The Lost Heir Trilogy



@Urban ill try one more time and see if it gives me that option for once


Hey guys, it’s been awhile. =D

So I just bought the Lost Heir books 2 and 3 and I remember there used to be a cheat or bug in the fall of daria book 1 where you could keep restarting to buff stats, gold, and items?

I have played through all 3 books and I just to want to cheat with one character to experiment with the story in different ways and possibly build some in depth guides for everything. If this bug or cheat was removed/corrected in an update, is there a way to customize the stats and items?

I play on the iPhone but could also do this on the PC browser.

Thanks for your help!


How do you get druid of decay?


100% Evil and 3 druid lvl


So in Daria, two women can have children through a special form of lesbomancy. I didn’t play a gay playthrough, how does a gay, male lost heir have a kid?


There’s a magic egg that the archmage uses. I kid you not.


And how does the magic egg work?



(and by breaking the 20 character limit)


What does it do for the characters involved?


step one is about what you’d expect
step two is wait until the egg hatches and there’s a newborn child in there


Any idea what you get by choosing Ludd bard poem?
What will you get and what will happen later if you chose to trick your Ludd patron?
What will you get by making that poem right, and what will be consequences in latter parts?


There’s absolutely no long term consequences to your choice with regards to that.


“Daddies, how was I born,” That’ll be a fun conversation.


Then what about the short time consequences ?


Try it and find out.


“Well I shapeshifted into a seahorse…”


If you don’t betray your patron he pays you (50 gold IIRC). If you do betray him, he doesn’t pay you.


Ok. Now I’m planing the gameplay as ranger, and I forgot what were requirements to get it in Ludd in LH1. Do someone remember ?


40 archery and a good amount of nature.


30 archery and 40 nature