The Lost Heir Trilogy



Thanks! It’s bc I’m joining the Corps :us: next month


Good luck and stay safe.


Lucid pretty much confirmed it is a useless item just there to screw MC out of 20g in part 1. It’s only known use is in the pit and even than it is a coup out option.


Yo can you tell me how


You want 60+ charm and a high relationship stat. Side with them (pick peter/petra as the childhood friend), talk to them, give them flowers, there’s also an option to jump in front of them but i don’t think it’s 100% necessary. A good tip if charm is your problem going with amos helps.
EDIT: Just checked and it’s 80 relationship stat and 60 charm.


If I wanted to how would I get a cheat play through any thing for modding on P.C or Phone


For phone I extract and repackage everything, edit the json files, and on computer it depends on where you bought the game, and it’s easier.


I do that but when I edit stuff as soon as I train in it it goes to 0


I do have it at 10 tho


I’m not sure what you mean, are you saying that when there is suppose to be an increase it decreases the stats you put in?


Thank you for your insight but I have change apk editer and now works perfectly thx


I always use apk editor, beautiful thing it is. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough :laughing:


Last question do you have to create new save on book two and three for the enhancments to work


You can continue off your modded saves without changing anything. I edited them all though for the job classes :blush:


I kno that but I want all prestige classes


OK ex. I Have a modded build from one but when I go to two I want necromancy and catalyst but still keep my sav, is that possible?


You need to change your second and third game then too, you should have no trouble carrying over saves.


I asking if I modded 2 would it add to my modded saves


Your saves should be fine and work just like unmodded saves.


What stats do you need for Arcane Tattoist?