The Lost Heir Trilogy



Dont say anything to Zusak and return to the demon realm, how hard is that?


Just got hero ending as Paladin


What do you think is the worst/most underpowered class? I think its assassin/stealth roles because they don’t really have a way to escape at the end.


Who uses classes to escape? I mean, it’s trivial to have a holy symbol of the appropriate alignment by this point. Or Dura, or a kid with the appropriate magic, or wings or demon legs.

Personally, I’d say Tycoon is the weakest class. There really isn’t much use for money in Book 3, unless you need to change your alignment or you’re worried about victory at Tornassa (which I normally have sewn up by then).


Can you send me a link to the guides for the lost heir trilogy? I’m a little late so sorry to bother you.


The Lost Heir Guides, Neo made one for LH 1 and 2.


I know this game has been out forever, but I just wanted to say it’s awesome. I love all the characters, the story was great, and pretty much all the choices were really fun. I especially enjoyed gathering every race and creature in the land together for my military in parts 2 and 3. And finding out that I could form a group of dragon knights was epic.

One question though, what are the leather boots that you can get from the Consortium vault? I played though all of pt. 3 with them and they didn’t do anything.


You need to talk with Lacey about them, she will tell what it does.


You have to get the gypsy girl to ID the boots when you camp with the gypsies (it’s one of the options at the party) before you can use them. They’ll let you walk on surfaces/substances you’re normally too heavy to walk on, like water or smoke.


That moment you’re in Heaven, singing “Highway to Hell”



Better than being in hell and listening to Stairway to Heaven.


Do we find out more about the kid we rescued in the dungeons?


If you keep them with you, and they survive, they become your heir’s royal protector.


Its kind of a shame you cant have a little bondinf scene with them, or even your kid.


Even though there isn’t one in the game, I’m picturing birth scenes with all the ROs. This will be a male MC with the females we can meet in Lost Heir 1 and Lost Heir 2. Which would be the most interesting you think?

  • Jess
  • Gale
  • Petra
  • Thea
  • Brinn

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Who do you all think would be the loudest?


Loudest what, because my answer depends on yours.


Who do you think might scream the most?


Again, in what context, sir?


While they’re giving birth.