The Last Wizard



Well I can only speak as a beta tester, not a purchaser (Sorry Lucid, money’s tight right now), necromancy is an 11th hour superpower.

But you have plenty of times to use it when you get it, including murder by zombie.


Just finished the game here. Worth every single penny like all your other games :wink:


I really wish there was a romance guide for this… I’m having too much trouble getting who I want, oops.


Well… i would think the real world scenes had to exist just to let us understand we came from earth and what happened there before we went to the magic land… in the story it was mentioned our predecessor wizards were from multiverse who were not earth and how they miss to return home
So the real world scenes were an idea to remind us where we from, not much details were given because readers will have different sentimental about their own earth vision, me myself never going to miss earth , but others may want to return badly… so the little scenes were sufficient for individual perception of our life there…

And @lucid i love the game very much because it really depict how a regular earthlings trying to adapt a new role in new world, exactly how i imagine myself in a new role… it is just nice to think the current me trying to learn magic all over again and adapt to new life, meeting new companions or friends…

I love this breath of fresh air, rather than another larger than life destiny hero who is aiming to blast everything in front of me… :slight_smile:


My problem is there is no flexibility in how we feel. I don’t feel at all like game says I feel. Game supposes I want to do things I don’t want at all. I don’t like the forced personality . You can’t be ambitious , or kind even if your actions are evil all around you are fine and treat you like goodie. I would love could choose some flavor text about how I feel from the other world and more development of it is just ended in a small scene presented in most confused and fragmented way possible. I would love say. No i don’t want return and i don’t give a crap about the medalion. I just want to be rich and powerful so i will go along with the fat queen.

Asking for rewards even if are fake choices could be a great deal to introduce myself on the story. As it is there is one option vanilla bland personality.
a few customize flavor choices to thd tower like I want a gothic mystery tower. Others an necromantic… just minor changes in flavor.

The core text is good I just think it needs polishing several points. @Lucid is and amazing writer he can’t do a bad stuff lol. Is just I think it could improve


If there is ever a lich option again, I hope the story would account for it more than it did in Life of a Wizard.


I have a question about farmiliar.
Idk if it a spoiler but I think it not important to the story so

Is the only things that can be bond is a dragon?
I thought the book also say something about water, sea, so I thought I can bound to sea monster but nope, it just a dragon.
And a weak one at that. The dragon attack once, then injured. Go into hiding. Useless for the rest of the time. I m a healer. If it come to me, I would already healed it but nope, it went into hiding and never came to my aid .


The things that I found sad is the other wizards before and after the MC. They had a live and it was taken from them.
Yes the MC adapt better than Tiberius ever did.
He totally calm and didnt freak out too much.
So I m not totally sad about our mc been transport to that World. In fact I dont really think mc need to go back. I choose the college student, his future look grim already in that World because of a stuck up professor.

I found the concept of each wizard taken away to their World is sad and the fact that it wont end.


Except the game certainly didnt focus on that.
But if there is a way.
Shouldnt the previous wizard even before Tiberius try to find a way home? Do they just ahhh I m a wizard now, I must do everything I can for this unknown country that I m not sure I care about or they do a lot of research about how to get home. About who create the tower and how its works. About how can we control the towers instead of letting it decide our fate. About many other things. Dont tell me all wizard that came decide to write journals only?

I was hoping our friend from the real World also became a wizard as a plot twist but nope. Didnt happen. This is a straightforward game.


Just because it hasn’t happed yet does not mean it never will. As for the comparison between this and the Life of a Wizard…

Life of a Wizard is self explanatory. You’re a wizard, to the word’s full extent. You master powers, not a few spells. The replayability is good because there are so many paths and it is very addictive to reach a better ending next run. I don’t care if I am an old wizard. I prefer being a 80 year old ass kicking magician than a young one who takes months and years to master spells which you’d have power over in the former a lot easily. It is not as linear and rail roaded, many endings, and your choices affect the game very often. You’re an overpowered legendary hero and the epilogue feels more satisfying too.


Cross posting from the announcement thread for “The Last Wizard”, the game is not on the omnibus app currently as the app is undergoing a hard patch (which means apple has to give approval for the changes first) but there’s no telling how long it’ll take for the game to come back up for iphone users.


Hmmm… personally because i mostly put myself into the game, basically my own feeling is what my MC feel in the story… i meant if i am happy with the scenes and the relationship, i don’t need to read again from the text how happy i am :slight_smile:
The different between interactive fiction and normal novel is that normal novel emphasis on a protagonist who is not me , so i din’t know how he/she feel , i need to read about the protagonist feeling… but interactive fiction is about my interaction, if i am happy i don’t need to choose i am happy and read my own feeling again… interactive fiction provide us a scene and outcone… we ourselves define our own feeling towards such outcome :slight_smile:

So in the Last wizard @lucid done a marvelous job in describing the scene and how people react to me… me myself manage to witness and imagine those scenes, and the complicated feeling arise within myself, so it is not necessary for the story to define my feeling for me :slight_smile:


I have got to say: i adore your wit.

Somewhere today or tomorrow will be the day that i try out your game!


Yeah, but not everyone is you. So I think in a choice game give a choice about character motivation and feeling is a must. Due I can’t help to not immerse in it due I don’t have connection with the character at all.

It doesn’t need entire scenes only few flavors lines here and there


Hmmm… you have your points , everyone has different opinion and interest regarding the choices of descriptive feeling… I will be supportive of the author’s vision regarding this :slight_smile:


So, who are the ROs?


I am supporting @Lucid too. I have been helping him years and is one of my favorite writers and he is super gentle. There is something I don’t understand. It must be a cultural thing. But here everyone feel super against people saying something don’t like and how think should be better for a future installment.

I think say what you feel as reader and how you think it could be improved for new games. Should be something well consider.

Sadly it isn’t. Each time I tried to suggest something is not exactly perfect in a game or in asmall scene. Many fans jumped at me saying how much i wrongful I am and how everything is perfect for them.

It makes giving a sincere opinion almost impossible. You know that if you don’t say what you should you will be pushed.

So I won’t say anything more due I don’t want angry the masses. I have already say part of the improvements i could imagine. I wouldn’t say more.



poison_mara, I understand what are you saying. Ability to define your “moral compass” and ambitions are one of my favorite aspects of Mecha Ace. So, yeah, it would be cool to have something similar in this game.

That being said, I actually finished my first playthrough so here some update on my impression. I agree that there are some parts that feels slightly rushed(traveling part could’ve been longer and more eventful, siege more complex…), and that from gameplay standpoint game much simpler that Lost Heir or Life of Wizard, but I still immensely enjoyed. My favorite part are definitely interactions with ROs. Considering overall size of game Lucid managed to put quite large amount of personal scenes for each of them and done it good enough so these scenes/characters gave unique personal feeling.
Yeah, there may be not enough “deep” scenes or serious character development, but it was great “slice of life” interactions. I simply ejoyed reading them while picturing this scenes “with unstoppable power of my imagination”! :grin:

Overall, for me this game definitely woth it’s price. Definitely gonna replay it atleast couple of times. Good job, Lucid. I hope all notes and remarks from both those who liked TLW and those who didn’t help you to make even greater game next time!


I think the entire concept of how the MC feels in an IF game is difficult to figure out.

My strategy is that I never state that the MC feels something. You’ll never read “You are angry that…” My opinion is that the feelings of the MC belong to the reader.

It’s very different than a traditional novel, for sure.

@poison_mara has a valid point. She simply wants choices to exist to suit how SHE feels, which isn’t a bad thing. I try my best to capture a solid range of potential feelings and I encourage her to beta test my games to help me add any reactions I may have missed.

In past games, I was told that having those far range options were breaking immersion. Someone playing as a good guy doesn’t constantly want to get options to murder innocent people. :slight_smile: The no-thieving-vow in Lost Heir was there to help that. If you wanted, you could stop being offered the chance to steal from people.

In Last Wizard, your character comes from present day. I decided to limit the range of reactions. You can’t murder puppies. :slight_smile: I think it would have been too far out of the range of normal. :slight_smile: If I missed some reactions, it was unintentional and I encourage you to beta test future games so I can capture all play styles.

This is why Lost Heir and Life of a a Wizard allows more evil. The character is from there and a larger range is possible. Last Wizard allows you to betray and do some bad things, but no, the intent here was never to be fully evil.

Hope that makes sense.


Game definitely worth price. I have already recommended it I give it five stars. For me is a solid 7/10 Only for me is the less i like. Rest is about 8 or 9.

I think that internet trolls make people believe that everyone not saying the best is trolling. I am not. I just trying to help him and discuss over a game.