The Last Wizard



Hm, I didn’t find romancing anyone here to be a hassle. You need relatively small amount of stats/approval to initiate romance here, much less than in Lost heir. Thanks to this you not required to agree with anyting you targeted character says/thinks.


I memorized every moment between Petra and Jess to get enough points to romance Jess and become a vampire at once :laughing:


You say yor feeling for shy romance out. You say thief no going dance and drinking half a battle raven pissed off. Maybe is me but i do not like the virtual novel approach of lie and only a choice good and you gave to follow a twn thousands pages guide to give a kiss. But as said is a problem i have with many romances in cog. Like in psy high school were you have to swallow absolutely all your principles and say you are a monster to romance the hot guy gir


I absolutely never have a problem to romance anyone in lost heir or anything feelt natural you even could disagree with them lol. Not here.
@resuri08 Heart of house do mostly okay, it is one of the best. At least you don’t have to sell your soul and principles for a kiss. And could take the initiative


Yeah, I guess that’s “personal affinity” of each reader/player. In my case it’s more like with Dark_Stalker. I haven’t found much problem with romancing anyone here, but in TLH some of my strangest playthroughs required alot of “meta” knowledge to get both desired stats/classes and RO targeted character.


I mean yeah it’s easy to get the stats up for people high enough it goes past 100… unless you don’t spend time with them at every possible moment… and need to get their rival’s stats up too… and you want to be good to get the weapon master bonus…

Here I did not feel that pressure. I failed one romance and it was me misinterpreting a kiss.


I am a role-player so a gamefocus in role-playing for me is natural I never read a guide or anything orlook at stats. It just simply have sense for me.
Story only based games on other hand it is based upon concepts that come for follow tropes or virtual novels Principles i don’t like at all. So for me feel terrible forced. Because My personality means no romance absolutely anyone. Oh you like take the initiative and be sincere… go romance your hand.


I never had weapon mastery I never have rivalry up or something you don’t need do their missions either. I think many people wants like a perfect fit in lost heir i don’t i follow a story It doesn’t need be perfect same in romance. People just get blind with meta gaming


I can get behind that sentiment :joy:
But I honestly not sure how to create romance in interactive game that won’t just follow some trope… well, I actually had idea of something like this, but it gonna require sick amount fo coding for just one character to allow truly dynamic relationships.


Exactly what most of great Hosred games had Cog hasn’t because the cog style guidelines.
Tin star romance, Waywalkers romances Zombie exodous romances… Etc etc etc…Insert 80% of hosted games


What must we do to defeat empire? The emperor always defeat me even if i have mastered one of amgic art, it frustrating.


Well did you sabotage them Poison and sabotage everything. That and have Mr pumpkins (It is my golem it is op as hell)


Suna’s training. You never helped them? By far the best thing to do at that point in the game. The only thing that makes it annoying is the feather of evil…

Besides if you played it already, you can’t possibly be blind. And I really like being a vampire.

I usually just take the apple and kill them with necromancy/whatever master spell. Or use my warrior skill. I never lost so I don’t know what you’re doing.


Nope i never helped suna. I bang her so what’s point of help her? ai role-playing evil so for me have no sense whatsoever help her. I like being vampire in my main in others haveno sense in character


Not sure what problem you encounter, either. Can you specify when things go south?.. I kinda utterly crushed them with my sick bend…mending skills, golem and high personal stats.


On my first time, i was familiar mage, i had mastered dragon tamer and i also had poisoned the water but for some reason i still lose in the end.
Perhaps it has something to do with other facors like battle strategy? Because i over exhausted my dragon during the war break out then Puff is get hurt btw i named him Puff, eventually my dragon retreated and we fight war alone and my general is died and replaced with incompetent one but during my second play i also defeated even while my general alive this time.


Hm, you basically should be okay as long as your’s army strength is higher, but since it influenced by alot of things it’s hard to say what goes wrong on each individual playthrough.
Also, what do you mean by “i still lose in the end”? Do you mean fInal showdown against Emperor/Empress? Or are you actually lose war before?


How to determine my army strength?

And yeah i mean i lose the war against Burkk invasion


It’s “Duroth” in statistic, under “Nations” tab. Empire’s army represented by “Burkk”.
Most of things you doing during the course of game influence those two in one way or another.


Very disappointing game, it had a potential but seems very underdevelopped to me in every reggard. Too rushed story, characters are not interesting and you dont spend much time with them. 5/10 at best