent time and money ‘healing’ you, and she guarantees you a home. While this is a sweet deal by anyone’s metric, I don’t believe there aren’t some people who wouldn’t turn it down in favour of knowledge or the chance to discover their true self.


Things are certainly heating up in the sweepstakes.

He’s irritated because you told Ser Farah that he had offered to help you out of the carriage. Mr Gray did not in fact offer to help. He knows you’re playing with him, and he’s letting you know that with an eyebrow. He’s still figuring you out, and will be for the foreseeable future.

He is unflinchingly, unassailably, irritatingly cool at all times. If you find that you’re constantly trying to get a rise out of him in order to see some level of emotion, that is how you begin romancing him. Its something of a confrontational seduction. A sort of conversational arms race where you trade barbs with each other in the hopes of eliciting a reaction.

That teaser scene in the bedroom? A classic example of the constant cold war between the two of you.


So will Ser Farah feel a bit guilty when getting into a relationship with the MC because they knew they were a different person?

I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:


It does, and don’t worry too much, Ser Farah has no idea that you’re… dead-ish. As far as she knows you were revived by the Forge, not copied.



Now that I’d like to see. I’m just wondering what sort of strings our MC or Lady Calinas would have to pull in order for that sort of dream to happen. Or if you have to replace the word “strings” with “swords and a big army”. wink wink

And plus, we get to have fancy dresses, fight a King Toise, and get a warm and extended bath time in the process.

Why the hell would anyone turn that down? Bunch of lunatics, if you ask me.

“Note to self: in case secret of Forge comes out, make it clear to Ser Farah that any potential romance with Myrmi-MC is not necrophilia”

Just for, uh, clarification. After all, my gut feeling tells me that contraption will make a comeback later in the story.

EDIT: “Note to self v2: Figure out if @Moreau used Forge on self in order to enhance reaction time.”


Well I was under the impression that the original Flash was carefully selected in the first place with one of his positives being that he likely wasn’t dumb since good magician tricks really rely on the core attributes of all the character archetypes as you need to be reasonably clever, charming and dexterous/strong to be a truly great magician.

The thinker then got enhanced in the intellect department by both having a formidable artificial brain and that permanent connection to an even larger repository of ancient knowledge.

Yep, “make the nobility noble again!”. :grin:

In (Lord) Flash’s defense it’s pretty hard not to play with mr. Gray whenever an opportunity presents itself. :smiling_imp:

And then a certain chevalier may enter the picture and complicate it even further.

Mr. Gray on the other hand…well…let’s just say I have my suspicions…


No idea what you’re talking about. Nope. Nothing untoward happening here.

The box is… clothes. Just clothes from a store. It is meant to be glowing.


Don’t think it’s escaped my notice that it’s possible to literally make your myrmidon Mystique from X-Men. I’m on to you.

And, “voluminous cleavage” is my favorite thing you’ve written so far.


Not a single shot need be fired. If you’re the Royal Consort, naturally…

No accounting for taste, I suppose…

Its nice that you want to be an open book for Ser Farah. Can’t say that would be her first question, but I’m sure she appreciates the clarification nevertheless.

Oh absolutely, you have the capacity to be an excellent lateral thinker, but it isn’t necessarily a given. The point I was making is that the thinker’s brain doesn’t increase their lateral thinking skills, it only provides requested information. If you don’t think to ask the right question, you don’t get the right answer.

Or the T-1000 from Terminator 2 if you’re capable of pulling off emotionally distant and fond of excessive cardio.


Fixed for you. :slight_smile:


Fraternal twins. Echo and Etienne.

Fixed for you. :slight_smile:


Like this reader. {queen’s wave}
I did initially choose them because meta knowledge continually wagged its proverbial tongue at me, threatening all that my roleplay holds dear.
But I stick with them 'cause I’m saucy.

It must be said.

Like visiting Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte via Dalí’s The Temptation of St. Anthony, how I longed for this thread and the cast of characters that live in this world to be restored to life. And so 'tis with great fanfare that my Loverdon/Courtesandroid vibratesrides again! {{sends @Moreau a welcome back cravat along with a shiny new box of italics}}

One word: Radjack.

Some would rather dress fancy, whilst Myrmidon-mine would rather fancy him in a state of undress…


Now every time I envision Radjack I can only see him chewing while in the middle of every conversation.

Eh, I still like him anyway, but right now I just want a taste of what royalty (or something like that) is like.


I’ve missed your comments on this thread :grinning::joy::joy:


So then the rebels are a curry or spagetti :rofl:

Ba dump tsshh


Well, that’s my boy in a nutshell–likely already having nibbled away the nut.

I understand the allure. I always, always select the noble/aristocratic/royal MC. Only here I cannot seem to move beyond the Bohemian loyalist, and yet I am unusually, perfectly content with that.

And you’ve brought cake, how thoughtful!(Happy forum anniversary. :wink:)

Mm, Flash’s Rebels would be Capelli d’angelo, or angel’s hair pasta–Beautifully tender and hard to separate…


I can’t help but think that this somehow becomes something of an opening line for an MC flirting with Ser Farah.

Like a, “Hey there, dating me would 100% not be necrophilia.”

… Which, I mean, is a fair pickup line… I suppose…


one of many possible responses i could see
Ser Farah: HAHA Creepy. i don’t know whether to be interested in you on or weirded out now.


I have prepared your chaise in the Gardens just as you left it, the tiramisu will be served momentarily.

Oh thank god… I was beginning to contemplate rationing.

I feel some warning is necessary, he is described as looking like a young Brando and simultaneously having an in-depth relationship with snack foods.

So… something to bear in mind.

See? I told all of you the rebels were popular.

He actually does have a propensity for near constant snacking. He keeps at least a dozen water-biscuits in his pockets at any given moments. While happy to consume them dry, he will often ‘procure’ butter and cheese wherever possible. These supplies are usually freely offered by Grey Quarter residents, and ‘liberated’ from other sources.

To this end he also keeps a butter knife in the same pocket as his blackjack.

*scribbles notes feverishly


A… water biscuit? I’m sorry, are you going to tell me that Dot-Tech took a break from creating world conquering machines to find a way to turn liquid water into some kinda biscuit?

Either pre-Fall humans had some gosh darn weird priorities or this is a real world thing and I’m about to look like an idiot by asking what the heck these are.

But I’m willing to take my chances.

So what the heck is a water-biscuit?