The Lost Heir Trilogy



Does anyone know if there are any unique gameplay effects for the fighter based prestige classes?

Like how with being a druid you can reverse your age, and control animals. Or with Necromancy you can revive dead, and create a shade.

Do classes like Dark Knight, Blademaster, and Warmaster offer any cool variations in how you play or does it just buff your stats?


Paladins have to have Cleric+Squire or Guard.


Dark Knight lets you touch people and hurt them with pure evil.


The Dark Knights have a special quest tô find a powerful magical sword.


That’s Paladin. Dark Knights are essentially cleric types.


The Dark Knight has a quest for an evil sword.



Chalk that up to another reason why there’s no reason to be a good guy in TLH. :slight_smile:


The Paladin has a quest for a good sword, actually. The Holy Avenger.

Also, @Ramidel, I don’t think you need to have squire or guard levels to be a Paladin. I played a character that had two priest levels and a cleric level, and they were able to be a paladin. I think you just need to have a good religion and a high martial stat, like swords. Though I’m not entirely sure.

Being a Paladin also gives you the ability to use Lay on Hands as a healing spell, which is made fun of at least twice in The Demon War.


Suda bonus. And… healing… yeah that’s it…


The requirements for being a paladin are 1 level of cleric (and thus 1 level of priest) and 1 level of guard or squire. That’s how it is in the code, and that’s how Lucid has said it is intended to be. IIRC, there’s been bugs in the past that allowed one to become a Paladin without meeting all of the intended class requirements (and one version where the class was unobtainable, I think).


Oh. I guess my paladin was illegitimate, then.



The illegal paladin :joy: sounds like the start of a dodgy WiP


Actually, as an evil priest you can heal just as well as a good one. So not even that.


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Is there any reason why people make fun of/don’t like Lay on Hands? Because I’ve never heard of there being anything weird about it in any tabletop game I’ve played.