The Last Wizard



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Hey guys … had you all ever thought of whether Shade is an RO ? In my encounter with her she fought with the Wizard Caila, the emperor requested me to kill Caila but i sided with Caila instead and made her became the new empress , Shade and Caila had another stand-off… so i was actually wondering could we sided with Shade next and Kill Caila? requesting Shade to support us to be the new Bukk Emperor instead ? In this case, there could be 2 outcomes to solve the crisis, we could marry princess Ada and form a peaceful alliance with Duroth … OR we could offer Shade to be our Queen , but that will be a dangerous proposal to have a Master Assassin sleep by your side :stuck_out_tongue:

@L_M i know you love dangerous romance, so what do you think to have a Master Assassin , who may cut your throat any time to be your spouse ? :smile:


Indeed? Colour me interested.
You know me so well <3


You aren’t worry at all about not waking up the next morning with the assassin by your side ? :slight_smile:


I haven’t bought it yet but it’s not stat heavy for those who play it already? :smiley:


No, i will make that assassin fall so hard in love she will never even consider killing my mc, that is what i keep telling myself anyway…
Besides whenever i can i make my mc an assassin as well, or at least a dangerous character, one with a (troubled) moral code.


I believe Stats play a part in many outcomes , including romance… personally i don’t think it is difficult but i am not sure whether it is consider stat heavy :slight_smile:

Mr and Mrs Smith ? :wink:


Oh that reminds me when there’s the confrontation it just says use your spell on any of them even though it’ll just fizzle out and you can decide who to cast on, but at that point you’d fight both of them right? Cast heal on the opponent(s) seems counter intuitive. Especially since that was my only option.


Hey I don’t know if this is a wide spread issue, but everytime I close out of the hosted app it deletes my progress in the last wizard, and I can’t even see that game anymore. I reinstall it and it shows up, only to disappear once I leave the screen.
Is there anyway to fix this or is the app just broken?


because i play through it very fast last time, just want to see how the ending goes … i think i made them fought with each other , in the end they always becomes enemy unless Caila bacomes the empress , then they will turn against me solely… i think i should had poison their water supply to gain an advantage in the war, i was naive to think that they are not warmongers :slight_smile:


I always tried to kill both of them. Actually I don’t think I spared anyone I came across…


Caila seems a more formidable foe as compare to the emperor, because she can counter or repel my magic …so next time i will kill her instead of trusting her


I just used The One Ring to kill her from what I remember.


I feel like the old wizard was me. I’m only in the sewers but given the destruction and such I feel the old wizard like mine hated being forced into slavery by a stupid tower and losing his life back home so he spent his entire life bitter and secretly vengeful. .

Seriously any game where my character is forced into something they become dark and bitter.


Can someone help me romance Destin as female cause I can’t figure it out


During the royal assassination attempts, if you choose to help Destin/Destiny but can’t fight off the attackers, they can be kidnapped. When you later speak to the enemy ruler, ask for Destin to be returned, and they’ll reveal that the Formicidians now have him. You’ll meet a group of Formicidians on your way out of enemy territory, and if you ask about the prince and then impress them, they will later return him.


The app is really broken, it was working fine before the Last Wizard was released onto it, and now suddenly everything that was on that app is unplayable because it won’t even load into the home screen for me at least. Apparently there was a hard patch coming out for it on IOS, but I haven’t seen anything that has fixed the problems yet.


The anime Fushigi Yuugi is actually my favorite example of it. I recommend it to anyone interested. Not the english dub version though, only watch if you dont mind reading subtitles. Dub voices are terrible for this anime.


You basically have to strike a balance between letting him know you’re interested, but not coming on so strong that he melts like a fragile snowflake.

In the beginning, just be helpful to build up points. He seems to like it if you show respect to the king/queen. Support his idea on the ore tax over his sibling’s. It’s probably better if you tell him not to meet with the enemy ambassador, so that when his sibling accuses him later, you can stick up for him and say he remains loyal. During the assassination attempt, you must go to defend him, and must succeed (I used a healing spell to keep his guards going, and the Ring of Stealth to save him from Shade). At the festival, ask him to dance, though he will always refuse. Ask to walk with him instead, and JUST walk with him. If you so much as try to take his arm, he’ll freak out. Once you reach the gardens, you can hold his hand, and tell him that you like him. If you’ve played your cards right, he’ll come to see you just before you leave to look for the Sphere of Annihilation, and kiss you goodbye. The romance resumes once you return, and it’s plain sailing from there.

I’ve noticed that unlike the other ROs (or at least all the ones I’ve tried so far) there doesn’t seem to be an option to sleep with Destin. …I mean, he will share a bed with the MC and actually sleep but that’s as far as things go. I’m unsure if he’s meant to be ace, or if it’s just another reflection of him being super shy, and wanting to move at a slower pace. I’d feel a bit awkward if it was the former, since my MC committed to the relationship without knowing that.


Sincerely That’s what i don’t like about these romantic options. You have to be their slave. Say exactly what they want to hear, do what they ordered even if is against your pc morality. You have no absolute say in the relationship at all. is all like they want when they want and what they want. Character cannot be sincere with any of them or try to make them evolve. They are exactly same before known you than at the end no one evolve.

Rest of @Lucid games romance felt natural not a stat fest. And you can see it evolve an example is live of the mobster all romances change and evolve during time and in base your actions. Hell even in Paradox factor you can see romance evolve and emotions attached to it.

However, I don’t think is a problem of Lucid at all. Is a problem how cog stylish design handle romance. How it has to be attached to stats. I found it by principle ridiculous.
I could be athletic and be in love with a bookworm. I wouldn’t say sorry Honey you are athletic 16 you need a pair of socks and athletic 24 to i could feel something for you bye…

In fact that could be a great romantic getaway parody lol


I still think it depends on how the author handle it. Heart of the House doesn’t seem to felt that way based from my experience. :thinking: