The Lost Heir Trilogy



Slick diss, but who was the hero there?


The guy who paid the $4 to buy protagonist armor, that’s who. :smirk:


That doesn’t make you a hero, only a coward hides behind their Friend/Acquaintance/Lover.


A coward with great self-preservation instincts!

I’m starting to run low on joke responses, though. Let me go scrape the bottom of this barrel, I might come up with one or two more.


Indeed go back to your home before you fall into your folly.


Petra is by far the most useless out of the companions. Karl/a tracks footprints and is an ace with the bow (kills two guards in the first book in two seconds), Jace saves Theo’s life, the MCs life if they step behind him/her and pulls other epic magic skills and Theo is a beast with his hammer. Petra gets knocked out by Thuja while praying :pray:t2: and does practically nothing


She’s also pretty useful if you want to get the Cloak of Spiders. Or if you vant to become a vampire.


Destroying the skeletons is the easiest part.
Gale is way more useful than Petra to get the Cloak.


The better fight is, The Lost Heir’s fostor child vs Peter/Petra.


Not much of a fight either, u would have to collect the pieces to give P a proper burial. That kid is ferocious.


P’s only use is the vampire basically… I mean how many times does our cleric even heal? Wait, I remember another benefit, they give more opportunities for getting friendly with J.


Yo if you could live in the LH world what would you do


Actually, that does remind me of one time P is useful, at least compared to G.

At the Som’reth ruin in the first book, if you step in front of the fireball for J because you’re just romantic like that, P revives you with 75 health, which makes it more likely that you’ll actually be able to fight your way back out and escape with your goodies. G just revives you with 10 health, which makes it pretty much impossible to escape with the goodies.


I was more thinking about the sequels where it seems we have to heal so much more, that’s the one time I do remember, if only because it was part of my min maxing for Jess’s relationship at one point. Plus I’ definitely prefer G in that situation anyway since they can sneak in and prevent the entire situation.


Well… P can heal Syndie/Synden/Pope/Poppy at the end of the third book, if that counts…

Uhm… Beyond that…

Nope, can’t think of anything.


Why would they need healing?

The 2nd book bugged me so much with how many times I couldn’t heal because I was evil (unknown) or not high enough when I had P.


There’s a scene where they’re dying, and if you can’t heal them yourself, P can do it.

Yeah, that really made me mad once in the second book. I was playing a character that had 2 priest levels and a cleric level, because I wanted a little bit of extra Blades at the beginning of the second book.

Because of that, I couldn’t pass any of the healing checks. Literally none of them.

Addendum: That was also my character that got the cheat paladin level, so I guess that was just karma working itself out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I think I used vampire blood for that.

Priest was really the one with the most reliance on it’s class levels…

My last character was cheating so that he had all the classes… minus the 2nd dark knight level, because the knight classes were linked and I didn’t just add them to my character.
(I made the scene so I could keep going through until I picked a certain class)


Anyone know how to get the artificer class?


You need to go to Tornassa with Karla, and help her successfully make the Infiniti Arrow.