The Last Wizard



Oh, I don’t think your(or others) criticism aren’t valid. On contrary, as I already said, I hope it gonna help Lucid to make next games better. :+1:


Say what one like and one don’t is useful. in same way. But sometimes people assume that if you are critical you consider it not worthwhile. It is cheap dur has an insane replay value. Maybe not like Lifeof a wizard but great. Most than 99% of games or if.

In fact if @Lucid wanted to lauch a dlc I bought it day one. Like a expansion of why magic is vanishing… Oh i am dying for know why


I think I saw in some Lucid’s post that disappearance of magic is local problem here and we get some information on it in Daria: Kingdom Simulator. Could’ve misread though.


It’s all opinion in that regard really. I hate being restricted by a morality bar. Especially since it’s usually only good that’s restricted. I like jumping off the slippery slope! And I dislike the game asking how I felt because many times it interrupts everything for me and chances are I’ll think differently, These are also the reason that make me wary of personality stats in general. I’ve never seen an IF protagonist as “me”.


Yeah he said so… But still i am dying to know. I think that plot was really interesting lore wise


I understand that even if i am the exact opposite in the spectrum. I don’t think pc as me. I think pc as an avatar a person i create and i want to live through. So for me read feelings and emotions are key elements to immersion and enjoying a game even more than accion or romance


Yeah, there’s that aspect, too. I’m triying to create CoG game on my native language at free time and it’s indeed hard to balance use of personality stats and “feel-choices” without making player uncomfortable atleast in some moments/scenes.


Does anyone know how to get the achievements to show in the iOS version?


Yeah, is difficult . It could be cool it were a button to skipping it all that for people who don’t want read them. Sadly that could be so much work


Honestly the only time I tolerate personality stats is when there’s a lot of flavor text with it like Samurai of Hyuga. I view feeling choices as inherently restrictive. It kind of helps that I’m an aspie so the disconnect is always there (also helps that I’ve been never given that option either). And I always view the mc’s as these puppets that I control.


That’s good idea… but, yeah, usually such emotional additions are integral to author’s view on their story/game and they couldn’t be simply hidden without consequences.

Dark_Stalker, oh, yeah, there is alot of restrictions in Devon’s projects. And I also don’t mind them, since those works feel to me more like Telltale’s interactive stories than potentionally self insert CyoA games.


Loved it all Mr Lucid. Loved. it. all. Those evil decisions were temptations and i used all of my willpower to resist. So id say keep those options, consider it as a way to test the MC and the person playing the games, MC cant go through life without even slight temptations so the options to do evil are those slight temptations. I’ve associated all of your games with fun, torture, sadness and badassery. Even Paradox Factor. Even Paradox Factor and i still havent gotten over how much pain that was.


Winner winner chicken dinner!

Great question. Where are they? I got the pop up saying I got one, but I don’t see the list.


How’d you get Ada, I feel like I missed a chance to romance her

On that note, is it possible to save both Destiny and Ada or do you have to choose?


you can save both ada/adam will always survive save Destin and level 2 healing you can save the queen/king


You get more interactions with Older sibling(Destin/Destiny) if you make good impression on King, otherwise you first gonna meet Younger one(Adam/Ada). But, judging by my interactions with Destiny it’s totally possible to initiate romance with sibling you haven’t met first, as long as you use available opportunites to leave a good impression before festival/dance.



I know I was too late in volunteering for the Beta testing for this game and that is on me, but that said here are some of my thoughts on the game.

I would have liked the option to devote the MC’s life to either destroying the Tower of Duroth or modifying its magic so it would only bring people who actually wanted to leave their previous world. Stopping a Tower that may have been ripping families apart for thousands of years is not an evil option.

Regarding ROs, this game went way too far in my opinion to create flawed characters. In the real world we are not likely to see a seriously flawed person and just decide to romance them. People are more likely to say that in their eyes, their significant other can do no wrong. Furthermore, the game gives us the option to say we were in a relationship on Earth and then immediately starts offering opportunities to cheat on our partner. Admittedly at least in the student path, the partner turned out to be an ungrateful jerk which I thought was a really nasty plot development particularly considering how much effort was required to return to Earth so I afterwards chose to be single from the start.

I do not think Gary/Gertie’s spouse was unreasonable. Gary/Gertie’s family was poor and Gary/Gertie is trying to drink away what little money they did have. I would have sooner romanced the spouse reasoning that the spouse deserved a better partner than Gary/Gertie.

Mel/Melanie starts off appearing pompous so that was that for that character. I even had Mel/Melanie repairing books and accompanying the MC to the north but there was still almost no appeal to this character in my opinion.

Jasper/Jasmine is a coward which comes up both at the start and when he or she tries to get the MC’s help to get out of the army. Unlike the MC, Jasper/Jasmine signed up for all of this so my MC felt no sympathy.

Meadan/Meadow in my opinion has nothing wrong with him or her but also no appeal.

We first meet Revin/Raven while he or she is robbing someone and that was that.

Adam/Ada does certainly seem to be a more qualified ruler. I however dislike Adam/Ava taking offense at a MC that chooses to run when attacked at the bar. At that point the MC knows no magic and has no weapon so running really does seem the best idea. Taking on someone who has a blade or crossbow while we only have a serving plate is not the brightest of ideas even though the game bends reality to make its outcome preferable to running away.

Destin/Destiny never said a word to my MC and certainly never gave my MC any reason to bother trying to save this character. The one time my MC did bother trying to save this character, Destin/Destiny surrendered to Shade anyway which was probably the best thing Destin/Destiny could have done for Duroth.

Our character’s magical strength is a joke. The MC gets summoned from the tower to “investigate” the missing ships when the MC can barely light a candle (if the MC took the first rank of fire spell) or cannot even light a candle (otherwise). I would have liked the option to refuse to leave the tower pointing out that the MC was expected to learn enough magic to stop an invasion and the monarch was wasting the MC’s time and preventing the repairing of spell books. The Archmage achievement is not one, an Archmage is supposed to be a master of all schools of magic not someone who is barely a beginner in all schools of magic. The immortality magic ending still has you die and it would have made a less disappointing ending if the immortality magic ending just had the MC disappear so we could pretend the MC’s magic was actually useful for something.

The ending to attempt to get home is also in my opinion unreasonably hard. I tried going invisible, but that does not work. I tried getting maximum agility and dodging, but that does not work either. I got frustrated enough to look through the source code and realized you need a follower to get in the way of your attacker and that nothing else will work which in my opinion is ignoring the MC’s abilities and equipment.

I actually liked the real world connection. I felt the MC however had no reason to help Duroth, and if anything my MC felt nothing but sympathy for the MC’s predecessor. The previous wizard handled being ripped away from spouse and children a lot better than my MC would have. Considering that no one else in Duroth can use magic and considering how utterly pathetic the current ruler and heir are, the MC should have had an option to take over personally. You can’t tell me coups don’t happen in the real world and make enough headlines to give people ideas.

Considering that the vote is currently 92% in favor of your writing style @Lucid over COG’s style, this was an interesting choice. I certainly prefer your usual style over COG’s style. I absolutely love the entire Lost Heir trilogy and I would rank Life of a Wizard just behind that.


@Lucid did you have a hard copy of the achievements we could see while it’s being patched?


It’s going to be a bit odd without one but I can tell it’s still going to be an awesome game just from the demo :smiley:


Loving the game so far! Has anyone figured out the achievement to “rescue the lost heir”? Its the only one so far that I have no idea what it refers to…