The Last Wizard



I love the real world allusion, give us some motivativation and dilemma


Personally, I like this one better than Life of a Wizard.
Well here some list of personal reasons.
-the mc didnt grow old too fast
-interesting characters
-interesting powers

But certainly, I personally love Lost heir the most due to wide variety of choice and the lost heir mc is far more op than the Last Wizard.

The truth is I thought the Last Wizard story is a sad one.
Why? Cause all the Wizards forcibly taken away from their World and never again return. You may be the last wizard as long as you life, when u die someone else gonna be the last wizard. Someone else gonna lose their everyday life for some unknown land. Never ending cycle is a sad thing for me.


I don’t believe in that. If you can be called from one world to another, there’s always something to return you back. Besides The Amulet of Planewalking, I’d think there are more ways of travelling between dimensions.


I don’t found it sad or anything, due game doesn’t let me say how I feel and how i see the world. Doesn’t let me shown anger, or hatred or anything. Don let me say I prefer beong in this world.

My character has no personality, no opinion, not will, not wit, no humor, not ambition. Is a poor little lamb puppet that goes when npc said and do what they say when they say. No customization not anything romance options well doesn’t evolve, you cannot influence them your own actions are pointless …

It is well written. It is the plot is all i don’t like have in a a choice of game. But I won’t post anymore due i don’t want problems. I also give the game five stars due is important for support


I only read the demo so far but with that said, it is great an accomplished author strives to improve themselves. If Lucid churned out the same story over and over with the same stat mechanics and never pushed boundaries, not only would he grow bored and lose interest but his stories would be affected.

The CoG style Lucid had to adhere to is hard to follow and this is his first time following the formula - to accomplish what he did within the time limit of the contest is a feat in of itself - some CoG projects keep getting pushed back or never finished

If Lucid decides to follow through on a second effort, I’m pretty sure he will take lessons learned and he will do some things different … writing is all about growing, just as is game design.


Thanks, @Eiwynn It’s true that I changed a lot of my style in this game to follow CoGs esthetics.

I liked bringing a normal person to a world of magic. I’ve read a lot of books with that idea and it always seems interesting to me.

I also liked the final splurge of magic endings. :slight_smile:

It’s tricky to help the MC feel things without telling them what they feel. I’m careful to keep it free of forced thoughts.

The characters were deeper though. I worked hard to give them flaws and allow the MC to guide their development. They certainly aren’t cookie-cutters of each other.

The replayability should be good. Some huge changes and interesting paths. It won’t touch Lost Heir, because that was 3 full games by the end, but you should find lots of new paths as you try new things.


Might be irrelevant, but in one of the paths of Seven Bullets, the MC is teleported to another planet of magic. I really liked how the transition happened there.


Out of curiosity does anyone know if there is a way to help bring back miracles and divine magic? I feel kinda bad for Melanie with the gods having decided to be all weird and distant.


I miss the days of being able to max out everything as opposed to two branches of magic. And only one of those do you get a top spell. And physical stats were even more of a hassle. I liked the characters at least.

Also this marks an isekai story, we must flood cog with more and over saturate the market now! I think it has the advantage of being able to compare stuff to our world at least.

I appreciated not many breaks saying how I felt. My mc wondered about getting home a few times but I don’t remember anything standing out saying I explicitly wanted to get home, I kind of just wanted it there out of curiosity. And when games give choices about how you feel I usually think differently from the choices anyway.

Clearly divine magic is gone because they’re worshiping evil and good gods! Anyway I don’t think so.


I must begrudge agree with @poison_mara I was expecting something more like how you wrote lost heir which was really amazing and one of my favorites but this one seemed so linear and honstly unimpressive we really could only master 2 spells with 1 being fully maxed out which was terrible as it made the final fight seem unimpressive and unrealistic for us to be able to win I mean this empire Is the biggest in the world but can’t fight a single city with a so-so mage whose most powerfull spell is to summon one dragon who gets taken out of the fight eariler on and she’s the most skilled warrior but a leg injury gets her beat by a frail wizard also the war was the big climax but was incredibly short for something that could have been legendary while I still loved the book it was a little disappointed not to mention the very short and unfilling epilogue it didn’t give me anything to think on just one paragraph to describe years worth of time for one person


No more pile-ons of negativity, please. :slight_smile: I understand where it’s different than my others. Ironically, it happened because I tried to emulate CoG’s style for the contest.

I know that many people will still love it, since it’s more story-like than Lost Heir. But you know me, I like games and mechanics too, so I’ll be stepping back toward the game side of the game-story spectrum. :slight_smile:

I’ll take the good things forward and leave the bad things behind. Like I said, I’ve had emails saying that this one is their favorite, so everyone’s tastes are different.

Wow, why am I only learning of this today? There’s a whole genre of this! That’s neat. There’s an old series by Rick Cook that never got super popular, but I love it. :slight_smile:


I have a question. What is the difference between this title and “Life of a Wizard”?


Probably easier to say what’s the same. :slight_smile: Same author and both star a wizard.

Life of a Wizard spans 80 years and becomes the most powerful wizard in history. Last Wizard has someone getting dragged into a magical realm and forced to learn magic. :slight_smile:


Because the Japanese genre is flooded with cheap, formulaic light novels that get adapted to equally cheap, formulaic anime, and most isekai in both media rely on gratuitous fanservice in place of worthwhile plot. You were not missing anything.

There are awesome isekai, don’t get me wrong, but Sturgeon’s Law is in full force.


Ah yes! That was what I noticed the most. I bought “Life of a Wizard” a very long time ago. So, this one is more like Harry Potter vs the direct magical fantasy of the other setting? It all sounds good though! :smile:



I’m really enjoying this game. :slight_smile: It’s interesting training to be a wizard.
I do tend to prefer CoG style of gameplay, so this game is more to my taste than the others you’ve made.

The only thing I don’t like is that if you say something a character disagrees with their relationship seems to go down a bit too much, but that’s a minor nitpick.

How does the timeline go BTW? Is it Last Wizard, then Hero of Daria, or HoD then Last Wizard? Because the gods are active in Hero of Daria, but I don’t know whether that’s before or after Last Wizard.


I’m surprised. Unless you don’t watch anime. It’s commonly complained about because there’s a lot of them with the same op harem protag set up. Which is why many put a spin on it now… whether it works depend on the series. So the ones that are popular are usually beloved.



Christopher Stasheff’s Wizard in Rhyme series is a personal favorite of mine in this genre.

I found good replay value in the game for the many ROs and endings- I was surprised by how you solve some of the various real life problems with magic, would that I could duplicate such feats.


How can you achieve find lost heir achievement?


So, I’m just wondering if you’ve ever heard of a series called beyonders by Brandon Mull? I used to read it when I was in middle school, and this just reminds me so much of that story, especially a character named Rachel. I’m not claiming any ideas were stolen, I just wanted to say it was cool to get this little blast from my past.