The Lost Heir Trilogy



Probably Thea with Jess as a close second.


This is, uh, a really weird line of discussion


Sorry. I was writing a birth scene in one of my fanfics so… I was wondering.


Oh yeah, 100% weird.


Well now I’m curious.


About what? The fanfiction I’m writing?


Twenty Characters.


It’s a Hunger Games fanfic that takes place after a failed second rebellion. My character has to give birth in the arena. It’s titled Breath of Life and here’s the summary.

The Second Rebellion failed, those who fought in it either executed or punished in some other way. There is a new President Snow. This is the 80th Hunger Games. And Isabel Storm of District 10 is unlike any female tribute before her: She’s 37 weeks pregnant.


Neat, well best of luck.


I actually only have one chapter left. It’s not going over well.


I’m still kinda curious about the characters ages by the end of lh3, I assume that the MC and childrenhood friend are about 23-25, maybe the same for karl(a), and Theo/a are in their early thirties since I think they were 25 in lh1, so how old is Jess and Bran/Brinn?


Does anyone know if we have to romance Karla right away, or can we do it when we return to our town and talk to out mentor?


Right away, pretty much.


well, that sucks becuase you cant get the +10 charm from flirting with the waitress


You can get +3 charm from saying the right things to Karla while romancing her, but yeah, you’re right, it effectively costs you 7 charm.


is her romance any good?


She’s cute, I’d say she’s better than Pera but not as good as Jess or Thea.


why do people like theas romance so much?


You can always romance her and see for yourself why some people like it.


i did romance her, i just never saw the appeal, which is why i was asking here