The Last Wizard



I am (was??) in the middle of a play-through of the game on the omnibus hosted app, almost at the end too (!) , and suddenly the game disappeared?? I was enjoying it so much, was it taken down? Will it be back up, and will I be able to resume my progress? whaaa???


Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP), then Life of a Wizard, then Lost Heir, then Last Wizard, then Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP), then Life of a Mobster, then Paradox Factor, then Life of a Starship Captain (WIP)

The magic problem in Last Wizard is a localized event. There’s a story there that gets told in the Kingdom Simulator. :slight_smile:

I actually don’t. I have no doubt that I’d love anime, and I’ve seen a few, but there’s simply not enough hours in a day!

@achtungnight @Sempurus I haven’t read either of these. Once more, so many good things, not enough time. :slight_smile:

Send them a support email. Could be that this was a side effect of them fixing the other bugs. I’ve seen a few now. I take this as good news, that they’re fixing the others. Hopefully your progress wasn’t lost. Sorry for the inconvenience. More “Release Day Blues.”


I have not played yet, how’s the necromancer route so far


Deadly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did your best with the style you set for yourself. Btw. whisper i love Destiny.


I’m kinda busy, so I only played until coronation yet, but I enjoying game so far.

Don’t really see problem with MC motivation at this moment(I mean, we got thrown into situation where we pretty much required to do our job as wizard or we will be useless to people that gave us home and food…)
Other characters looks relatable, too. If I understood right you can even slightly influence they life/wordviews(judging by Mel/Melanie).

And in regards of being unable to express anger, hatred or anything similar… I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that i saw atleast couple of opportunities to express your discontent with your “unauthtorized” summoning to this world. And you have fair share of opportunities to do mean,“bad” or even horrible things. Why not do them if you feel real hatred toward this world/country/community.

Regarding gameplay mechanic. Obiviously, Last Wizard much “lighter” than previous games, but it still has quite alot of choices and alternative pathes both in action sequences and in dialogues with characters.

Well, that’s just my current view on in-game situation so far, don’t intent to argue with anyone who wasn’t satisfied by game.

P.S. I actually love most ROs so far.

P.S.S. Sorry for wall of text and possible typos :sweat_smile:


Well, it’s very different from Lost Heir but it wasn’t bad. Characters and the story was interesting albeit it felt a bit rushed or there were some execution hiccups here and there, but I still thouroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t really question MC’s motivation, his life on Earth sucked unlike where he got, for the lack of a better term, isekai-d to. Plus, no self respecting man of culture would abandon the chance to wield magic. All that said, it was a good read, good replayability(did 4 already since I purchased yesterday), and it’s isekai. I gave it a 5/5 on the Playstore, but inly because 4 would be too low for it. Again, great read and very entertaining.


Hmm, maybe this is too early to start a romance subplot, but i asked if the Guard was single and he was all like, you’re not my type, did i lose my chance to romance him or is it just my impatience and it;ll be later on…?


I agree, we really don’t need too much of a dramatic motivation, being summoned to a new world is more than enough, then there’s your sh**ty life back on earth, then there’s MC’s romantic partners, the chance to become what you desire, the chance to be able to leave your old life behind. Those are some pretty realistic motivation for me, and I’m not even counting curiousity and wanderlust.


I felt like the large cast of romanceable characters was ultimately to game’s detriment, as none of them got particularly developed. Characters like the merchant or the thief or solder were being mentioned in the ending, and they are just like… people I’ve seen maybe twice and don’t know anything about. Nor did the characters have any real arcs. The priest(ess) for example was over after the very first conversation with her - she learns how earth handles religion* and adjusts to gods leaving.

* The description that people believe in gods despite the lack of miracles was rather odd, since the religious party line is that miracles happen to this day. As recently as 2011 Vatican recognized a miracle that allowed for beatification of a Pope.


Well, I played the demo a few times, and I just can’t decide whether this is a buy or pass. It’s strange cause I love your writing. In other games that you have made, I feel like the story flows or rather that the mc flows into it. I don’t feel pressured, and I don’t feel ordered around.

In this game though, I feel rushed, and I feel ordered around. I don’t mind going on missions, but here, I don’t like the whole you’ve completed this mission, ok, now go on this other mission, and then when you get back from that one, we have another mission for you to go to. That part is just not for me.

I did like two things, the flashbacks that were about back home, and the fact that the priest/priestess mentioned Shadi. I got excited cause I have not worshiped my goddess in a hot minute now, not that my mc would know anything about that lol. (Ps: I’m still salty that I could not make shadi the main religion back in the kingdom of Daria, even though I conquered it in her name.)

I don’t feel like it’s your best work, but it ain’t bad either. I may just end up buying it to show support.


Romance is hard, I guess. I’ve been trying to get with Ada and Raven all afternoon to no avail :frowning:


Update: just got Ada, how to I get Raven?


I don’t like it but I really recommend you and everyone else buy to show support to @Lucid And even not being my favorite work of him is far better 99% of apps in market and I am excited to read more works of him. And for that purpose buy the game and give a great review is a big help to him. is cheaper than most of coffees in a coffe shop lol


Just don’t be against steal or being a morality avocado and that’s it is easy. That and dance not dance no banging


You can tell them not to mess up their pardon and still romance them. They just become the royal spy instead of a criminal at the end.


I bought the game and I don’t regret the purchase, even if it’s not my favorite CoG (Fallen Hero: Rebirth) or Lucid game (Lost Heir 2).


Played through the game multiple times and liked it overall. The few problems with it I see mentioned here such as the motivations for the MC, while valid, did not bother me at all because honestly, my MC was not only thankful but borderline ecstatic to finally get out of his shitty life (I mean, it’s an escapist fantasy at it’s finest). I do feel like the romances moved to quickly and at certain points were lacking, but again, I realise that romance was not the main focus of the game so I was fine with it. I honestly came to care about Durath and the characters, and as with all of Lucid’s games, the replayability value was pretty good.

All in all, while this was not my favorite out of all of Lucid’s works, I’d say it was well-worth the money, a well-written fun read.


I am not saying I didn’t like the game. I really did, it has some many paths and your choices really matter. I am just saying the real world stuff was a really short detour from the main story and it really did not affect the main story at all. I just felt like i rushed through it to get back to the real story which was very good


Romance a character and they’ll get more development. They may desire certain attribute levels- toughness, charisma, etc. and you definitely don’t want to insult them for a Romance.

My main disappointment with this game is we couldn’t become an Illusionist. Then again that didn’t fit with the story so I never brought it up in beta testing.