The Lost Heir Trilogy



No, there’s nothing weird about it, really…

Some people just have, er… Dirty minds when you say you cast “Lay on Hands” on yourself.

That’s generally what the joke is, even in Lost Heir.


Say if Pete/Petra had to fight Bron/Brinn who would win?


I vote a draw, and they take the competition to an intense series of games, choosing, of course, Daria’s equivalent of chess. Two drawn-out stalemates later, Bran/Brinn finally calls checkmate on their third game. It’s now three a.m. .


Easy one, me, but… if I’m not around that probably Petra.


If playing Pathfinder has taught me anything, it’s that holy warriors are the most fearsome force to ever walk the planet.

Do not. Mess. With the holy warriors.

… But Bran/Brinn would totes win.


Fight me bro. Petra would summon her indiscriminate god and make Brinn look a preschooler


Brinn has the power of a sword.

Swords > Morning Stars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Petra has a God on her side and God>Sword


Also should god be capital


I grew up with Christian God being capital, (which I would attribute to the weird name of god they have, and treating it like a proper noun) and everyone else not, but you could find people arguing on capitalization I guess.


Has Peter/Petra ever proven themselves worthwhile in a fight through the entire trilogy? The good gods are also useless in a fight against the living.


Yes the gods don’t have to kill them just maybe stun them or convince them to stop Twp noble warriors shouldn’t fight.


To be fair, I saw Peter/Petra do good in a fight due to the blessings of the good gods once in the trilogy…

At the end of the first book, when I lost against Thuja.

…And Peter/Petra died after pulling that little stunt. :expressionless:


Slick diss, but who was the hero there?


The guy who paid the $4 to buy protagonist armor, that’s who. :smirk:


That doesn’t make you a hero, only a coward hides behind their Friend/Acquaintance/Lover.


A coward with great self-preservation instincts!

I’m starting to run low on joke responses, though. Let me go scrape the bottom of this barrel, I might come up with one or two more.


Indeed go back to your home before you fall into your folly.


Petra is by far the most useless out of the companions. Karl/a tracks footprints and is an ace with the bow (kills two guards in the first book in two seconds), Jace saves Theo’s life, the MCs life if they step behind him/her and pulls other epic magic skills and Theo is a beast with his hammer. Petra gets knocked out by Thuja while praying :pray:t2: and does practically nothing


She’s also pretty useful if you want to get the Cloak of Spiders. Or if you vant to become a vampire.