The Lost Heir Trilogy



Hey does the new dlc story get transferred to the other games, or will the subplot be resolved within the first?


I also noticed some minor inconsistencies. If you make it so that the LoaW protagonist is a evil troll, he still says you two are related and that you have troll blood; when playing as a troll in LoaW it is impossible to have a child with the princess; trolls can’t cross breed. Also he talks about kyle being the son of the mad king, I feel like that is the name of the nephew and the protags potential child, either way leads to a plothole however. If it is the nephew then it is obviously not the son of the mad king, if it is the son of the mad king then the bloodline should have no relation to the LoaW protagonist like he suggests in Lost Heir. even still, I think it is pretty awesome to make a dlc for this trilogy, I already had like 20 playthroughs of the series.


Not sure if this has been done before, but just curious about this.

Who’s your favourite companion? I left two options if you couldn’t decide like me.

  • Theo/Thea
  • Karl/Karla
  • Gill/Gale
  • Peter/Petra
  • Jace/Jess
  • Bran/Brinn

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Jace/Jess and Theo/Thea for me!


How do you get the achievement A full Set?


You need 7 Demon Stones. Be a specialist Demon Summoner for opportunities to get 2 of the stones in LH2 & 3 (Pop/Syn helps with the last stone, as does high Charm).


Does Tyborr actually do anything? I’ve never discovered a use for him as he just refuses to help all the time.


He will help you in the third book. But only on two or three occasion, so if you were hoping for him to be an almighty demon you’re going to be disappointed.


He acts as a freebie in the final stage, and pretty much the only demon stone you can use at that stage.


Another poll, because I’m curious again :slight_smile:

Who’s your favourite guardian?

  • Sir Grady
  • Lady Emaline
  • Amos
  • Sister Geri

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Amos for me.


I mean Grady lets me max out my sword skill almost right out of the prologue…
But Amos gives me the harder to level skills…
Emaline has a fun job…
Dark knight for the win.


I prefer Lady Emaline. When you go to learn her regret, you get 200 gold right off the bat and when you meet Eli, you can just lie and say you got robbed and still get the healing potion, (gullible monks) which really helps escape Vernex. And I love how she’s so matter of fact about death.


200 gold is nice. She’s my second favorite.


Sir Grady is awesome, and I love the training he can give you. Plus his personal little side-story is the most well integrated into the plot.

However, I also really like Lady Emaline because she’s a badass old lady assassin and all of her scenes, or any scene related to you being an assassin, is really fun.


Grady all the way, squire class is the best starting class in game that allows the most agile gameplay for achievements hunters.


No one defending Sister Geri yet? :joy:


Grady is good for when I want to do my Knight/Ranger combo or tge Dragon Rider.

Sister Geri… Isn’t bad but she offers the least, in my opinion.


Last poll, I promise :slight_smile:

What was your original (the first time you ever played the trilogy) profession?

  • Knight
  • Wizard
  • Ranger
  • Druid
  • Monk
  • Bard
  • Thief/Assassin
  • Priest/Cleric
  • Sage
  • Guard
  • Thug
  • Demon Summoner
  • Other (Might have missed some out)

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For me it will always be ranger.