The Lost Heir Trilogy



I get generalities. I just think that they’re poor criteria for defining humanity, particularly when they’re generalities that extend to numerous other species.

And we haven’t moved away from it, as I haven’t seen anyone but you and me talking. I get that you’re desperately trying to get away from this subject where you dehumanized a bunch of people, but I’m not really willing to leave it at “let’s just let this statement that dehumanizes a significant part of the human race stand and change the subject.”


Actually i brought it up just before our little debate began because I wanted to talk about it. Frankly I do want to move on, its boring and were not going to get anywhere with it, Im not despreately trying to change it I admit it my definition dehumanizes people, and I don’t care it applies to everyone, not everyone fits it perfectly I dont even fit perfectly, but that’s just one part, we were focusing on one part its not my entire definition.


Right, but you’re ignoring my point - it’s a bad definition. The fact that it’s dehumanizing significant section of the population (at least 10% - if you want, I can link you the stats) is a big part of why it’s bad. I’ve directly addressed the criteria you’re using to create your definition (if the majority of humans do it, it is a defining part of the quality known as humanity), so I fail to see how I’m ignoring the rest of your definition.

And just as you dismiss people being offended by you dehumanizing them, I similarly dismiss you being bored. I really don’t care that you find it boring that someone objects to you dehumanizing significant segments of the populace.


If I were to look in a picture based dictionary for the definition of “Circular argument” I’d see this conversation.
Kindly take this elsewhere or swing it back to talking about the game.


Thats what im trying, I want to talk about demonic blooded people, or soulburning vampires.


The more I think about it, a Soulburning vampire could still remain immortal as long as they siphon the souls of others instead of their own, just as they do with blood.

Don’t know what special magical powers this would give them, but its possible they could use the power of a human soul to protect them from their physical limitations and even break those limits.

Considering demons are technically extra dimensional to the physical world, even if they could reproduce it might not be in the same way as humans. But considering the MC can become a human-demon hybrid in the demon realm and retain that form in the physical realm, that indicates the two forms (human and demon) are compatible to some degree.

If that is the case then one has to wonder how this partial demon biology would influence the human biology and vice-versa.


Maybe whatever effect the demonic blood has on the person lessons every generation.


Or they could make a Catalyst out of someone they have hypnotized…


Imagine my child hybrid with Jess. Vampire, demon, and soul burner. The world would shake.


The wording during the epilogue kinda makes me nervous when it talks about Jess and how she ruled by you side for many years. Not over a decade, many years, like something happens to her before our kid takes the throne.

Also for my fellow immortals, how do you envision your characters life decades after the demon war ends (Assuming hero ending)


Ahh[quote=“GuyNamedGreg, post:4634, topic:2514”]
(Assuming hero ending)

Darn you…

Well off the villain ending anyway of my slightly slightly unnatural playthrough. He lived for eternity and disappeared from the public eye, ruling incognito, only returning to crush those who try to usurp his powers. Otherwise he’s searching fr more power.


By it’s heavy implied that one day a hero will kill your character of he is immortal.
If your character lived forever, there wouldn’t be a new game in Daria.


Unless it was a prequel.


Also, if just being a vampire damns your soul to hell in Daria… what the hell will happen to little amy? I chose to become a vampire but Amy was born one. Lucid did i damn my little girl and the entire royal bloodline to an eternity in hell? My character I can see why, Lucina murdered, stole, betrayed, and many other terrible things. She wanted power and probably one day would probably end up trying to steal that of a god’s probably.


The sins of the father … :slight_smile:


That sounds like a classic case of “short term powerlust with no concern for long term repercussions.”

There were plenty of ways to save Daria without giving in to dark temptations, you’re the one who damned your entire bloodline.


So what if i go to hell? I just need to gain more power in there and take over, is not the end for me.


More like sins of the alcoholic mother… Damn lucid, your gods are cruel. Maybe it is time for a type of uprising.


how did you get the archmage staff???


I waited for him to leave, dispelled the aura and didn’t tell.