The Last Wizard



Don’t understand the merchant, always on great terms, help her out but she is never even kinds attracted to me.


If i remember correctly, you just need to join her on festival night instead of dancing. You can even ask for dance first, and then mention that you think two of you could make a good couple if you have more than 60 Cerebral and more than 60 reputation with her. But easiest route is just to take a seat from the beginning.

Again, in following conversation you can make some good impression if you have good cerebral stat(higher than 70) or Intelligence spell but it’s not mandatory.

After this, if you suggest your help to Meadow and your reputation with her higher than 60 she offer you drinks. In the following scene, kiss her if you want to initiate romance.


It feels like people are kinda split on how they feel about this one, I understand that the story is pretty linear and the characters aren’t as fleshed out as in other stories but none of that stopped me from enjoying this book. Maybe I am just a sucker for fantasy settings but I liked this story enough to read through it multiple times. Keep up the good work Lucid, your stories are always interesting to read through.

Now onto some spoilery stuff, first off I just want to say that I like how we have to learn magic spells individually and the magic stat isn’t just an umbrella that lets you do whatever you want. While I have only tried golem master, pyromancer and necromancer the ultimate spells all seem to function basicly the same. However the golem can help you when retreating to the keep and the other two cannot, I have to agree with a lot of other people here golem is kinda op compared to other ultimates. The flavor text for golem and necromancer in the ending is pretty nice but pyromancer didn’t get any, some kind of epic cremation ceremony or something would have been impressive.

One part that I find funny is at the end of the festival when you are sharing the ice wine with the person of your choice and then suddenly everyone you know plus the vendor serving the wine wants to share a drink with you, I don’t know if that part was intended to be humorous or not but it made me laugh. Some people aren’t happy with the romance in this book but I can’t even figure out how to start most RO lines. I can ask out characters like Jasmine and Melanie but I never get the opportunity to ask out any of the characters you meet later in the story. I thought it depended on who you asked to drink with you or who you brought with you on the quest but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Romance isn’t the main theme of this book so it’s not a huge deal but it just leaves me a bit confused.

Overall I had a good experience with the last wizard and I am looking forward to future projects by the author.


Romance initiated during Dance on the Festival night. In most cases you just need good relationships(higher than 60) with character and right aproach(like, for example, don’t be too pushy when dealing with sowflake like Destin/Destiny…)
Sometimes previous arrangement are required(in Mel/Melanie case you should initiate romance earlier when given opportunity).


One big difference is that stats are hidden. I especially like the Needed blurbs, since it lets people know that things could have gone differently. This is another thing I did different to follow the CoG esthetic.

With regards to romances, remember that stats are really an aggregated delayed branch. All the ROs can be romanced, but they have their own desires, wants, and likes.

If you reduce it to “I need x, y, and z stat,” it loses its magic. If you roleplay and think, “the princess is timid”, you’ll naturally get her, since you won’t come on too strong or force her into the spotlight.

At least, that was the intention. :slight_smile: A calm conversation vs flashy showboating vs intellectual discussion vs a drunken bender. Not everyone will/should respond the same. :slight_smile:


By that same token though, isn’t the magic stripped away anyway if you think “This character would respond best to a logical, intellectual discussion” only for the game to drop kick you and say “eh, this conversation required 80 int, you have only 70. Hope you didn’t want to romance this character.”


That makes sense, but how about think of it in different way:
“This character would respond best to a logical, intellectual discussion” so, you try to be intellectual… but, your cerebral stats isn’t high enough so your actual result is “someone trying to sound smart while having no idea what he actually talking about”.


Fair enough but then it falls back to gaming the system anyway: “I want to romance this character but only high int players can do that. Now I’ve got to start the game all over and effectively play completely differently than I wanted to because I want to see this character’s romance path.” or worse “This character is the one I wanted to romance but the type of character I want to play as is only compatible with characters I don’t want to romance.”


I understand your frustration, and I’m not too keen on such system either, but isn’t in real life people, too, have they own types and preferences?..
But, what’s more important, in this game I don’t find it to be a real problem. As I already said, you need very moderate amount of reputation with character to initiate romance, and you usually have couple of alternative ways to get it aside from obvious “this character like smart people, so I should be smart”. For example, Jasper/Jasmine prefer tough ones, but my first character was quite weak(toughness under 40). Jasmine even said that “i’m not her type”. Yet, thanks to other interactions at the moment of Dance I could initiate romance with her if I wanted(but I already was head over heels in love with Melanie…).

Hight stat requirements sometimes lead to problems in Lost heir, but there you could negate them with Charisma, which kinda make sense, too.


Yes, and that cheap the romance and the characters. Real life doesn’t work like that.

I had relationships with people who didn’t know what a rpg means or a video game and more into sports and I don’t like them. And hell if there wasn’t a Stat saying Lol mara you aren’t too into sports to Romance Juan… Go trying other with your same stats…
Sorry I don’t like people with my stats . Now I will relate my first date with 13
There was thas cute shy guy tall and slim that barely talking with anyone except few friends. Well our young Mara here was like I still am brave and bold and directly in middle of the school yard I asking him in front of absolutely everybody I like you Do you want date me …?
He pee himself…Yes he was so embarrassed about it and so blushed. Sooo cute.

Well there wasn’t a stats SAYING FAILURE. Also :sunglasses: I score my first bf ever andit last two months.

So really if he is shy let a scene ofhim thinking and then overcome the shy part that would make a far better romance and character


Fair but let’s take, for example, Garrus from the first three Mass Effect games.
You weren’t locked out of romancing him by your chosen background, your class or even if you were Paragon or Renegade you just needed to interact with him and fight together.
Similarly the only stats that really dictate if you can romance a character in TLH is your reputation with them. At no point in my romance with Karla did she say “You aren’t a very good archer, this isn’t working out” not once did Jess say “You aren’t ruthless enough so this isn’t going anywhere.” The opposite infact, I seem to recall her liking that you hold back her darker urges and that you’re kind hearted. To the extent that one of the nicest things you can do in the ending of TLH 3 is legalize Soulburn magic as a favour to her and it moves her to tears.


the last heir romancez are wonderful and organic. It flows with the story. You don’t have to be exactly as the character you want to romance and they change in base of your relationship. Here you have to be exact same your romance and say exactly what they want to hear and pray there’s enough and a sudden check destroy it.


No, you don’t need to follow the stats to get your RO. Just because a character likes “tough guys/girls”, doesn’t stop you from getting them. It might be harder, but nothing is blocked.


I have seen a few people mention the dance but I never had one in my playthroughs. Do you need to do something specific to get it because I always had the ice wine sharing but never a dance.


The problem is, with how short the game is and with so many characters being juggled at once, it’s possible that you could pick one, maybe two options you don’t have the stats for and miss your shot to romance them like I seemed to with Ada. The first TLH book by itself was probably longer than this and it had less than half the RO’s.


Ahhhh… I suspect you’ve been getting black-out drunk and passing out early. :slight_smile:


By bringing up Garrus here you put me right in the middle of some… calibrations. :sweat_smile:
Yeah, you right. But from my point of view it’s same here. None of choices here lock you out of romancing characters… aside from those that obviously going to hurt them really bad in one way or another. You can disagree with them on some ocasions, be rude, but if in “total summ” you two on good terms nothing gonna stop you from romancing them.

Well, that’s not entirely true. In LH there always two stats that affect you ability to initiate romance with character. One is reputation with them, other one is they preferred stat. I don’t remember specifics for each character, but, for example, for Jess you need to have atleast Evil 60 or you gonna be locked out of romance. Only other way to evade this was to have high Charisma(more than 60 if I remember right).
Of course, Jess didn’t say “Sorry, you not evil enough”. Her answer was “Look, you’re a nice, but you’re not really my type.”


Lost Heir was 145k, Last Wizard is 185k. Longer and with much more branching.


Well everyone wants to share a drink with me so who am I to refuse. I suppose I partied a little too hard to get a relationship with anyone, no one wants to date a drunk wizard.


Was it?
Huh, could’ve sworn this felt way shorter, what was the average length per playthrough?