The Lost Heir Trilogy



And no one answered.


I thought that original bug was fixed. Are you sure you have the most up to date files? If so, you can put it on the bug list, although it will likely be a while before any updates are made. It will take a large error, or many small ones, before another update gets pushed. :slight_smile:


Heck yes! I love your "life of a " games they’re brilliant!


RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"
Yes, I have newsy version. It happent to both LH2, and LH3. Now to upload previous saves more thzn once, I must deinstall LH2, and LH3 after first upload and restart/end of game, and them install them onece more.


And what about other things I mentioned ?


The call stack bug is a constant thorn in CoGs side. They can’t repeat it, so they haven’t a clue how to fix it. Very frustrating.

The false ro,acne bug should have been fixed, but if you have the latest and it is still happening, please write up exactly what is occurring in the suitable bug thread and I’ll dig through the code to find it when the next update occurs. :slight_smile:

Bugs drive me… well… buggy. :slight_smile:


How do you become a Arcane Tattooist in LH2


Well, I don’t know what was the false Romance bug, but I don’t have any update in AppStore, so I must have the newest version. Maybe it’s not a bug. If someone tells me what false romance bug was about, then I could compare it to my problem. For now I must play again, because I forgot the exact problem, I had.


When Lucid starts another game that’ll bring you to tears.


I always end up with Demon skin or Demon tail. Trying to keep my MC as human as possible. Only problem is dealing with the demon attacking ny summoner. Whats involved?


I think a decently high magic score lets you throw water to stun the invisible demon, either that or a point in alchemest.


You need Arcana or Nature to do that.


I’ve dealt with that one just fine. Im referring to the creature battling with Pop/Syndies’s summon


@Lucid, I want you to know that this is the single hardest choice I’ve ever had to make in a game.

I love you.

I hate you.

You’re awesome.

Fuck you.

I have scoured this place for any method. ANY method to save both kingdom and friend.

I have yet to find it.

I threw away my pride once when I grew desperate and restarted my game midway through LH3 in order to save at least ONE MORE friend.

I threw it away a second time when I searched up for a guide to kill Thuja.

I threw it away again to search for a way to save my (imaginary) friend.

And I don’t like all the guides I’m reading through.

I love you Lucid, this is fucking awesome.

Also fuck you. This is for all the sleepless nights this game has given me.


I remember now what was the bug (or sth strange) that happened. When I romance both Petra/Peter and Thea/Theo in LH1, in the scene in town (Ludd or sth like that) I have scene in the tavern, when I meet Jace/Jess, and can kiss and lie to Peterson/Peter. After that I have scenes regarding my profession, and then leaving town, while when I romance Gill/Gale, and Theo/Thea, I have a scene in the tavern, than scenes regarding my profession, and than a scene in which I can choose to break up early with Thea/Theo, Gill/Gale, both, or neither. It amuses me, that similar scene doesn’t appear with romancing both Thea/Theo and Peter/Petra. Why ? Is it a bug, or is it somehow justified and on purpose ?


And yes, I have the newest game version


This will probably sound weird but I’m a little sentimental about shipping the MC’s grown up child with the MC’s grown up adoptive child. But considering the latter is sworn to protect the former its more likely to have a sibling dynamic than a romantic one. The Heroic Ending did say the two would go on to have adventures of their own, apparently becoming just as famous as the Demon King/Queen of Daria.

Its interesting to speculate - in my canon playthrough the MC had an adoptive son he named ‘Mylus’ and named his biological daughter ‘Jade II’ (in other versions named her Jess after her mother).

What kind of adventures would the two have gone on? How would the MC becoming part-demon affect their lifespan and relationships with close companions? Could they and their RO ever have had a second child? With my canon RO being Jess… a second child being a Soulburner-Demon hybrid? Would that even be possible? If so what would they be capable of? They would have to be the first of their kind ever recorded.

My MC’s first biological child would be Daria’s first Soulburner Monarch, well technically second since Jess was Queen Consort. They would have had a very interesting life indeed, both before and after ascension to the throne. No doubt about the stigma, which would have been alleviated to some extent by the precedent of having Jess as Consort.


Wasn’t the child born before the MC became a demon?


Yes but I meant a hypothetical second biological child being conceived after the events of the Demon War and how their biology would differ from the MC’s original biological child thanks to the MC’s new demonic physiology.


I counted the mute girl as my first child, but I think My little amy is scary enough as a Possible Soulburner as well as being a born vampire. How does that work anyway? With the immortality and never aging.