The Lost Heir Trilogy



I assume they age to a point and stop. Or maybe they’re just half vamps and merely live for a really long time.


A vampire with a soul - using that soul (their life force) to fuel their Soulburner powers would theoretically diminish their life span, even if the vampire is immortal that only applies to their physical body and they would be vulnerable to their soul being drained, which would presumably kill them or turn them into a soulless entity.


Would the equipment and biology be compatible? Ive no doubt that while my demure archer queen would be quite secretly delighted with my MC’s new unnaturally bulging muscles on top of his original maxed strength, the demon skin, and other characters’ horns, tails, and goat legs might be a harder sell.


Humans always found ways to have sex with anything they think it’s attractive.

The real question is can a human and a demon have a baby? I don’t think they can have, so there will ever going to be only one child for the MC.


Then again, the MC isn’t a full demon.


I mean, certain demonic traits look good. Tails, wings, & horns (depending on the size), you can get a succubus/incubus thing going on, or look like a real Dragon Knight. But the demon skin, hunch back and slime can stay in hell


Life of a Wizard states that humans are the most genetically compatible species, although the parameters of this have not been established. It might be possible to cross-breed but only under a restricted set of circumstances - likely requiring a human mother since for some reason I highly doubt demons have the physiology to support an unborn offspring inside themselves or only those who possess the necessary human features.

The fact that humans are compatible with dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, halflings, etc indicates a common human ancestor whose decedents diverged into different species as per some form of evolution.

LH3 revealed there are two sub-species of demons - the formerly human Somreth and the original demons (whose origins are unknown?) Maybe the Somreth demons could still retain some genetic material compatible with humans but then again…

Being a demon means losing your humanity, and the ability to produce a child is a vital aspect of humanity, one which perhaps the Somreth demons have lost in a form of equivalent exchange.

Also what could be the true fullest potential of Soulburning? A master could obtain immortality by siphoning the life force of others, but it could theoretically work in reverse, they could siphon that life-force (or their own) into someone else and heal them.

A soul is presumably a very powerful source of power - presumably created by the Lucidverse gods themselves, they are of divine attribute and can be harnessed to amplify even the most rudimentary spell into something both beautiful and terrifying to behold.


Human aren’t compatible with dwarves, gnomes or halflings.
Human are only compatible with orcs and elves in LoW, but orcs aren’t compatible with elves.


The crux of demonhood (or demonity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) in TLH series seems to be that demons can adapt their body to suit their desires, the limits of which aren’t clearly defined (such as whether an already changed body part can change again or change back or the like). As such, there’s surely some demons that wanted to be able to breed with humans (or even just mortals as a whole) and can do so. Furthermore, it’s pretty standard fair in the fantasy genre for magical beings in general (and demons in particular) to be able to breed with humans and other mortals all willy nilly. Heroes or villains having demon blood, faerie blood, or a divine parent or grandparent are all common stuff, so I think trying to apply modern concepts of species, breeding, and genetics as they relate to breeding vis a vis magical creatures is not necessarily a sound premise.

Also, I vehemently disagree with whoever said a vital attribute of humanity is being able to breed with other humans. Are you claiming post menopausal women aren’t as human as other people? What about people who are born barren or sterile or otherwise become so?


Being able to have kids IS a vital part of humanity, we wouldn’t be around without it. Im looking at this through having a family is part of being human.

But yeah, I’m faurly certain the desire transformation would allow. Oddly enough Im reminded of steven universe and how steven was born. If a gay space rock can do it, a demon probably could too.


The question that may need to be answered is what’s the difference between a demonic blooded mortal and a demon? You age in the heroic ending unless you’re a vamp or druid, are those transformations now permanent, because most of us have wings and unless you can change them that’ll cause some problems in the bed with Jess (we all picked her dont lie). I think demonic blooded humans only inherit the enhanced capabilities. But the only two examples we have is Im LoW if you prey to the evil gods, which just enhances your body, and Lh heroic ending, which tells you nothing


I have to disagree. It’s a vital part of the human race continuing, sure. That doesn’t mean it’s a vital part of one’s humanity. So, again, do you consider post menopausal women et al less human than people that can still have children? Because, going by your definition, they would have to be less human, have less humanity, than fertile people.


I think people can not have certain parts of what it means to be human and still be human. Part of being human is empathy and i consider psychopaths just as human. Im talking about more in the symbolic general sense the majority of people. Being less human isnt a big deal anyway, its only when you loose most of it, having kids isnt that big a part anyway. Id put it under the category of starting a family, and most post-med women already had kids so that doesn’t really apply.


So those born barren or sterile are less human, as are post menopausal women that decided not to have children. Got it.

I’m sorry, but I find your criteria for humanity (“the majority of humans do it”) to be lacking, especially from a symbolic perspective.


I said it doesn’t matter, you dont have to have every part to still be human but falling in love and having kids is a part of being human, for the vast majority of people. Were still human at the end of the day being more or less doesnt change anything, this is just technicalities.


But anyway, you’d probably need to establish the differences between demons and demonic blooded. We don’t know a whole lot but what we do know is that it just seems to be a power up of sorts, it had some physical benefits in LoW but thats about it. We dont know key things like are we a hybrid like a half-elf or a lesser demon. Are we still human?


No, it’s not just technicalities. It’s actually kind of offensive that you define people as less human if they can’t have or choose not to have children. And you’ve expanded it in a way that is just historically inaccurate. For millenia relationships and marriages were viewed more as business arrangements and had little to do with love. So defining love in conjunction with having children as being part of what makes one human doesn’t make much sense.

And this behavior isn’t even unique to humans, so it seems weird that you’d use it as intrinsic criteria for being human. There are animal species that mate for life after all.

Like I said, I think your criteria of “the majority of humans do it” is a poor one (and, as noted, in some specific cases, offensive in that it is demeaning and marginalizing of people that don’t make the lifestyle choices you apparently think humans should).


I am referring to the majority of people in a generalization, no one fits the definition 100% of being human, some fit it more than others, its something that cant be avoided, trying to nitpick every little part by bringing up outliers is technicalities. I don’t care if what I said offends or not, if they’re offending oh well I’m just some anonymous fem on the web they’ll get over it. I’d really prefer this not to turn into heated debate because don’t think lucid would appreciate it so lets agree to disagree with eachother and go back to the topic at hand, demonic babies.


We can’t go back to discussing that if we can’t even agree on the premises we’re basing our discussion on.

Also, your response seems to really go out of its way to dismiss, marginalize, and dehumanize these people. I guess empathy is the technicality that you’re the fringe member on, no?


Well we moved away from the whole humanity thing so It kinda is irrelevant, and yeah I’m being dismissive, do you not grasp the concept of a generalization, it ignores outliers and focuses on the majority. I do have empathy, it just doesn’t extend to mean words on the internet.

The thing were going into now is the difference between a demonic blooded human like The Queen/King of Daria, or The Evil Wizard, and True demons, and what being demonic blooded does, and what happens when you have a child. Its established that demonic blooded is not being a demon, but it provides you with enhanced capabilities, to establish what passing it down would do.