Rebirth (Game in progress)

Hey everyone, I don’t really know what I’m doing here. Someone must have left the door open, so I just wandered in. I’ve always been stalking this place from the shadow, but I only created an account yesterday because….Well….I like to live dangerously.

Anyway, I’ve been working on an interactive game for about a year now, which is pretty much a long period for me since I tend to quickly get bored with projects and abandon them early on. Luckily, I’ve been advancing on this one fairly well and don’t see myself giving up anytime soon, since it is almost done. Almost.

I’m Middle-Eastern by the way (Don’t worry, I’m not going to blow this website up), so my English is not the best. And I’m a high-school freshman, or rather a freshwoman, so this isn’t going to be a Shakespeare wonder.

General facts about the game:

1)- The game is made of six parts, plus a prologue and an Epilogue so it is rather long and will probably not be released in one go.

2)- There are over ninety NPC’s, and I am working on adding more into the game, especially the early parts. From the current ninety, twenty-three are dateable and thirty can be added to your team through events. The rest are mostly minor characters, however, there are some that affect the Story on huge levels. Like the main antagonists for example, or dealers. I will update this section if I add more, which I will most definitely do.

3)-The main character has a unique, “3D” personality that affects the storyline greatly; the personality itself is determined by a series of question at the beginning of the game. I will probably explain this more later.

4)-There are special events in the game that you cannot play unless your characters’ stats are at a certain level or if you have certain team-members.

5)-I am also fairly sure I am pushing the Teen rating of this game; the amount of explicit violence is probably ceiling high, so this is not suited for overly-sensitive players. I’m thinking of making a separate “clean” version that kids can play in the future; although I must say it’s not on my list of priorities right now.

6)-Oh, and the game is quite long. Like really long. The prologue, which is the shortest part, is almost 200.000 words.

Main Plot:

The game revolves around you, the main character. While you are walking back home from work, you are hit by a gem from the sky, more precisely: a psynergy stone. Upon impact, you are transported to another world, parallel to your own yet very different. You must now learn to call this place home, while at the same time adjusting to these supernatural powers the psynergy stone has implanted in you. Oh, you’re also having a hard time convincing yourself the mayor of the town you’re in, Carra-Syr, isn’t Gandalf.

Excerpts from the game:

Excerpt 3, taken from the prologue page 80 (if you choose attack Yurich on the page before, and if your humanity is below twenty, this will happen. If it’s above, the attack will be less brutal and would only give Yurich minor bruises and few scratches, and you will have the option of handing him to the guards in end of this page. On General, if your humanity score is low, expect your character to do brutal things like this a LOT.):

Yurich’s knife flashed up, heading for the exposed skin above your collar. It had barely covered half the distance when you moved, and suddenly one hand was gripping Yurich’s wrist, the other pressed up against the top of the other man’s shoulder. The knife clattered to the ground.

You heard tendons snap and bones pop, and then you were holding Yurich’s entire arm by the hand, while the rest of him stumbled backwards. A thin stream of blood pulsed out of the stump of his shoulder, the skin and muscle dangling there like wet, slimy worms.

He gaped silently, almost in disbelief, as you threw the detached arm aside and stalked steadily towards him.

To his credit, Yurich didn’t scream; he just turned and ran.

He managed a few steps before your arm plunged through his back, the stained red hand bursting out from his chest with a horrifying squelch and crack. Yurich stared down at the protrusion for a second, his sapphire eyes wide, his cultured face marred with shock.

And then he uttered a soft “oh,” and sagged down limply. With a deft twist, you pulled your arm back out and let the body collapse to the ground. It twitched; small fountains of blood squirting like clockwork from the exposed arteries.

Your fiery eyes stared down at the draining body with an animalistic quality. How dare he violate Sienna the way he did?

Then your lips twisted apart and you snarled again. With both hands, you grabbed the ribs jutting out of the hole in Yurich’s back. The bones snapped as you tore open the chest cavity, leaving a blooming crimson flower of bone and flesh. You began to rip through the organs systematically, throwing them aside like a toddler digging through a chest of toys. A heart flew down near the door, a lung splattered into a nearby column. When you reached the intestines, you grabbed them by the handful and yanked them out in one tangled, dripping mess.

When that was done, you went for the limbs. Your fingers tore through the skin, snapping the bones as easily as one would break twigs. Broken, detached legs joined the carpet of blood and torn guts collecting around him.

Sienna watched from her corner, arms covering her naked body, riveted on the macabre display and unable to move or react. For a brief moment, it was almost beautiful in its own terrible way. But then the smell hit her like a sledgehammer and her stomach churned in protest.

Soon all that was left of Yurich was shreds of shiny muscles and tendons hanging from a broken lattice work of bones. His head remained intact though, hanging from what was left of the body by a thin piece of muscle. His blue eyes were clouded and his skin had already begun to gray.

Choice 1: Leave to collect yourself and come back to the gathering room after everything calmed down.
Choice 2: Leave to your room and take Sienna with you.
Choice 3: Stay and comfort Sienna until the guards arrive to take Yurich’s body away

Back to what I wanted to say:

The whole reason I’m posting is because I need some Beta testers, about five but I won’t say no to six or seven. Actually, I’m willing to take about ten if I get that number. Beta testers are needed to test the Demo that I hope will soon be released.

Please don’t say you want to be a beta if you’re not willing to do through and through search of the parts I give you. I will immensely appreciate the help, and any feedback you guys could give based on these little snippets I gave you.

By the way, if I want to make this game totally free for all to play; will it possible? I’m not really interested in money; I’d just like people to play and enjoy.

Oh, and the game’s name is Rebirth. I wanted to name it Nick Cage but the name was too epic for what I’m writing. I will now shed tears

Ah, the sort of gratuitous bloodshed, that one would expect to see in a Tarentino movie.

@Drazen You have seen nothing yet. Muahaha…Cough, thanks anyway.

Bring on the bloodshed. Ever watched Spartacus: War of the Damned? Blood guts and beheading galore. Ah happy memories…

Hmmm I’m definitely keeping an eye on this game

Oh. My. God. I can’t wait to play this!

@Scrivener I have, but not all of it. I was actually limiting the bloodshed in that scene, y’know, make it kid friendly.

@Blackheart Thanks, you won’t be let down.

@The_Ravenclaw It will make you shed manly tears.

Hehe yeah I lean towards bloodshed a bit from watching gory and scary movies as a little witty bitty kid. I can take less violence though no problemo.

What? I’m not a man who sheds manly tears, I simply shed tears, all humans cry. And I’m not embarrassed to say that I cried at the end of Toy Story 3! (But no one else in real life knows that so shhh.)

I’d be more then happy to help beta test this if you still need testers.

This seems like a really ambitious project you’ve got going for you. I’m really looking forward to seeing all ninety characters in the story and how you make them impact the plot and such. Just like every other active member on the forum, I’d be willing beta test for you if there’s room for me.

This seems awesome I would be happy to help in anyway but don’t expect me to point out spelling errors because I myself am a horrible speller but anything else I would more than happy to help with

Unless of course you have enough/more than enough already I’d love to beta test this. It sounds really great!

I just checked the forum, so please forgive this late comment but…Rebirth sounds like a game with a 200% potential rating. It sounds fascinating in every way. I would love to beta test your interactive story/game!

The refrence has already been made but I volunteer as beta-testing tribute.

I’d be willing to help test too. And I agree there need to be better written gore movies. I like Dawn of the Dead but wish there were more.

@SheRocks Dating multiple people sounds like that’s going to be awkward, but then a lot people are liable to fancy two people at once, so I imagine if there’s 23 options… how is the male/female and hetro/homo divide? Will those be set if is anyone up for grabs regardless of gender?

Anyway, I’m convinced to try beta test, so send me an IM of whatever. Judging by the rest of you evil people, I’m clearly going to have to hold the heroic line, I’ll be like Spider-Man and Solid Snake in one.

That was some mortal combat brutality their man. Joke aside I would love to help beta test your game.

Would love to beta test something as impressive as this, so I pitch up my hand for tribute. Oh, and I’ll keep an eye out for spelling errors if that’s your bane, as I think I’m decent enough at noticing them. A good go over helps with that.

I’m game for beta testing