The Lost Heir Trilogy

How’d you manage that combo?

I think you need to pick Sir Grady and choose Squire as your starting class, choose to be a ranger at Ludd (after the caravan job), join the competition at the start of the second book (only available for Squire class), and get the Dragon Rider class as your Prestige class (still in book 2). In the last book, you just simply choose the option to combine your Knight experience with your Dragon Riding skill (or something along that line).

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Ranger is an excellent path to get the Geography necessary for Dragon Knight. Just get at least 30 Archery & 30 Nature early on so you can be a Ranger.

I think the Lost Heir 2 on Amazon has the wrong version because none of the Legacy Advantage stuff shows using the Amazon app.

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@hild I suspect that you are right. I’m trying to chase down what’s happening on Amazon, but I’ve heard others say that things aren’t quite right. Thanks for your patience.

A dlc? Dammit, stop taking my money D:

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I actually like playing the monk.

Also, Sister Geri gives you a teleport in 3.



I could try to get them by trial and error, but if i have problems, then maybe someone can give me a guide to getting them? And i am not sure if this is the right place to put this topic in, if it is not, then feel free to move it to the right place

Can someone tell me how to get the elemental archer, blademaster and war master please

I’m pretty sure for elemental archer you need a high archery, magic, and relationship with Archmage Cumari in book 2.

For Blademaster you need a 90 agility and 90 blades in book 2.

For War Master you need two levels in guard, 45 history and geography, and a 75 or higher relationship with general Vale, also in book 2.

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I don’t think there is a high agility requirement for blade master, did it with less than 50 agility.

Need to go over this again.

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Finally got Lost Heir 3!!!


I finally got my perfect play through where I actually survived !


How do you get to 90 Willpower?

Take every option that increases will power in part 1(or in the case of Legacy expansion, just choose to summon demons in part 1 and wait for the beginning of part 2 where will power is automatically maxed to the possible amount), keep Tyborr, train iron will after the siege of Ludd and Demon master in part 3. Summon Tyborr at the Heart and explain your situation.

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Hey, how does one become a Siren?

I’m not sure of the exact stats, but you need high charm and magic. Hope it helps :grinning:!

@Lucid I have some screenshots of some inconsistent dialogue and stuff should I post it here or send you an email?

Yeah right? I always choose Jess as much as possible as my royal consort. Tovor and the bunch doesn’t have any complains and gives +3 to their impressions of me

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