Rebirth: Avatar Program (WIP)


Hi, Tori here!
I have been checking out this forum for a while as a lurker but it’s time to step out and make something. I’m not really a good writer (I suck at grammar :open_mouth: ) but I can handle pretty much how scripting works. (cause I’m studying programming.)

For now, I’m going to check some interest on this little ambitious game idea I have. At first, I was going to wait until I get a chapter or two in, place them here and see where I can improve then I thought I might need to check first if there is enough audience that would be interested in this kind of story, then I’ll place the demo.

Rebirth: Avatar Program is a dark post-apocalyptic/sci-fi game. You play as the first Soldier Avatar, an artificial human, where you journey into Nirvana City and the Slums and fight of other Avatars. Discover the dark mysteries of the Avatar Progam and the Chronos Virus, a virus that transforms the inflicted to savage ghouls after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

I have scoped out 6 possible endings, all depending to the Chaos/Law stat and the number of companions you have once you have reached the ending.

There will be a bunch of characters but I decided to place here some important ones although I won’t place plot heavy details:
Michael Knights - scientist that initiated the Avatar Program.
Leah Wong - leader of the Nirvana City. Associated with the Law Ending.
Rachel Knights - wife of Michael and sister of Leah. Scientist that helped with the Avatar Program.
Cain Graham - leader of the Slums. Associated with the Chaos Ending.
Abel Graham - brother of Cain. Scientist the helped with the Avatar Program.
Seth Parker - Cain’s second-in-command.

There will be romance but it has no significance to the plot. I have planned 6 romance options. No gender restrictions.

Demo Released: 6/1/2016

Constructive criticism, feedback, comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated! :smiley:


My interest is definitely piqued! I have a question though. Do you happen to know of the Shin Megami Tensei series of games? The presence of a Chaos/Law stat and the biblical references remind me of that series. The presence of a virus that accelerates from sun exposure in particular reminds me of Digital Devil Saga.


Yes. In fact, its actually my favorite game series and inspired me the idea of the game. Although I will make it not too much similar to them.


Only thing that bothers me is the title, doesn’t seem like you will get far without changing it(because of the movie), besides that… Good luck!


It’s an interesting idea Tori, and I hope you find a lot of support for it.

I’d say that the movie is less of a problem than the fact that Avatar Program is going to make people think it’s an avatar creator tool, and not an interactive fiction game. You may either want to look into calling them something other than Avatars, or changing the name. It’s just something to think about though. I think it works as a WIP title.


Ah… That makes sense. Thanks.


I feared that. The title can be misleading with so many titles bearing the Avatar word. At first I thought of “Rebirth” as a title cause it has relations to the avatar term but it seems too simple. I’ll do think about a better title in the upcoming days.


So we’ll be playing a Synth? Awesome! I can’t wait to see (through my imagination aided by the words you write) the first “death” scene!



Sounds interesting, I do like all of the characters names you listed, they all sound futuristic and unique. Can’t wait to play the demo.


This is a good idea and I look forward to seeing your execution.

I do remember a similar WiP where there was a government program to create a super-soldier and then a virus and the super soldiers were under a mountain… but your idea has enough differences from anything else I am aware of that I believe your unique world will be just fine.

Interesting character generation.


U got my attention, can’t wait to see your demo and good luck


You know, when I first saw this title, I kinda got reminded of the Avatar Project from XCOM 2. I can’t really say why 'cause of spoilers, but my interest is piqued. Good luck on the writing! :joy:


Woah! Someone just edited my post with a badass photo hide/reveal button!


Definitely interested in this, patiently waiting for the demo to come out now.


Definitely piqued my interest. :grin: Just wondering, will the avatar be receiving any upgrades over the course of the game?


I forgot to mention this in the OP but the game will play similar to that of an RPG. There will be battle stats, which progressively increases every time the Avatar gains a level and equipments that can be bought from traders (e.g. weapons and armor) hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

I’ll add this info to the OP once the playable demo is out.


Sounds good, i will be looking forward to the demo


Hey guys! Just a little short update on what I’ve been doing.
The demo should be available next Tuesday or Wednesday.
I’m currently tweaking the “battle system” for chapter 1 for the demo.
Thanks for all the people who have viewed, liked and commented so far. :slight_smile:


Yes! I love the Shin Megami Tensei franchise along with the Persona series, so I am looking forward to seeing how this will go :grinning:

I would probably go with the True Neutral ending if there is one, since it is potentially the best/worst ending :laughing:


Just to let you know, anyone who comes into direct contact with the sun, well they’d vaporize before they got close enough to come into contact…