Synth Bluer [Surreal/Cyberpunk] (Demo Coming Soon...Mature Content)


Giving up your name, your past and your body, you make a deal with the UWDC to transfer your very soul to cyberspace, becoming one of many Avatars-- specialized secret police whose duty is to protect the United World from the unthinkable things cyberspace has set free. Astral terrorists, thieving hackers, and worst of all, monsters called “dreams” who leak into reality through illegally modified computers. To be honest, that’s not even the half of it. Ever heard of Blackbox and Whitebox? You will now.

You’ve tried to prepare for this. You think you’re ready. But, as glamorous as the introduction may have seemed, nobody is truly ready for the horrors of being an Avatar.

And you…you might be the terrible end to it all. Because under your facade, you are no longer one of us. Are you?

Genre: Cyberpunk, Surreal, Thriller, Horror… Something like that at least.

Mature Content Warning: Contains moments that could be considered scary/disturbing. May contain sexually suggestive moments and language. Contains blood/body horror.

DOWNLOAD LINK: No demo available yet.


"In Synth Bluer, take on the role of a newly created Avatar who hides a disturbing secret. Become a cyberspace legend: fight abominations, make new friends and explore a strange digital world that is never what it seems.

Hold strong against the threats of another dimension, and question the need for your fate…before your fate questions the need for you."

  • A complex, colorful story and changing setting with many paths and variations in your day to day life.
  • Optional bonus documents/notes/research papers that explain the setting in detail.
  • A “safe” system that allows you to go back to the beginning of the chapter if you get an ending you don’t like. No penalties, it simply resets your stats to what they were at that checkpoint.
  • More than twelve characters with unique personalities that can become mutual partners, friends, or lovers with your character on a case by case basis for realistic and dynamic outcomes across the entire board of gender, orientation, purpose and even species.
  • Create a fully customized Avatar from head to toe, making anything from a human who looks just like you to an anthro, faun or alien, and choose their classes: Synth (major class), and Hobby (minor class). Their classes give an immediate leg up in certain stats, and an advantage in those particular stat gains throughout.
    -Only three polar stats to keep track of: Lethargy/Stamina, Insanity/Clarity, Despair/Hope

You are not directly punished for going to the red or blue. In fact, the red and blue may shift multiple times in one day! It simply affects how your character’s choices pan out. For example, your character may say something different with high insanity than they would say with a high clarity even though you picked the same choice in both cases. Either way, you still get to choose from the same choices. It’s just the details of the choices than pan out differently. These details can affect relationships or the outcome of a situation. Situations may tend to…pile up on top of each other. In other words, there can sometimes be several different results to the same choice depending on your stats, all the hidden variables, and the situation itself combined together in a certain ratio of math. Some kind of math. shot

With countless* outcomes for each daily chapter dependent on all kinds of factors, every individual playthrough should be at the least slightly unique if not very different indeed.

*Not actually infinite (or even in the thousands). I’m a designer, not a miracle collie. XD


Whew. What a mouthful!

I look forward to sharing this game with the community. I have experience coding (in other engines) multiple pathed stories and consider myself a bit of a variable wizard. So I’m not intimidated by the workload as much as I am really really nervous about the final result coming out not as fun or interesting as I intend it to be.

The game is free to play, because for one thing I like to freely share my work, and for another thing, even if I was interested in some financial gain from my work…I am not in a legal position to sell things. Needless to say, it doesn’t bother me that much to share what I have made freely. It’s the goal.

Shipping with the Offline-Zip pack of the game will be an in-depth strategy guide, lacking major spoilers.

For the demo and general purposes, there will be the standard dropbox upload procedure.

I was working on this game on my original computer…then it fell off the bed and broke…until I save up enough to fix it, the artwork I had intended to draw and include must be put on hold. My current computer is a potato…oh, I mean it’s from 2006, and duct tape is literally holding it together. I’m serious. XD

I really hope you enjoy it!

I always appreciate any comments and constructive critique. Yes, bug alerts too. If there’s something you think I can improve or fix, I’ll try my best! If the code is terrible, you can let me know too so I can learn from it. Better to learn the code than…um, not learn the code?

(Note - - - Actual updates to the game will happen sporadically because I do not have internet access at home. At home I can only reply to things via phone.)
planned demo release: the first week of July! Time for me to get back to work…

current word count - 25, 767 including code…I’m not even done with the opener yet so I seriously wonder how long exactly my game is is going to be XD…and no it may be long but it’s not ready yet I’m sorry T.T I tried hard to meet this deadline of today for a demo but I failed. I still wanted to release some information out of excitement.


Oh gosh that sounds like a very ambitious plan, and an amazing one at that! I can’t wait to see what you do with it, it sounds like it’ll be one of the best WIPs yet

-quietly camps out here-


Wow, thank you!..

I already have some interest and likes, honestly it makes me a little nervous. The pressure is real ehehhhh.

But I am happy for all the interest and I hope I can at least meet expectation. If it ends up not meeting, I’ll try to bring it up to meeting.

I hope to meet the image I have for this game in my head. I tried not to be so impossibly ambitious that I couldn’t do it, but still ambitious enough that it would be “a game I would want to play.”


Sounds really interesting. I’ll look forward to seeing where you take this.


Sounds pretty ambitious. Looking forward to trying this.

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Sounds like we’re in for a treat with this game, best of luck and I can wait to play it.

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I can’t wait to play this it looks like you could make a online rpg with this and create your own site to put it on that’s how big and alsom this game feels to me.

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ahhhhhh july needs to come sooner!

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That sounds awesome! Can’t wait for this one…

question: what exactly is a faun?
While you’re at it: what exactly is an anthro?

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Sounds really interesting! Can’t wait to try this out.

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@Doctor An Anthro is a animal being with humanoid features, like a cat creature who has fur but walks on two legs and is about human height. As for a Faun I wouldn’t be certain if the writer means a young animal like a deer or not.

Anyway sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing the demo.

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This sounds very ambitious.
And if by faun you mean an animal avatar. What effect will it have on the story.
Like a lack of opposable thumbs.

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Like everyone has been saying, this is a very ambitious project to take up. I just hope it won’t backfire in the long run.
Still, this sounds like a very nice WIP.

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Hello everyone, I am pleased to get online long enough to post an update.

I am going through two birthdays, fourth of july and a yard work deadline so the current release date is not as realistic as I would like. I will release the first two chapters when next online…that time isn’t always in my control. ^¬^;

In these chapters your character is taking a look into their past, creating their new appearence then experiencing their first day in a new world.

I am trying to up my hour count working on this to get it out faster. It’s been weeks of ups and downs, but I have finally settled on and solidifed some of the things with this game so things will get smoother.

As for the questions about different species avatars, they have been answered pretty well already. Anthro being animals with human traits, fauns more like humans with animal legs and potentially horns… in this specific game I am speaking generally.

You will not be divided into races, you just get to pick what you want your character to look like from any number of traits…underneath, they are still human.

Selecting “unique” features will result in other characters reacting, and some unique scenes/banter, however I make sure that no matter how furry or scaly you still have hands with thumbs…it would be very difficult to navigate otherwise, and the operators behind the Avatar program would not let your char choose any features that would impede their ability to work. Hopefully the demo will make things make sense. C:


When they “upload” do their old bodies die?

Will it be like the matrix where we can upload jujitsu?

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i really like the concept when does the demo come out?

Patience, Johnny Ohm.

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Damm this looks awesome. First week of July???, can’t seem to find the link.

@Ahmed, there’s a post… a magic post by colliecollie only 5 posts above yours that holds the answer to all of your questions.