The Last Wizard



this is what wait for can,t see this story


Still not available on that hosted games app?


On Apple no. If I remember steam should not be available for another 2-ish hours either unless something has changed.


So it is not releasing on apple?


It will release through the Hosted Omnibus app, like all new Apple releases. I imagine CoG will release it to the Omnibus and put it in their web store at the same time.


“Coming soon,” it says. If it got pushed back again, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow Steam down.



Finally, new Lucid’s game released! Now I only have to wait until it appears on site…

Be patient is hard. :sob:


I’m pulling my hair waiting IOS!


Yeah I was able to play the full game without paying however I used the upgrade tab to pay as I’m not a cheap skate! But worth checking asap!! :slight_smile:


That immortal body is false advertising :angry: goes to show you can only trust necromancy for longevity, though I’ll miss the perfect beach body.


Haven’t even opened the app yet but wow, 32 reviews and still a perfect 5 rating.

It won’t last (not your fault, bit’s and trolls and people like that exist) but hopefully we can keep a perfect rating for a while!

Is the 2nd highest as of now like 4.9?


is sad i took a nap woke up email says download the last wizard on ios…
I check hosted and apple update stuff both Dies a little inside
Edit: iphone didn’t register it till i rebooted phone…
Almost all issues solved with turning things on and off again…i hate iphones so much but am forever chained


Didn’t even update the app, just I used the link in the mail and it was there. Haze wasn’t there for some reason too. How does that work

I swear I just saw an announcement for haze and they deleted it. I guess they are working on it


So much to look at and follow!

Steam hasn’t released, despite count down.

Awesome 5 star run on Google… that makes me really happy.

I hope everyone really likes it. I tried to include and improve everything I could from my previous games. :slight_smile:


Hasn’t shown up for me yet on iOS. Attempting to open the “hosted games” omnibus results in it immediately closing. AppStore doesn’t show any update.


The Last Wizard is finally up on Steam.

It’s a regular Tuesday evening when you fall off the face of the Earth.

This game really should have released on a Tuesday :grin:.


I had to turn my phone off and then back on then it was in the In the app


Attempted that, and nothing seems to have changed. The app still refuses to open and the AppStore shows no pending update. Glad it worked for you, however.


For those who have problem with opening the Omnibus app, I would suggest to email the support immediately so that they will be informed and find a fix for it.

The staff is not on this forum checking every thread if there is a problem so an email would be helpful. :slight_smile:


Great fantasy game but it could have done without the real world stuff, it was a bit of a detour from the original story and was a definite low point of the game