The Lost Heir Trilogy



Actually by replaying through lh2 and 3 as a good lucina, still a vamp and managed to get to heaven with an 86% good rating. So Vampires can get into heaven.


aww no way!! I had no idea you could do that!


So lucid, what were your biggest influences when making the lost heir, and how many Jojo references are hidden within?


Just as the MC arrived at the floating castle to confront Zusak, they learnt a dark secret…

"You were expecting Zusak…BUT IT WAS ME, DIO! "


Just be thankful Zusak never got hold of the ability to freeze time by summoning a demon called Za Warudo.

Or Jess learning Hamon.

Or Theo pounding a demon with his fists whilst yelling ‘‘Ora Ora Ora!’’


Zusak with 100% Unarmed:




Picturing a skinny old dandy man pummeling the MC.

Zusak does share Dio’s god complex, his plans to merge the demon realm into the physical world can even be compared to how Dio wanted to achieve ‘Heaven’ in Stone Ocean.

It would be hilarious if there was a wisecrack moment between the MC and Zusak where the latter is going on a triumphant monologue when the MC suddenly interjects with a ‘‘What you’ll say next is…’’ Joseph Joestar style.


Just as The MC is just about to kill Zusak they look him in the eyes and hear him say, “Third bomb… bites the dust”


Blasting away time and perpetuating an endless time loop than ensures Zusak can never be defeated, creating branching timelines where the MC tried different ways to thwart him.

I can’t decide if I like the Hero ending the most of the Martyr ending, both are quite appealing, although the latter is a little more poetic.

But the former was definitely the most fleshed out since it comes with an epilogue regarding the further fates of secondary characters.

The Villain ending on the other hand… I suppose it has its fans and although the MC and Zusak can be seen as parallels to each other, the two never really developed a relationship outside of the MC wanting answers and Zusak regarding them as a thorn to his side.

One could argue that learning about Lachlan gave the MC some greater understanding of Zusak’s motives and drove the parallel between the two ever further (both are driven to change Daria or even the world due to the death of family) but the MC’s conscious choice not to overthrow Zusak and take his place as the Villain and instead decide to join him which Zusak seemingly accepts just seems… I don’t know, the MC is joining the man that killed their parents and usurped their birthright.

Unlike in the Hero ending we don’t get an epilogue detailing what happened to the secondary characters, it can be assumed they either perished or its possible the MC spared them, perhaps even setting up their infant child to one day grow up to slay both them and Zusak.


I think it would be cool to have a prequel to Life of a Wizard, where you play as the grand parent that your parents tell you about in the beginning.


If that’s the case, how come my Martyr Vampire Rock Star Bard ended up in Heaven with his parents and foster parents in the Martyr ending?


Obviously, the Good Gods love rock and roll.


Dayum. Lemme go get my lute twice enchanted and thrice blessed then. This’ll be the biggest concert in the afterlife, might even invite some folks from Hell.


Because once a vampire is dead, they’re no longer a vampire and therefore no longer damned.


It seems strange, saying “once a vampire is dead”. A vampire is already dead, right? So shouldn’t the term be “destroy”?


If vampires are no longer damned once they’re destroyed, in what meaningful sense were they ever damned to begin with?


My guess is that through all the good the MC has done, they managed to redeem themselves in the eyes of the good gods (Devito and Pesci) and they cleansed the MC’s soul as a result.


None. Unless you count undeath as a kind of hell in itself. Which you can; Vampire Lords are cut off from the gods of light regardless of their alignment, after all.

However, the Martyr ending does seem to confirm that final judgment only occurs at the cessation of your corporeal existence, and it also mentions that vampire lords still have souls. So honestly, the interpretation that best fits all available data is that the idea that a vampire is not truly damned by virtue of being a vampire; the section that says you are so damned is your limited knowledge as a mortal talking. Just like anyone, a vampire can buy some indulgences and wash their soul clean.


Hi! Would it be possible to be admitted to the almighty guide? I’m sick and tired of this damn Puppet ending. :stuck_out_tongue:


The guide is open to all, but it only covers books 1 and 2.