The Lost Heir Trilogy



happy anniversary Mike, remember to keep a bit of cake for me :smirk:

about your comment i agree is a lot of work for you but in the end it makes the lost heis the best out of all you have writted so far and the most replayable of them… even if is pretty hard to call it the best considering life of a gansters and life of a wizard are so awesome games :heart_eyes:

you know i want to ask what your going to make next.



I’m working on my game for the big CoG contest. Currently I’m calling it The Last Wizard. It’s another fantasy story. :slight_smile:

I’ve altered a lot of things to try out their esthetic. Less stats, fair math relationships, no good/evil stat, and a few others. Despite being a little more like they view their games, it still feels very much like one of mine. I hope that doesn’t hurt me with the contest. :slight_smile: It’s going well. I’m about half done the rough draft. If I can finish it by Sept, Beta test Oct-Dec, submit in Jan.

The downside of it being a contest entry is that it won’t release until like April or so. I’ll likely return to my other project in that time: Life of a Starship Captain.


nice to know, wish you the best luck for that contest and am quite interested if… maybe is alright for you to share a bit of info for that life of a starship captain? knowing you it may be a bit like mass effect :laughing:


I made a new thread for this:


I was wondering if anyone knows how to keep Pope alive? He keeps on dying (im trying to be a master demon summoner and it won’t happen without pope). Another question is that I’m on 70 willpower you need 80 to control tyborr how does one increase it by 10? Any guidance is much appreciated.


I kept her(in my game) alive by letting Petra heal her.

Not sure if it matters but I had 100 relationship with Petra.

Also my willpower at the end of the game was 90 and I think it’s the max you can get. You should try to learn willpower whenever you get a chance to train(train as demon summoner, learn from Jane, and choose force servants to part by your very presence at the beginning of the game)


Not trying to intrude but… I would really like to know how to get the Wanderer and Ghost endings?


How do I beat the game in Lost Heir 3? I keep getting either the Monster ending or the Puppet.


Don’t choose the options that give demon traits and don’t talk with the Zusak at all when given the option.


That depends on your build, there are hundreds of combination to defeat Zusak


My only question is. How do i get the chance to forgive zusak.


You need 100 Good or to be a Siren.


And why would the MC want to do that?


why not. he wants his son back. thats the only reason he’s been doing this. @Urban it still wont let me forgive this guy.


Some people like that stuff. Me? I’d just be happy to watch Zusak plummet down to earth.


It seems I was wrong. First you need either to be a Siren or have 100 Charm to make him stop, then you need 100 Good to make him believe you have forgiven him.


I have all of that. Does it make an extra choice when you choose your last words to him. Example: When you tell him youll torture him.


You need to tell him to stop it and then say you forgive him.


There is a lost heir guide thread that haves some helpful hints for lost heir 1,2, & 3.


How do I get this guide of the different endings?