The Last Wizard



I love and enjoy the real world stuff , because that’s what i am hoping for now… some far away magic land teleport me away, it totally suit with my mood … that’s why i want to thank @Lucid for giving me hope that modern day people can be teleport away to magic land one day :slight_smile:
@Dark_Stalker what ??? No immortal self ?? I don’t want to involve in necromancy even though it is not evil

@Ramidel perhaps it is time to buy an extra Android phone now ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Flirt perhaps? Sure there are negative connotations in some circles, but the same thing can be said about the term “Player”. Either way I think they are pretty great; like all of the RO’s seem to be (seem because I have only had the chance to try out the Ada and Gertie ones so far which are rather spectaculae). I have to say this is my favorite of lucid’s games since Lost Heir 2.


Am I the only person unable to buy the game?


False advertising! More like long lived body! At least with necromancy you get to be a ghost and hang out with your dead friends. Besides necromancers are healers.

Also the younger royal is my favorite ro and you won’t convince me otherwise.

Is it possible to convince the queen to let them rule with charm? I mean I guess being super smart and saving the entire family’s life isn’t worth listening to unless they’re attractive…


Yes, on multiple occasions tell Destin that they are not ready, and when coronation starts she abdicates.


The older sibling actually does a good job of ruling also romancing the younger royal is way more satisfying if they aren’t ruling.

You get to bring them with you when on the mission to the other city since the older sibling is ruling. Then you’ll get a special scene with them and a kiss if your romancing them. Also they become the royal advisor which means more time together unlike if they were ruling.


I know they both do a good job.

I was also considering letting them be kidnapped to see what happens.

I miss your old flesh patrick pic :sob:


Do you usually romance the younger royal as King/queen or as the advisor? I prefer the advisor since we spend more time with them.

Them getting kidnapped you can talk to the Emperor/Empress and ask for then back. They tell you they were killed by the ant people. You talk to them they tell you they’re alive and you can ask for them back and they’ll deliver them back later.

I had to. His power was growing. I couldn’t resist for much longer. Middle Finger Thor isn’t as taxing.
Perfectly Balanced…


@Lucid when i play the game, the game freeze at this page when i make a choice


Trying to purchase through Amazon IAP, but I’m getting “An error occurred while processing your purchase”. This error does not occur for other CoG titles.


I don’t really mind either way. The first time I did it they were queen but that was me saving the one I like without realizing she’d ask me to stay.

Also compared to Destin(y) I really disliked the idea out selling out to another kingdom.


The only Lucid’s game that feels meh.

I brought it up during beta and I’ll say it again: this has to be the weakest MC of all Lucid’s creation. And not just in terms of power, but also in terms of personal motivation: there never seemed to be solid enough reason for the MC to advance in this world beyond a duty that was forced upon them and basic survival instinct. Where you seek power, prosperity, revenge or just redemption in the other games to keep you forward, here you are thrown into a mess and forced to deal with people you only just met, with extremely limited room to grew your powers or do anything with it.

Also with the backstory in reality, the fading of magic and almost every single npc doubting themselves on some level, you can’t help but feel a very depressing tone with this story.


How to tame the dragon after festival? Have try every choice and still failed


You can’t tame that dragon far as I know, it’s not the Familiar you might get later. That said, there are a lot of awesome ways to deal with it. Personal favorites-

“Join me” with high Charisma, heal the soldiers while they fight it, and use the weak Open spell.


Ow so i can,t tame it :frowning:


Unlike the other games is there no family in this one?


Yeah, kind of felt the same way.



Your relationship grows, and even through King Adam still jokingly refers to you as his “plan,” you know that the feelings he shows you are real. When the two of you marry, you are given a crown to wear for special occasions.

It should be though.


@Zen @mehtheinfernal keep sending errors into support. They’re working on them all. The more emails and info they get, the better they can understand and fix the problems. All those release day glitches. :slight_smile: So far they’re all on their end and not mine.

No. The timeframe is shorter. Family and such is suggested in the ending, but not during the story itself.

First error! I’ve started the bug thread: Last Wizard: Bugs and Errors

Sorry to those who didn’t like the real world connection. I thought it was a neat addition, but I know that not everything is liked by everyone. Every new idea is a gamble. :slight_smile: I suppose it turns the motivation into survival, like @TheDrake said, and then hopes that you’ll grow enough attachment to motivate you to help, or try to get back.

That’s the joys of creative fiction. :slight_smile: Every reader is different and every story is different. I’ll gain people who say this one is their favorite and I’ll disappoint others saying that another was their favorite.

The next one isn’t a story at all, but a kingdom management sim. That will be really devisive. :slight_smile:


Thanks to say that I was afraid to say the same . It also feel pointless and characters feel plain and doesn’t evolve.
I think this is a book for children not for young adults. Even the humor is childish. I feel bored no challenge not drama. Not deeply anything. And linear terrible linear and no replay value compared absolutely all other games