The Lost Heir Trilogy



That’s it? I’ve done that before but I’ve never seen the option to become one


It also has an arcana and a (low) magic requirement, IIRC. It shows up as an option to study how Karla made the Infinity Arrow or some such in the third game when you get the opportunity to pick up your last class level.


You need to help Karla make the Infinity Arrow in the second book. Then you need to have (if I remember correctly) a 75 devices and 75 magic when you pick the class option in the third book.


hello!! i was wondering if anyone here would be willing to join a the lost heir discord server, its not made yet but i will if enough people are interested!!!


I’d be a necromancer


? What is a discord server


I’d be the most bad ass Paladin


I mainly go with Petra during runs where I want to corrupt her, be a vampire, or roll on the “sweet talk cute cleric” table. That or if I want some extra Blades/Archery as a kid opposed to Unarmed/Stealth.

I wanted to mention this thread to people here in case they’re interested. Not completely sure the fanfic mentioned in it will happen but I want to try.


I can’t get Lost Heir 3 to load. Help!


Code red!!!

In case of emergency, ask someone experienced


Two questions-

Is 100 Magic required for Villain Ending, or just 100 Evil?

How do you get the “Ignore the Warnings” Achievement or was that taken out due to the too many Puppet Endings problem?


I answered this one a little bit ago.

I’m pretty sure you need 100 magic as well as 100 evil, yeah. I don’t know if it’s exactly 100 magic, but you do need a high magic. Probably 75+ at the very least would be my estimate.


100 magic and 100 evil

Have you tried keep talking to Z with low perception? Might still get that achievement.


I have found my best loadout yet. I combined magic with demon summoning which can`t be beat! I managed to win the tournament which i could not before by switching between magic and summoning.
I kept on with magic learning all the way through the first book and then switched to summoning. I did this on a loooooong journey so could not save my game after book one and put it into no 2 but i could for book 3.
At the end i got 100 magic (easy) and 65 willpower, (but could probably get more if i could save my first game) and some good knowledge about arcana, history, geo etc
Few questions tho:

What is the max willpower possible to achieve?
How can you pursue summoning at the skill choice after the Vernex trip because apparently you need the demon-planewalking-table-thing?


Max willpower possible is 90.

50 max possible in part 1, +15 freely given during the course of part 2 and +10 with an additional stone if you train iron will. +10 with additional stones in part 3 if you train and +5 once align with Tybore.


I know you posted this question ages ago, but I’ll go a head and answer anyway, as it seems no-one has given you an answer. You’ll need it at least when you work as an assasin in TLH 2 on one of your missions, and also when you are robbing the caravan, if my memory doesn’t fail me. Otherwise you can use the rope separately if needed. Everything of course depends on your skill set. It’s been a while since I played it, so there might be more things to use it for. I haven’t taken my assasin to TLH 3 yet, so I have no idea if it will be used there. Playing as a thief/assasin without a lot of strenght or any magic is lots of fun, makes the game a bit more challenging. :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty sure this was already asked but can you stay human at the end of TLH 3 or you can’t avoid turning into a demon?


no only demon-rulers sorry. @Cari-san


Thought so, thx. Already got that ending but I was hoping for something more satisfying.


You don’t have to take all the demon option use some of your stats instead and you can end the game an immortal subhuman.